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Venezuela Socialism: Over 240,000 computers assembled this year

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Venezuela Socialism: Over 240,000 computers assembled this year

Posted: 2012/12/23

From: Mathaba


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The socialist Venezuelan technology industry VIT assembled over 240,000 computer equipments during 2012, distributed nationwide at prices varying between 30 per cent and 40 per cent below the private market.



According a press release, the institution reached the goal set for the year 2012, placing domestic products in the market with basic and high-tech configuration and models for desktop, portable, mini laptop, tablet and all-in-one computers.


Industries Minister Ricardo Menendez detailed that "VIT reached a historical figure thanks to plans implemented by the Bolivarian Government, headed by president (Hugo) Chavez. It owes to new dynamics in productive relations, in which not only costs are reduced but factory pricing is kept for final consumers," reads the press release.


In addition, Minister Menendez stressed that a second stage for VIT will be the manufacturing of spare parts during 2013.


In turn, VIT president Jorge Michinaux explained that the socialist company's success owes to "the good management, constant staff training and its commitment to reach the transfer of cutting-edge technology for the country. Also, thanks to the support of Bolivarian Government policies, which made that the cost of technology tools varies between 30 per cent and 40 per cent below prices kept by other brands in competition."





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