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Republican P.O.W. fundraiser held by Cumann Sean MacEachaidh in Alba

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Yesturday there was a fundraiser in Alba for Irish Republican P.O.Ws held by Cumann Sean MacEachaidh. There was a great turn out by supporters from all over Alba, England and Ireland. This is a speech that was read out at the function it was wrote by P.O.Ws in Port Laoise Gaol.




CSME supported Prisoners Port Laoise Gaol convey fraternal greetings to you our comrades and our people as you gather tonight as one community in the spirit of comradeship and fraternity that we hope will define the Republican Movement of the future.


Displays of Fraternity ease the burden of incarceration and exhibit to others the potential that exists in this era for togetherness when respect a...nd understanding allow self confidence to prevail. The founding fathers of Irish Republicanism proved through their toil and suffrage that equality and fraternity are the keys to National Liberation. We are all equal.


Our hope is that through our representatives and the magnificent work they have done we are addressing a gathering tonight where the entire spectrum of the Republican family is represented.


Tomorrow marks the 67th anniversary of IRA Hunger Strike Martyr Seán MacEachaidh. It is in his honour and in the Honour of every single Volunteer of Cumann na mbán, na Fianna Éireann, the IRA, Saor Uladh, and the Irish National Liberation Army who spent a single day in a Prison cell, or who pledged their lives, and those martyrs who laid down their lives, for the cause of Irish Freedom that we promote the ethos we do.


Our words have no meaning without your support and action. Tonight you have given our words their meaning and demonstrated the capabilities of a people who refuse to be broken or divided by psychological war far and criminalisation policies.


You have also contributed to the defence of Irish Republican Prisoners of War without the means to defend themselves. You have supported our children at a time when we cannot, and provided financial assistance for the less well known but equally important campaigns which require urgent assistance.


May you be as proud of your achievement as we are humbled by your selflessness.


Republican Integrity.




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