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The USSR Did Not Collapse

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The following video clearly shows that the USSR did not collapse. There was no popular uprising against it. Indeed, the vast majority of people were deeply shocked and felt betrayed by what happened. Yes, the economy was in bad shape, but no worse than the US economy is today. The USSR was actually in a far better position, as it was not crippled by debt. It was crippled by the fact that it was spending 88% of its income on the military. Sheer madness, of course. And totally unnecessary, since all that was really needed to stop a US attack was a few nukes - and they already had thousands of them. The collapse of the economy did not happen during the USSR. It happened during Yeltsin's infliction of Shock Capitalism.


In reality, the USSR was brought down by a combination of weakness and criminality in the Politburo. Yeltsin and Gorbachev were precisely the type of bureaucrat that Comrade Stalin used to cull every so often. And quite right too.




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