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British Crown Forces trying to recruit in Fermanagh

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Cumann Seán Mac Eachaidh (Fermanagh/Cavan) condemn Britain’s most recent attempt at coercing young Irish people in to the murderous ranks of the British Crown Forces.


Manipulating the depravation colonial rule and partition imposes on Border Counties, the British war machine has abandoned the hedge rows of shoot to kill and now waits to ambush our youth in it’s dole centres.


We find it particu...larly sinister that as Britain plies its trade of murderous imperialist war throughout the world it has resorted to recruiting its sand bags in Co. Fermanagh’s Dole offices.


How dare the social welfare system which was introduced to assist the needy become a tool of conscription for an invading force of war criminals, a force of foreign occupation engaged in imperialist war throughout the world. We remind our selves that Co. Fermanagh, has, since partition, been in the majority, against partition.


In the evening our young people are being stopped outside schools, places of work, abroad on holidays, on roadsides and street corners and harangued in to becoming informers by MI5, they are threatened and offered large sums of money to sell their lives to covert British terrorism and now in the mornings they are being conscripted in to the Crown Forces by the social welfare system.


Cumann Seán Mc Eachaidh commend the local representatives who availed of their platform to highlight this issue. We ask those approached by the British Terror machine to resist their advances in the strongest possible terms, these people have never had a grip on Fermanagh and never will. Do not let them intimidate you in to selling your lives to imperialist violence or terrorism. They have no right to make such a demand from you.


We remind the British Government of its position in Co. Fermanagh, you are not wanted and never have been, we have resisted you since you arrived and we will until your gone. We will continue to resist your recruitment drives just as we fully intend to make a mockery of your G8 summit. Fermanagh is far from subdued and Britain would do well to remember this.


The DHSS has no right to conscript anyone and to anyone in fear of loosing their entitlements to Social Welfare by ignoring this directive we say, do not become stressed or anxious there are a wealth of local bodies and representatives who can assist you avail of your rights and entitlements. The DHSS has no right to make this demand on anyone.


We would encourage the local employees of the DHSS to refuse following these conscription directives, and the local people affected by them to make immediate contact with Cumann Seán Mac Eachaidh so those responsible for doing the British Army’s dirty work can be exposed.


Republican Integrity !

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