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Lugh Ildánach

Dublin Alternative G8, Public Meeting, Pearse Centre

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A number of different groupings and individuals are planning on traveling to Enniskillen to protest in support of the Fermanagh people who issued a call for help and support in opposing the G8.





G8 Not Welcome Demo: March from Enniskillen Library to G8 venue …  Monday 17th June 2013 at 18:30

G8 summit used by  PSNI as a smokescreen says G8 not welcome group

“The G8 summit is being used by the PSNI as a smokescreen for cracking down on civil liberties,” a spokesman for opponents of the meeting of world leaders in Fermanagh has said. “And the main political parties are going along with it”.

The protest group, which draws members from Fermanagh, Tyrone, Armagh and Derry, met in Dungannon last Thursday night. “Our meeting was at least double the size of previous planning meetings,” said the spokesman  “The feedback shows increasing interest from local communities angry at the waste of public money. There is resentment at the pretence that what is good for a few well- heeled business people and politicians is good for everybody.

“The meeting also expressed the anger in communities at the way the PSNI and politicians are talking up the possibility of disruption in order to persuade people that their extraordinary clamp-down on dissent is justified.

“Anybody who thinks that the security measures being put in place for the GB will simply be lifted when the G8 goes away is naive. All precedent suggests otherwise. This a serious invasion of the right to protest which should be resisted.

“A ‘ring of steel’ is being erected around a wide area. The perimeter is to be patrolled not only by the PSNI but by 3,500 police brought in from across the water. They are to be backed up by units of the British Army on standby. Helicopters will fly overhead. The PSNI has acquired drones, so as to increase its ability to spy on people exercising their democratic right to show opposition to the austerity, war-mongering, and disrespect for the environment represented by the G8   - as well as internment without trial at Guantanamo.

“On top of all this, US security personnel are to patrol the area. This is outrageous.

“The fact that all this has been allowed to happen without any debate whatsoever at Stormont emphasises how vulnerable our civil liberties are and the need for ordinary people to get together to take a stand for civil rights and to oppose what amounts to the imposition of a virtual state of emergency.”

The spokesman said that buses will be travelling to a march in Enniskillen on Monday, June 17th from Belfast, Dublin, Derry and Galway, as well as smaller towns. Further local meetings are planned for Cookstown, Dungannon, Armagh, Newry and Omagh over next three weeks.

The Dungannon meeting organised sessions for making banners and workshops to discuss the detail of the Enniskillen. demonstration.

A website, http://opposefermanaghg8.wordpress.com, has been set up as an “information board”. It will publish daily updates on organisation and carry information on available transport.

The G8 not welcome group based in Fermanagh group provide a town map with key points marked – assembly point / route of march / access to toilets / disability parking / speaking point / political discussion / activities area, etc. This will also be uploaded on the website.

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