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London: G8 Action Planning Meeting Public (Facebook)

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Action Planning Meeting


Sunday 17th March... 2.30pm – 5.30


Venue (fully accessible): Room G22, Pearson Building UCL, WC1E 6BT.






Whose Debt? They owe us



Canary Wharf , London– 14 June 2013


'Austerity' and cuts without mercy in the UK and across Europe increase poverty and erode the rights of all but a few. They disproportionately affect young people, disabled people, women, pensioners and other marginalised groups. Meanwhile, the climate crisis continues with rising sea levels, raging wildfires and extreme weather becoming the norm.


Yet the wheels of capitalism continue to turn as, with government’s support, corporations rake in ever-greater profits, and multinationals extract and burn fossil fuels like there’s no tomorrow. And all the while the gap between rich and poor becomes ever greater, everywhere.




In June, when Britain hosts the 39th meeting of the G8, David Cameron will pose as a champion of social justice. Rather than fighting for real change many major NGOs will be giving Cameron their blessings whilst, along with global elites, he continues to cause the calamities he claims to address.




So, just before the G8 meets in Ireland, we plan to go to Canary Wharf, icon of capitalism and the temple of the god of money -








Because THEY owe US the public(s) money that’s been used to bail them out – and more.




They owe us for the services this government is cutting in the name of ‘austerity’, the NHS, the education system and the welfare system.




They owe us the homes we’ve lost and our pensions.




They owe us the wealth we make at work, but they claim to ‘create’.




They owe us our healthy planet, the one they destroy through financing fossil fuels.




And they owe us the power they’ve taken, distorting and destroying democracy. They like to think we’re in debt to them, but we know better – they owe us.




In response to the StopG8 network call for action in the week leading up to the meeting on June 17/18, we call for a gathering of all those who want to stop this assault on people and planet, in the penthouse suite of global capitalism.




We would like to invite you to a public meeting to make this happen.




From participants in anti-cuts and climate groups including UKUncut; Climate Justice Collective; London Coalition Against Poverty and others...




Please reply to ~: cutsclimatecrisis@gmail.com

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