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Irish Anti-Imperialist Forum 2013

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The Irish Republican Alternative to the G8


Republican Sinn Féin will be holding an Irish Anti-Imperialist Forum as a counter to the

G8 Summit in June. The Anti-Imperialist Forum/Republican Alternative to the

G8 will take place in Belfast on June 14 and 15. The forum will discuss all

aspects of imperialism both in terms of British imperialism in Ireland as well

as the new imperialism of the EU, ECB and IMF as experienced by the people of

the 26 Counties. Delegates from international anti-imperialist organisations

will provide a world perspective.


It is intended as a forum for political and community activists from throughout

Ireland and abroad to discuss the various political, social and economic

aspects of imperialism from both an Irish as well as an international

perspective. Such a debate can be used to chart a way forward towards building

an Irish and international alternative to the neo-liberal political and

economic policies of the G8 and other trans global imperialist organisations.


More details of the Anti-Imperialist forum will be released over the coming weeks.


The website of the Irish Anti-imperialist Forum 2013 is: www.iaf2013.rsf.ie


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IAF2013: T-Shirts and Buttons now available!


T-Shirts (colour white) with the logo of the IAF2013 are now available in all sizes from S to XL. Prize: € 13,- / £ 11,- (plus p+p)


Buttons (round, 2 inches/5cm) with the IAF2013 logo or "Anti-G8" are available for € 1.50,- / £ 1,- (plus p+p)


Better prizes available for orders of more than 20 Buttons and more than 5 T-Shirts!


To order, contact: iaf2013@rsf.ie





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press statement from RSF:


Belfast Anti-Imperialist Forum: Please note change of venue


As an Irish Republican Alternative to the G8 Summit Republican Sinn Féin will be holding an Anti-Imperialist Forum in the CONWAY MILL, 5-7 Conway St, Belfast on June 13, 14 and 15.


A number of speakers from both a Republican as well as a unionist perspective will be there as well as the academic world. The Forum runs from 6pm to 9.pm on Thursday June 13, from 1.pm to 9pm on June 14 and from 10am to 6pm on June 15.


Homepage: http://www.iaf2013.rsf.ie/


E-Mail: iaf2013@rsf.ie



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IMPORTANT: NEW VENUE FOR IAF2013: Irish Anti-Imperialist Forum will be held in Conway Mill. More updates will follow soon. Updated programme to be published on www.iaf2013.rsf.ie later on the day.


Venue of Friday Evening Function (Orient Pub) and White Line Picket (Dunville Park) stays the same !!!

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from the frontpage of Saoirse-The Voice of the Republican Movement, June 2013:


Irish Republican Anti-Imperialist Forum in Belfast


ON June 14 and 15 Republican Sinn Féin will be hosting an Irish Republican Anti-Imperialist Forum in Belfast as part of the fight back against the forces of imperialism gathering in Fermanagh under the banner of the G8. Ireland is facing the twin threats of the old and new imperialism.


In the Six Counties the presence of the old imperialism of British occupation is visible and obvious with the use of an armed colonial police force, draconian laws, internment without trial, all tools in the armoury of the state to contain any dissent. In the 26 Counties the more subtle forces of the new political and economic imperialism are at work.


The ECB/EU and IMF Troika represent the face of an insidious imperialism, which seeks to enslave and impoverish the working people of Ireland and Europe in the interests of international finance capitalism.


The Forum in Belfast will be an opportunity for a variety of voices to be heard and strategies of resistance to be considered. Delegates representing social and political resistance groups from around the world, from the Philippines to Turkey, as well as anti-imperialist activists from Australia, Germany, France, Austria and the United States will be in attendance.


Grass roots activists from around Ireland representing groups such as Shell-to-Sea, the Peace and Neutrality Alliance, the Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes (CAHWT) will join in making the links between the fight against austerity and economic oppression in Ireland and the international fight against imperialism. Imperialism and the economic and social forces it represents are a global force so it is logical that forces of resistance to it must forge international links of solidarity.


Our cause is the cause of humanity and those gathering in Belfast represent an alternative vision of the future to those gathering at the G8 Summit in Co Fermanagh. It is a vision based on real solidarity between peoples as well as an economic and political sovereignty for peoples throughout the world. A world order based on democracy both within and between nations.


In building a viable and credible Republican alternative we should be guided by the words of James Connolly: “If the national movement of our day is not merely to re-enact the old sad tragedies of our past history, it must show itself capable of rising to the exigencies of the moment. It must demonstrate to the people of Ireland that our nationalism is not merely a morbid idealising of the past, but is also capable of formulating a distinct and definite answer to the problems of the present and a political and economic creed capable of adjustment to the wants of the future.”




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On of the Sessions on Saturday afternoon after the march in Belfast City Centre. from left to right: Bernie Hughs, Finglas CAWHT, Roger Cole, PANA, Séan Dolan (chair), RSF Westmeath, Maura Harrington, Shell2Sea, Martin Duffy, Release Martin Corey Campaign.

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