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Book Review: Banished Babies: The secret history of Ireland's baby export business

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From another forum:


I mentioned this book recently on a thread concerning the Church/State deplorable history in adoption in Ireland. I was asked to keep people informed as to it's re-issue.


I am delighted to say that it is now available at amazon and other outlets. I highly recommend this book to all.


"If anyone is interested, a new, enlarged and updated edition of my 1997 book, Banished Babies: the secret history of Ireland's baby export business - has just been published by New Island (Dublin). For those who are unfamiliar with the subject matter, it is a critical history of the policy - carried out in secret - of exporting 'illegitimate' children from Ireland to the USA in the1940s, 50s and 60s. It combines documentary evidence from church and state archives with personal stories from the 'children' themselves and their natural mothers." Mike Milotte




Description from Amazon:


"The story of a baby traffic organized by nuns, sanctioned by an archbishop, administered by civil servants and approved by politicians - all of whose main concern was secrecy. What the critics said of the first edition:


A brilliant expose of the shabby history of sectarian cruelty to unmarried women who became pregnant in Ireland in the 1950s Susan McKay, Sunday Tribune


This book would make your blood boil - one of the finest pieces of journalism this reader has come across for many a day. The author, Mike Milotte, has done his profession proud. Padraig O'Morain, The Irish Times


A salutary story, too long untold, and another nail in the coffin of Dev's mythical mystical Ireland. The Big Issue


An astonishing story, meticulously told - and an excellent piece of journalism. An Phoblacht


Mike Milotte's damning expose of Church-State collusion in banishing thousands of vulnerable 'illegitimate' children from Ireland in the 1950s and 60s was first published to critical acclaim in 1997, and quickly achieved iconic status. For this new, updated and enlarged edition the author has added previously untold personal stories from some of the 'banished babies' he met in the intervening period - stories that further illuminate the murky shadows of this official, but long-concealed child-export business. This second edition also examines the Irish State's failure to fulfill promises - made in the wake of the book's first appearance - to adequately facilitate search and reunion among the 'banished babies' and their natural parents."



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