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Guest Connolly

Emancipate Yourself

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Guest Connolly



Emancipate Yourself by Maser.

The Bernard Shaw, Portobello, Dublin, February 17th, 2013


Taking further advantage of the unexpectedly not-awful weather this weekend, I found myself in Portobello outside the Bernard Shaw, and noticed that the vacant lot to the side of the pub was, for once, accessible, so I did what any right-minded person out for a wander with their camera would do and navigated my way through the broken bottles, needles, human poo and other urban flotsam to take a few photos of the Emancipate Yourself piece by Dublin street artist Maser, from an angle normally impossible to get.


Emancipate Yourself was originally one of the strongest pieces from the Roadworks part of Dublin Contemporary back in 2011, and (minus the flashing neon homage to the iconic Why Go Bald? sign) it finally found a post-exhibition home at the Bernard Shaw late last year.


The piece originally was displayed on two opposing walls, the stylised head of Daniel O'Connell gazing serenely at you as you passed by, sandwiched between the date of the Catholic Relief Act, the final chapter of his campaign for Catholic Emancipation. It is interesting that in less than two hundred years the Church has gone from being the most potent symbol of our national identity to a morally bankrupt darkness that stains and shames us all with its continued existence.


Emancipate yourself indeed.





Emancipate Yourself by Maser.

Dublin Contemporary, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin, October 27th, 2011




Emancipate Yourself by Maser.

Dublin Contemporary, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin, October 27th, 2011



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