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Shell to Sea campaigner jailed for 3 months

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Shell to Sea campaigner jailed for 3 months


Yesterday in Belmullet District Court, Shell to Sea campaigner Izzy Ní Ghraidm was jailed for 3 months after pleading guilty to two minor public order charges.

Ms Ní Ghraidm pleaded guilty to a Section 8 and 9 charge and refused to do community service when suggested by the Judge. The Judge then sentenced Ms Ní Ghraidm to 3 months in jail.


Speaking from the Court, Shell to Sea spokesperson Terence Conway stated "Yesterday in Belmullet District court, we saw a committed environmental campaigner being jailed for a minor public order incident. On the other hand a Shell security guard who was caught dealing drugs is allowed to walk free. Ms Ní Ghraidm has taken a brave stand to support this community's struggle against a greedy multinational that will do whatever it is allowed to by the subservient State institutions".


Mr Conway continued "What we're experiencing is the selective application of the law. Yesterday Providence Resources dropped their Dublin Bay oil drilling licence because the State has not got it's required EU environmental laws in place. The same EU environmental laws apply to Corrib but are being ignored." [1]





[1] Dublin Bay oil drilling is put on hold - Irish Times - http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2013/0213/1224329982110.html


For more information contact:

Maura Harrington:

Terence Conway:







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