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In Defense of Comrade Stalin

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The Stalin Society was formed in 1991 to defend Stalin and his work on the basis of fact and to refute capitalist, revisionist, opportunist and Trotskyist propaganda directed against him.


Stalin's name is synonymous with communism, the October revolution, and the overthrow of capitalist exploitation and imperialist tyranny. For this reason, the international bourgeoisie have spearheaded their attacks on working and oppressed peoples by slandering Stalin and the Soviet Union.


They have employed a variety of tactics to this end over the last 90 years, but have been guided to a large extent by dissidents who betrayed the Soviet people, most notably Leon Trotsky. The powerful US Based Hearst press, sympathetic to Hitler, was a pioneer in these methods, but the rest of the capitalist worlds media and political elites have not lagged behind.


It is worth reading "Lies concerning the history of the Soviet Union" for an exposition of the main planks of this anti-soviet propaganda.




One of the main post-war tactics has been to conflate Hitler and Stalin, Fascism and communism. While these trends -- of working class power and extremely reactionary aggressive expansionist capitalist imperialism -- are in reality opposite ends of the political spectrum, so much effort has poured into generating this filthy propaganda, that attacks of the type dealt with here are all too common.


Guy Walters, a student at Sheffield, had the columns of the Telegraph opened to him to pen the following diatribe, which we answer in this video:




Fear not the fight for truth - it will set you free!




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Very true, a chara. This is particularly so when you think that there was a huge level of continuity between the Third Reich and the West German state, the BRD. In Korea, it was those who fought the Japanese who founded the DPRK. It was those who had collaborated and actually been officers in the Japanese imperial army, that founded the South Korean state. Similarly, the DDR was established by those who had fought Nazism - most of them had been in concentration camps or had been in the armed resistance - while the West German state was founded by Nazi officials, who had been given a three week "deNazification" course by the Americans.


This is all the more relevant when we consider that this West German state has, in effect, become the government of all Europe. One could say that the attempt to equate Stalin and Hitler is a simple attempt to discredit Communism, but, I think Freud would have had a different take on it. I suspect he would have seen a rather complex effort to project Hitler out from the heart of the European Union, a heart that will always be White Supremacist and imperialist, i.e. Nazi.

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Of course, the main reason that the Capitalists hate Stalin so much is that he was a person that the bourgeois régime, through its propaganda, religion and guilt trips had no effect whatsoever on. The bourgeois régime simply has no answer to a person like Stalin. Mao was another such person. Therefore they have to be presented as "inhuman," because the bourgeois régime has to believe that its tricks and strategies are 100% effective on "humans." And they are mostly right. You only have to look at the SWP, SP, PSF et al. These groups are 100% under the mind control of the bourgeois régime. The bourgeois régime loves them, as they give the impression that capitalism allows - even encourages - a wide spectrum of thought. In reality, the bourgeois régime is the most totalitarian system that has ever existed, and the likes of PSF and the SWP are mere puppets on a string.


I would go so far as to say that if we Communists of today are confronted by the enemy, we would do well to ask ourselves the question: How would Comrade Stalin have answered this confrontation? Its a fact of human psychology, that we would be foolish to deny, that we all need role models. Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Connolly, Mao and Mellows, are outstanding role models, that can give us the courage to do amazing things. We should not help the enemy to steal these role models from us, and leave us weak and appologetic.

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