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Cogus POW Gerry McGough to be released in two weeks!

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i got following information: 'Gerry was given 12 yrs chara, but under the terms of the GFA he only had to serve 2 yrs inside comrade...However, he'll remain on licence for the other ten yrs..'


Sounds like Sentence Review Commissioners then. You don't get released automatically after 2 years under GFA, they still have to assess whether you can be released, and for this purpose consider whether you remain a member of a prosecribed organisation that is not on ceasefire, or whether you would likely re-engage in any "terrorist" activity if you were released.


Of course, if no evidence is put forward by the State to make the case that one of these provisions applies, then release is then a formality. I think all were concerned that these powers may have been used against Gerry to send a signal to those released under GFA and to deter them from becoming involved in Republican groups.

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