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Was Eamon Kelly involved in the murder of Alan Ryan?

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Free state sources said while the investigation into Kelly’s shooting is at a very early stage, it appears he was targeted by the Dublin Real IRA.


The veteran Dublin criminal and one of the first men to be caught in Ireland with a large commercial quantity of cocaine, Eamon Kelly, has been killed this afternoon.


Free state constables are saying that man chased after Kelly (65) near his home in Killester, north Dublin, and shot him as he tried to flee. It's believed that up to six shots were fired.


Free state constables arrested a suspect close by. The arrested men is said to be a well known Republican from south west Dublin.


The free staters are telling the media that they believe that the arrested man was in a car with another man when one of them jumped out and chased Kelly, shooting him on the street just outside his home on Furry Park Rd, Killester.


The men are believed to have left the scene in their vehicle but were seen as they tried to burn it out in nearby Clontarf.


Kelly was taken to Beaumont Hospital where he was treated for his wounds but died a short time later.


In September 2010, Kelly was the victim of a murder attempt when he was targeted at the same location where he was shot today.


On that occasion a gunman pointed a gun at his head but the weapon jammed and the gunman left the scene. Kelly refused to make a statement to the free state constabulary at the time.


It is believed that incident was carried out by the Real IRA in Dublin and was part of a then growing conflict between the IRA and organised crime gangs in the city.


The shooting came just hours after an unrelated incident in the north inner city today when a 21-year-old suspected member of the Real IRA was captured with a pistol in a car when the vehicle was stopped and searched by the Special Detective Unit and Emergency Response Unit.


Kelly was convicted on May 15th, 1993, of having some £500,000 worth of cocaine in his possession in September 1992 for supply. On May 27th, 1993, he was jailed for 14 years. A similar sentence was imposed after a retrial.


Active in socialist and republican circles in his young days, he also has a conviction for assault. He has maintained contacts with a number of criminal gangs since being released from prison around ten years ago. One of those gangs is based Finglas in Dublin and was once led by the murdered gang leader Eamon Dunne.

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There wasnt much that didnt happen in the criminal underworld without Eamon Kellys approval or say so, afther all he was mentor ans godfather to the young hoods he educated in Crime,


I would say without question he had a part in Alans murder, he certainly has the most motive given he was top unchallenged dog on the block until the IRA got its act together an made it clear his drug enabling days were over, I dont think he liked the rub, and his stubborness may have cost him his life.


He was an evil old coot who brought and oversaw the destruction of generations of the poorest among the working class.


Im glad hes no longer among us

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