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anti-Zionist counter demo in town

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Just back from the anti-Zionist counter demo in town, I’m drenched.


It was absolutely disgraceful behaviour by the pig/cops today.


It was also very disappointing to see that nobody from the IPSC was in attendance!


Two protesters were arrested and taking to Store Street Garda station.


There was around 200 cops or more there, including uniformed and plain clothed, riot squad and also the swat t

eam, they’re the ones who carry high velocity atomic armour piercing rifles.


A protester also had his babies pram searched by the branch; they then proceeded to confiscate eggs that the child’s mother had just bought previously, when she went shopping for groceries.


It was also disgusting to hear the Zionists, around 30 of them, speak about Ireland and how the 1916 Rising was one and the same with Israel’s fight for ‘freedom’. They then went on to besmirch the memories of our gallant martyrs by singing Amhrán na bhFiann.



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Guest Connolly

Not the best use of gardai resources today. There was probably a lot of uncertainty about how many might turn out to protest. Cant think of many more reasons than why there was such overkill with gardai resources. They were just short of having a helicopter above.

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