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CPIR Statement on the Re-election of Barack Obama

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By the slimmest of margins, Barack Obama has won a second term as President of the United States of America. Unlike in 2008, very few of those who voted for him will feel any sense of joy or hope. Most of them will not have made a real choice to vote for him, but will have been the victims of a forced choice, i.e. the alternative was likely to be even more painful.


In casting their vote, Black people, or those who still believe that their vote counts, will have faced an almost impossible dilemma.


They will have known that Barak Obama, as the first Black president of the USA, was also the first US president to officially fund, arm and sponsor racist lynch mobs, who publicly humiliated, tortured and then hung hundreds of Black people, in the market squares of Benghazi and Misrata, Libya. They know that Obama gave Misrata militias, who dubbed themselves "The Brigades for the Elimination of Black Skins," the military and political cover to ethnically cleanse 40,000 Black people from the city of Tawarga. Many of these families are still in concentration camps all around Libya, but particularly in Tripoli, where Human Rights Watch found 5,000 of these ethnically cleansed people in just one camp - where inmates were subjected to torture, rape and murder at the whim of their militia captors.


They will have known that the image of a Black person in the White House has generated a sense of pride and self-belief in young Black Americans. On the White House lawn, at least, the days of slavery seem finally to be over. The days when popular wisdom did not question the superiority of the White man, seem to be gone.


They will also have known that conditions have actually deteriorated during the last four years, for Working Class Black people. Besides chronic unemployment, gross exploitation in low paid Macjobs, and general poverty, one in ten Black Americans are now inside the US prison system, including those released on license. This is a system of terror against a population scarcely seen in the history of man. In many areas, there is no family that doesn't have somebody in prison - many doing life sentences for petty offenses, simply because it was their third conviction.


Of course, it is not only Black people who will have voted for Obama. Many White people, and people of other ethnic groups, will also have held on the the myth that the Democratic Party is a little more on the side ordinary folk than the Republicans are. Democratic presidents tend to be more handsome, with fuller smiles, and at ease with the language of the ordinary people. They hold out the carrot of some kind of social welfare system, no matter how limited. This, however, is an emotional understanding. It bears no scrutiny on the basis of facts. Indeed, the only people Obama has shown kindness of heart to is the billionaire bankers of Goldman Sachs et al. And his kindness to them has been legendary - even as he sent in his armed police to break the heads of the Occupy Movements.


We Marxist anti-imperialists will have taken a somewhat different view. We know that the President of the United States of America is a mere puppet. The Masters of Men, the owners of America, do not stand for election. These Masters have ruled, in cold blood, for a very long time. They are not moved by the glitz of elections, or the petty, meaningless, debates that stir the emotions of Congress or the Senate. Obama will continued to do as he is told to do - just as Romney would have done. But, all puppets are not equally useful. Romney would have made a poor puppet. He looks too much like the string-pullers. He talks and walks like them. In effect, he tends to destroy the illusion. Obama, in contrast, is the perfect puppet for a genocidal regime. A smiling, handsome, Black face. The man of the people. The little son of Africa. Who better to lead the new Scramble for Africa?



Communist Party of the Irish Republic

7th November 2012

Statement Ends

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The statement has a little bit smashed the question which has been asked by the majority of people that the election of Obama as US president will create a better future for the working class and the third world. But why do the people address that question? And why do they expect that if we elect Obama a better future will be achieved? His skin has been employed to facilitate the repression of black people in his country and killing many of them in Africa. We have to repeat that it is not only the answers are rotten but also the questions. I mean the people who have been responsible for cultivating such question, they helped Obama to use the black skin as a shield to protect the superrich

The black colour has not been used to hypnotize the majority of people but the majority are susceptible to be duped that it should be understood from the beginning that no compromise with a new type of imperialism which dressed up as a black complexion.

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