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On the Significence of the CPIR Flag

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This is not a CPIR Statement, but my own reflections on the wonderful design that Comrádaí Nico has given us.


The Sun gifts our planet with astronomical amounts of heat and light. A fantastic excess of energy, flowing and flooding into every valley and lake, river, sea and ocean. Life springs forth, in an infinity of forms, always changing, a riot of colour and change; stems, leaves, amino acids, fish, birds, mammals, all to receive and take unto themselves this super-abundance of energy, to embody this energy, to concentrate and consume this energy, to reproduce and evolve, to form social being and intelligence to understand and consciously enjoy this energy. The earth is one great prayer of thanksgiving to the Sun and its glorious abundance.


It is the Sun that gives the Hammer and the Sickle their work to do, in the hands of the People. The Sun gives it's miraculous light to each and every being, without distinction. It knows no masters or owners. It has no knowledge of such obscenity. The Sun gives all, without thought of reward or profit. The Sun knows no resentment. The Sun would give it's all, all at once, in a part of a second, only it's immense gravity will not allow it to. The Sun lacks nothing, and neither do it's children on the earth. We are full to the brim with celestial energy. Our will is the will to burn this energy, to free and radiate this energy from us, as true children of the Sun. And yet, we live in a society that twists our energy inwards, and against our own being, thus making us sick. Our energy of life is turned into poison in our blood, and resentment in our minds.


The Communist is a true child of the Sun. The Communist does not accumulate, he or she shines like the Sun, and yet, like the Sun, is held together by the gravity of his or her own will and determination. As Che Guevara put it: The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love...they cannot descend, with small doses of affection.

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