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Opportunist Sell Out Provo carpetbaggers insultingly attempt to cash in on internment/POW issue in obvious attempt to undermine republicans

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Below are statements from Provo Sinn Fein councillors seeking attention and appreciation for tokenistic motions put into six county councils


West Tyrone Ógra : Sinn Féin successfully passed a motion in Dungannon Council last night calling for the immediate release of Marian Price, Martin Corey & Gerry McGeough.


That this council calls for the immediate release of Marion Price and Martin Corey and Gerry McGeough.


Everyone is entitled to due process. Both Martin Corey and Marion Price have been denied this. Their continued detention without trial is an infringement of their human rights and clearly undermines the justice system. Their imprisonment is unjust and is in defiance of rulings by the courts in both cases. Both have been granted bail by the courts and yet remain in prison.


The arrest and continuing detention of Gerry McGeough represents a flagrant breach by the British Government of its commitments in the Weston Park Agreement with respect to OTRs.


All three should be released immediately.





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lol great thread title


Putting forward motions like this in councils is meaningless when you sit in government, and actually support the criminalisation of Republicans on a daily basis. Actually there is some hidden meaning in it, they talk about the acceptance of the rule of British courts in Ireland. This is the kind of statement you would expect from a stoop or perhaps the pre-Ford Alliance Party.


But what it does disclose is that the PSF leadership and government is completely at odds with their grassroots on this subject. While statements like this may fool some party Loyalists, it will also remind many of their remaining members and supporters of the ultimate contradiction that is involved in supporting PSF. It also highlights that the only vehicle they have to express this kind of statement remains the local council, despite the fact that PSF are in government. It begs the question, why are PSF in government at all if they cannot secure basic human rights?


To that extent, and also to the extent that it does highlight the issue of internment to the general public, I welcome the statement.

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PSF are at present attempting to en-masse use all their councillors in the 6 counties to make tokenistic motions calling for release of internees such as Marian Price and Gerry McGeough.


Some might any publicity or moves no matter how small are welcome but one must look at the wider and sinister implications of this obvious tactical move.


PSF are panicking at the ground they are losing over the POW /internmemt issue, and the gains being made by real republicans, winning the hearts and minds of the people.


PSF didnt foresee this storm coming, one which is blowing away their undeserved false credibility


So late in the day they are sending out the drones with public allusions 'they care"

But anybody remotely clued in knows they dont give a toss and these are just moves to undermine and hinder the good work of real revolutionary activists.


Will they be asking councillors in the 26 counties to be doing the same?

You can bet they wont, theres no onus for them to make such motions in the South,they wouldnt want to lose hard worked for credibilty they've amassed among the freestate middle classes.


Whats most disturbing is referencing to the Western Park agreement in relation to Gerry McGeough, a traitorous scrap from the table of the Brits the Provos lapped up in accepting the GFA.


Yet they take no heed of the fact Gerry McGeough is a Cogus POW, he subscribes to aim of Cogus landing and has engaged in a Cogus POWs protests to have full POW status granted.


So they have no right to play the Western Park sell out hand in relation to POWs who Id hazard a guess want no quater from Provo opportunists


Afterall most POWs find themselves locked away by Brit jailers due to the traitorous position taken by sell out provos.


How can one decry internment when they enable and administer an unjust regime that is responsible for such inevitable injustice.


Of course the PSF rebuttal to this will be 'ah sure your if we did nothing you'd still be complaining'


Well the answer to that is not all, no help is what we want, especially when that 'help' intends to undermine real republicans.

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And lets not forget that at the same time, PSF in Dubiln are actively threatening their members, telling them not to attend the Gerry McGeogh fundraiser this Friday!


More devious and sinister details have emerged regarding the function.


While afew were helping on fringes selling tickets, putting up posters, promoting it on net(near all anti-GFAers I might add)

The sole organiser who has close ties with PSF was asked if it was possible if Cogus could raffle some craft for POWs and give small 5 minute speech regarding situation in Maghaberry at present.

This I find is a very reasonable request considering Cogus despite not agreeing with Gerrys views let him on wing through kindness of their hearts and Gerry has supported the dirty protest and engaged in it.

The suggestion was met with hostility the reason given that it would interupt the nights schedule, just 5 minutes? and a small raffle to aid ailing prisoners families?


It seems head organisers dont want upset PSF contingent who might be present on night even though majority present will be anti-GFA.

There was even suggestion.a staunch Adamsite drone may give speech and if this happens I cant see it going down well


The shinners really are a devious bunch


They dont want a benefit night for a Cogus POW going on in an area they used to enjoy support and republicans outside PSF given a platform.



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Cogus should put their foot down on this. Who is going to stop them doing a raffle at a function for one of the POWs on their landing? They should do it anyway, and tell the provie involved that they'll be reading out their statement regardless. I'm sure there will be support for that amongst the crowd there on the night.

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