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Guest Connolly

Learning Tin Whistle, need help.

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Guest IsMise

Thanks Lugh but by the looks of it you guys will have well surpassed my abilities in no time :-) I have since managed to get my hands on one of those Long C whistles I liked so Im tinkering with that myself at the minute.

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Guest Connolly

Im attaching an image which might help you guys.


It shows the basic d scale what the dot on the line is in A B C etc and what holes to cover to make that note.


As you can see the low D is first - it appears just below the bottom of the 5 lines and is blown softly into the whistle {even if there are attachments or whats know as quavers where 2 notes like D & E are played in a quick tempo beside each other the notes are still the same} so this will help you make the right notes for the songs and as you hear them you will them be able to know whether to play them faster or slower. Most trad tunes will be set up in D but if you use this example to write out any tune you will get the notes right.


The dark holes are the ones you cover and the blank circles are left uncovered.


Note C is played with only the top whole uncovered and to achieve the higher D E F blow stringer into the whistle usually a higher D is written as D' {like an apostrophe}




kerry Polka for example is








So whats the note called where none of the holes are covered? Or where does it fit in on the diagram you posted?

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