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Amnesty International Refuses to Support Marian Price

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A reply from Amnesty International Re: Marian Price interned as a political hostage by the British Government, at present she is very ill and should be released now.



Hi Terry,


Amnesty International endeavours to monitor conditions in prisons in the North to the degree that our limited capacity allows, and we have long been aware of Ms Price's case. I'm afraid at the moment we are not currently in a position to intervene.


Partly, this is because we have do not have detailed information on Ms Price's condition, but also in part because as a human rights organisation, we work within the confines of international human rights law. The legal threshold for for compassionate release or release under humanitarian grounds in law is really very high.


It also appears that while Ms Price's condition is undoubtedly serious, and possibly even worsening, she is receiving the necessary medical attention from the authorities. There also doesn't seem to be, as far as we are aware, a medical recommendation that she be released, from say the prison doctor or other independent health care professional, as the only way her medical needs could be met.


We continue to monitor the situation closely, and if any of the issues mentioned above change, we would re-examine the situation, but at the moment we are not in a position to divert resources from other campaign work to this case.



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Yes Justin Moran indeed


He is a well educated upper middle class liberal types who is one of these new trendy PSF types who draws conclusions that republicanism is some kind of career opporunity


He was once Sinn Fein chair in Dublin


He is a devout Adamsite as evident working Shamesty and his sentiments

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