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Lugh Ildánach

Current Homebrew Stock

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Just thought I'd start a pinned thread with our current list of stock, so you don't have to wade through the other posts to find out what we have in season.


We have the following types available:



  • Pilsner (Blue) - This is the attempt at the Spaten clone (rather than the first pilsner that we tried), which while it doesn't taste much of spaten has a refreshing Saaz hops taste and is perfect for a summer lager. Approx 5.5%
  • Pilsner (Silver) - Similar to the above, but finished with Hallertau Mittlefruh hops for an even stronger aromatic effect. Very distinctive. Approx 5.5% Out of Stock
  • Cider (Green) - A sweet Apple & Pear cider, Approx 6% Out of stock
  • Winter Beer (Purple) - A Smithwicks type ale, Approx 4%
  • Wheat Beer (White) - A clear wheat beer, made with a light malt, best served freezing cold, Approx 5.5%
  • Wheat Beer (Gold) - Made with liquid wheat malt, smoother taste than the regular one, described as the champagne of beers! Approx 5.5% Out of Stock
  • Ginger Beer (Orange) - Cloudy sweet alcoholic ginger beer, Approx 3.5% Just a few left in stock
  • Stout (Black) - Old style stout, full bodied flavoursome and refreshing, great served at room temperature or after hard day's community gardening, Approx 4.5%
  • Mexican Cerveza (Yellow) - A mexican style cerveza, like Corona but much more flavour.


  • Country Red - Light fruity red wine, Approx 10%
  • Chardonnay (Standard) - Approx 10% Out of stock

We ask for a contribution towards costs of 5 Euro for 8x500ml of Beers & Ciders or 2 bottles of wine. Larger batches of these or other styles can be made on request at cost price if you are prepared to give an hour or two of your time to help bottle them when they're ready.

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Our first casualty this week (not bad for more than 1 year's brewing!) as our latest batch of Cab Sav was left in the bucket too long before bottling and has started to turn into vinegar. I've ordered in a quick fermenting 7 day Cab Sav so that we'll have stock back in a week or so. All our other types are still in stock (although may not be after the Ard Fheis this weekend)

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Stock has been depleted, due partially to xmas and partially due my laziness in re-stocking. The re-stocking process is now under way, but will take about 6-8 weeks until we're fully re-stocked with everything. There's still plenty of stout and blue pilsner left, but everything else is either gone or limited.


Any requests let me know. After we've re-stocked with our favourites I'm going to look into doing a Dunkelweiss beer, a Belgian Tripel or Dubel and a Rose wine, but am happy to try any other suggestions if anyone has them.

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