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Report from Rossport Solidarity Camp

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The past few days spent in Rossport by my fellow comrade and I have been a great experience and an even greater eye-opener for us both. Not in a million years could we have ever imagined the amount of chaos and destruction in the midst of such a wonderful, scenic countryside.


The extent to which Shell are willing to go in the pursuit of profit is staggering!

They have desecrated a once picturesque landscape into what has now been referred to by many as “Dumbledore” (For those who may be unfamiliar with Dumbledore, it is a reference from the Lord of the Rings movie and is akin to the Debts of Hades. The light that it emits can be seen from miles around, dominating the horizon at night time with its hellish glow)


Many forests have been felled to make way for compounds that bear a striking resemblance to military installations, with top of the range security and technology alike. The entire camp is under 24hour surveillance and almost every move made by the activists is closely scrutinised by Shell’s hired mercenaries (ISRM).


The agents of the state (Gardai) are still geared up and ready to do Shell’s bidding, their abuse of power knows no bounds and many activists continue to endure the brunt of state repression, by (as one local resident aptly named them) the vermin protectors of Shell.


Many activists are still awaiting trial on trumped up charges while the lives of many distraught local residents are continually neglected to make way for what the Gombeen men would have us believe is ‘progress’


Although we were surrounded by what seemed to be chaos on all sides, we were able to find some sort of redemption and comfort at the Solidarity Camp, where we were welcomed by the salt of the earth. Upon arriving at the camp, we were greeted with the most friendliness and warmth of welcomes by the most humble of activists I have ever met.


We were made feel right at home and home was exactly where we felt we were. The time spent on the camp certainly stirred the heart as we shared a kindred spirit that will forever endure the test of time.


It has now been 12 years since the resistance began, 12 long years of shedded blood sweat and tears by some of the most committed, unswerving activists on this planet. I was also very proud to see so many dedicated internationalists there too, who had made the long trip from overseas to join their comrades abroad.



What I find quite hard to fathom is the fact that throughout Ireland the stark increase in the lack of opportunities available for young working class people is persistent as ever as poverty measures reach tenfold, but yet, millions upon millions has been squandered by the plundering marauders who have robbed us of our abundant natural resources, all the while unemployment, inequality in housing, education, wages, and the gap between the richest and poorest steadily continues to rise.


Even with the creation by Shell of menial short-term jobs for some, the greater cost of having something that belongs to us all taken away at a whim and sold off to the highest bidder, to the scrupulous multi-national corporations, is a massive loss for the entire nation and could have quite easily, and if done properly, been used to ameliorate the effects so many of us are forced to endure, and end a lifetime full of depressing dole queues, joblessness, impoverishment and misery.


Now isn’t that something worth fighting for?



For more information on how you can support the Shell to Sea Campaign and the Rossport Solidarity Camp, please visit the links below:


RSC - http://www.rossportsolidaritycamp.org/

STS - http://www.shelltosea.com/




Misspelled Hitchhiking Tickets, don't ask, but they eventually got us there






Kelly-Kettle, you haven't experienced the camp properly until you've mastered one of these!




Some nice scenery









The Camp




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One thing that was really amazing at the Solidarity Camp was the amount of stars we could see at night time. The Milky Way was directly over head and was, well, kinda milky looking, with millions of stars surrounded by a grayish, whitish colour, I couldn't believe my eyes, it was beautiful looking. It was also so clear that we could even see satellites passing over head, I was truly gobsmacked!


I counted 7 shooting stars that shot past over head, one seemed so close you could almost feel its inertia as it spent itself against our atmosphere, leaving behind a trail of star dust in its wake.


And last of all was the glorious Starry Plough, that shone as brightly as I have ever seen before and hung over the camp like seven bright Guardians keeping a watchful eye and protecting those who lay below its luminous glow, I was awe struck.

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