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CALLOUT! - Rossport Solidarity Camp

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From Rossport Solidarity Camp




Dear friends: to all who missed the sinking of shell's evil machine into the ditch, and the determination and bravery off all who were there to stand in it's way the night before...




At the moment plans are underway for the TBM to be removed by crane..which should take a few days... there are also rumors that the rest of the machine is coming down from Donegal, so keep you're eyes open...and let us know.


Theres still time come up in solidarity, and see the sinking monster before they (attempt) to pull it out.

please share this message, and spread the word


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How to get to Rossport Solidarity Camp


Map of Rossport area



Please contact the camp in advance to see if there are any lifts avaliable /people who need lifts.

We can often help with places to stay on route (eg. in Dublin/Castlebar).

How to get to Rossport Solidarity Camp:


The most important thing to remember when looking to get to Rossport Solidarity Camp is that it is no longer located in Rossport, but in Glengad where the proposed pipeline is to hit land before crossing over the bay into Rossport. So the camp is very close to Rossport by boat but much further away by road.


The nearest village to the camp is Pollathomas so that is where you should be looking for on the map.


By Car:


From Ballina:

The Shell Route: Take the N59, the road going to Belmullet. The first town you meet is Crossmolina, after Crossmolina you come to Bellacorick Power Station, which is a disused turf burning station, you will also notice a wind farm here, there is a sharp right hand turn in the road, you are continuing on the N59, traveling in the direction of the village of Bangor Erris, also known just as Bangor.

You go through Bangor Erris until on the other side of the village you come to the oil road, on your left is Srahmore, this is the site Shell were using to store removed peat from where they were building their refinery, there is a fork in the road, and just in front is a Marian grotto, the road on the right looks like it isn't in Mayo, this is the 'oil road', you go up the 'oil road'. At the end of this road you come to a T-junction with a lot of signs facing you, including one for the Rossport Solidarity Camp. Turn right (direction Ballina) and you're on the Bellanaboy road, where the refinery was being built. There are a lot of Shelltosea signs along this road so you'll know you're in the right spot. If it is between 8am and 6pm you could stop at the Refinery site on your left and visit local campaigners at Shell to Sea HQ there ... the trailer. Ask them for directions or continue on for a few hundred yards till you come to a left turn for 'Poll a tSomais' (Pollathomas). Take that left and drive straight through Pollathomas for about 8km to the headland which is Glengad and Glengad beach. The road will rise and as you start to drive uphill again you are near the Camp which is at Glengad beach to the right of the road. Watch out for camp signs or ask the locals.


The Coast Route: More Scenic and slightly quicker, but less educational. Take the R314 north out of Ballina in the direction of Killala, after Killala you come to the village of Ballycastle and then the hamlet of Belderg. You then go through the village of Glenamoy, you pass the right turn for Rossport and continue till you see a right turn for Pollathomas. Straight to Glengad.


By Public Transport

There are trains and buses to both Ballina and Castlebar. See: http://www.buseireann.ie/site/home/for buses and

http://www.irishrail.ie/home/ for trains. From those places you can get transport from a private bus company called McGraths (097) 87842.


Their buses leave Ballina at 5.15pm from outside Dunnes Stores, that is, from the carpark beside the Humbert Monument. Also at 5.15pm their buses leave Castlebar from outside Heatons Store, which is at the top of main street, opposite side of the road from the drop off point for the Bus Eireann buses. They will leave you off at Glengad (ask for the camp at Glengad), but they do not run on Sundays (return from Glengad 10.30 a.m. Monday to Saturday, 10 euro return).


If possible, go to Ballina as it's easier and quicker. However, if you won't be able make the McGraths bus connection, go to Castlebar as we might be able to help with a place to stay. From both Ballina and Castlebar, get a return ticket on the private minibus called McGraths (097) 87842 which stops at the camp in Glengad. Get to the bus stop early to look out for a McGraths minibus and flag it down!


Ballina- Minibus leaves at 5.10pm from outside Dunnes Stores, that is, from the carpark beside the Humbert Monument (15-20min walk from bus and train station).


Castlebar- Minibus leaves from 5pm from outside Heatons Store, which is at the top of main street, opposite side of the road from the drop off point for the Bus Eireann buses.


McGraths do not run on Sundays (return from Glengad 10.30 a.m. Monday to Saturday, 10 euro return, 8 euro single).

Information on Living in Ireland



More chance going on the N59 from Ballina to Belmullet, but the scenic coast road ( 'Killala' then 'Pollathomas') is much nicer and might be lucky with lifts during holidays.


Ferry Info

Fares are cheaper if you book on the internet and in advance.

The cheapest and easiest way to travel from England-Ireland is to get a coach or train ticket that includes ferry too.


www.sailandrail.com - 08705 455 455

If you come as a footpassenger or with a vehicle:


Stena Line

info.uk@stenaline.com, 08705 70 70 70

Holyhead-Dublin Port/ Dublin Port –Holyhead


Superferry 02:30, 08:30

Superferry14:30, 21:15

Crossing Time 3 hrs 15 mins

Holyhead -Dun Laoghaire/Dun Laoghaire –Holyhead

Stena HSS 08:55,11:10

Stena HSS15:30,18:00

Crossing Time from 99 mins


Irish ferries


England National Call Rate 08705 17 17 17,

Republic of Ireland Residents call 0818 300 400

Holyhead -Dublin Port/Dublin Port –Holyhead


Cruise Ferry3 hrs 15 mins 08:05,11:30,02:40,05:55

Dublin Swift1 Hr 49 Mins 08:45,10:45,12:00,13:49

Dublin Swift 1 Hr 49 Mins 14:30,16:30

Cruise Ferry 3 Hr 15 Mins 20:55, 00:20, 14:10, 17:25

Dublin Swift 1 Hr 49 Mins17:15, 19:15

If you have the time, the cheapest way to travel with a vehicle is with www.norfolkline-ferries.co.uk

UK Reservations:0870 600 4321, Republic of Ireland Reservations:01 819 2999

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