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Guest Connolly

The Town at the Heart of Adamstown

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Guest Connolly

Some photo's I took a couple of months ago of Adamstown, which was mentioned in another thread. Its a small place on the edge of Dublin on the Kildare border, and from what i saw made up disproportionately of people of African decent. Much of it is desolate and empty with infrastructure designed for a much larger population - such as the roads and rail station. Some places look like North Korea. Big roads no cars. The boardings are full of irony and loaded with middle class coffee culture shite.












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Guest Connolly

Wasn't that supposed to have had quality planning, preparing for the future?


I think it was supposed to have been the first 'planned' town in Ireland, or something like that. The infrastructure is there - rail, roads, bus lanes etc. but the bottom fell out of the housing market and most/much of the town was never constructed, and those parts that have a high vacancy rate.


I pitty the poor sould who bought properties out there for E400,000 plus.


Whats overlooked or never mentioned with Celtic Tiger developments like these are the environmental externalities. The production of cement is one of the greatest producers of greenhouse gases there is. Just imagine the environmental damage caused by the cement used in these half built developments. Un-fucking-believable.

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Adamstown is the by-product and end result of Fianna Fail early 90s brown envelope shifty stroke of the pen planning permission given to greedy heartless property developers.


There are numerous estates in Dublin like Adamstown such as Littlepace, Charlestown, Tyrellstown, Carpenterstown, most of outer Balbriggan and Swords


On apperances they seem attractive, modern and spacious housing, but in reality they are poorly constructed, boring, inconvenient dwellings.


Most troublesome is the total lack of ammenities and nessecities beside these houses,lack of schools, youth facilties, community centres, GAA clubs etc

They are essentially souless shells that will be ghettos in ten years

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