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5 soldiers killed in NPA attacks in Davao City

Thursday, July 12, 2012 10:28:46 PM








DAVAO CITY (Mindanao Examiner / July 12, 2012) – Five government soldiers were killed in separate attacks by communist rebels in Davao City in the southern Philippines, a guerrilla leader said Thursday.


Leoncio Pitao, leader of the New People’s Army’s 1st Pulang Bagani Company, said rebel forces killed the soldiers in three offensive operations in Paquibato, Calinan and Marilog districts.


“The NPA actions were in retaliation to the strike, intelligence and civic military operations of the 69th Infantry Battalion and 84th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army and paramilitary CAFGU.”


“These troops have been responsible for the series of land grabbing, dislocation and mining preparation in Marilog, profiling and psychological warfare in Paquibato and Calinan district,” Pitao said in a statement sent to the Mindanao Examiner.


CAFGU refers to Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit which is under the control of the military.


He said villagers were complaining about the presence of government troops in those areas and that the soldiers had been, at often time, posing as NPA rebels to deceive the locals.


“The Armed Forces of the Philippines would oftentimes pose as Red fighters to deceive the masses, but instead of endearing themselves to the peasant and Lumad masses, they are hated and feared.”


“They may enjoy the support of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, but they are abhorred in the hearts of the masses who can clearly see beyond the peace and development masquerade, and who anticipate to be at the receiving end of the AFP's human rights abuses,” Pitao said.


Lumad is one of several indigenous tribes in the region. And Duterte is an ardent supporter of the military in Davao, where the rebels – who are fighting for a separate state in the country – are actively operating.


There was no immediate statement from the military about Pitao’s allegations. (Mindanao Examiner)




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Massive manhunt launched vs NPA raiders in Agusan

Home Updated July 09, 2012 04:52 PM



MANILA, Philippines - Army troops have launched massive pursuit operations against members of the New People's Army (NPA) who kidnapped three persons from a mining firm in Agusan del Sur last week.



Maj. Eugenio Julio Osias IV, spokesman of the Army's 4th Infantry Division, said the main objective of the ongoing massive Army operations are members of the NPA’s Section Command 14 of the North Eastern Mindanao Regional Committee (NEMRC) led by Renato Sarayat alias Commander Friday.


“At present, we are mounting massive pursuit operations against the group of Sarayat. I cannot just divulge the exact place so as not to endanger the lives of our ground troops,” Osias said.


At least 30 rebels led by Sarayat raided the VPO gold mining firm in Barangay Baguyan, Rosario town owned by the Ocite family early morning Thursday.


After disarming the security personnel of the firm, the rebels proceeded to ransack the place and took hostage its employees.

In the course of the negotiations conducted by the local crisis management committee, it was learned that the management of the mining firm gave in to the rebels' demand by providing them with five shotguns, nine caliber .45 pistols, an M14 rifle, one AK-2000 and a homemade M203 grenade launcher.


The rebels, however, escaped with three hostages – Chirstopher Ocite, operations manager of the VPO Mining, Gani Altaya, assistant operations manager and Joel Jayuma -- whom they used as human shields.


The rebels later demanded P25 million ransom and more firearms from the negotiating team in exchange for the release of the three VPO mining executives.


Ocite, Altaya and Jayuma were released Saturday evening.


There were unconfirmed reports that ransom money and the guns demanded by the insurgents were given to them. -- Jaime Laude




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A documentary shot in a guerrilla base in Davao City, featuring red fighters of the New People's Army's Merardo Arce Command. An interview with NPA Political Director Simon Santiago, and glimpses of ordinary guerrilla life, show the current state of people's war in the region. www.pinoyweekly.org




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Bigger calamity awaits Filipino people with impending "cha-cha"--CPP



The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today warned that “a calamity bigger than the recent floods is brewing as minions of the Aquino regime are busy coordinating to speed up ‘charter-change.’”


The CPP chided Speaker Feliciano Belmonte for “exuding excitement over the prospects of attaining the reactionary ‘cha-cha’ dream while millions struggle to recover from the destruction of their homes and properties and the loss of their livelihood caused by the torrential rains and flood waters.”


“The prospects for attaining ‘chacha’ within the year through a legislative ambush is growing by the day, as the US-Aquino regime and their political lieutenants are building a consensus among the congressmen and senators by dangling political support for next year’s elections.”


The CPP urged the Filipino people “to raise their nationalist voices and oppose the moves to put into place more liberalization policies into the 1987 Philippine constitution. The objective of breaking down all barriers against foreign ownership of land and businesses in the Philippines will lead to even greater economic and social calamities in the Philippines.”


“The advocates of ‘cha-cha’ are weaving the myth of a ‘free market’ system to justify their demand to break down all anti-liberal trade and investment policies that protect local capital and the national patrimony,” said the CPP. “The demand for ‘cha-cha’ is not the Filipino people’s, but of local big bourgeois compradors who wish to entice and partner with foreign big capital in plundering local resources, accessing international credit and exploiting cheap Filipino labor,” added the CPP.

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Terrorizing and detaining civilian families of NPA Red Fighters are serious violations of the international rules of war


On August 6, 2012, in Brgy Daligasaw, Santa Maria, Davao del Sur, the 39th IB under the command of Lt. Col. Norman Zuniega arrested and forcibly detained Lindy Dawang, 21, a member of the Blaan tribe and the wife of a an NPA Red fighter. Lindy, who is six months pregnant had no other recourse but to go with the 39th IB soldiers who insisted she is an NPA surrenderee. The 39th IB did not present any warrant of arrest. They brought her to the battalion headquarters in Sta Cruz, Davao del Sur and, according to the military’s press statement is “undergoing interrogation”.


Again the following day, on August 7, in Brgy San Isidro, Sta Maria, Davao del Sur, another Blaan native named Tayet “Aying” Magwan 27, was arrested by the 39th IB and also brought to the battalion headquarters with her two-year old child. Aying had just arrived from Malapatan, Sarangani Province, after having fled from the 73rd IB’s continuous harassment simply because she is known as the wife of an NPA guerilla. This time, she was taken without a warrant of arrest, brought to the military camp and held in captivity for three days. The indigenous communities fear that like Lindy, she is also undergoing interrogation and possibly torture.


The NDF-FarSouth Mindanao Region condemns in the strongest possible terms these vicious, relentless attacks of the AFP on civilians, especially women and children. Lindy Dawan and Aying Magwan are innocent, are not members of the NPA and are ordinary citizens of the state, (in the same way that the families of AFP soldiers are). As such, they and their children must be accorded their rights as citizens, as human beings and as women and children. The 39th IB and the 73rd IB of the 10th Infantry Division have no legal and moral bases whatsoever to detain, interrogate and terrorize them just because they are the wives of NPA Red fighters. This is a serious violation of the rules of war as stipulated in the Geneva Conventions, the CARHR-IHL and the United Nations’ rights of children.


In its desperate effort to gather intelligence information and coerce the NPAs into giving up their cause, the 39th IB in Davao del Sur has resorted to pressuring and terrorizing the wives and children of NPA guerillas who are traumatized and suffer intense misery and pain. If this is Oplan Bayanihan’s concept of “winning the people’s hearts and minds,” then the AFP is practically digging its own grave. The AFP will never be able to win the war through coercion, psywar, and dirty tricks, especially on the women and children.


The NDF-FSMR demands that the 39th IB under Lt. Col. Norman Zuniega must be held accountable for this flagrant and continuing attack on the women and children. The 39th IB must also pay for whatever damages incurred , including hospital and medical bills and other expenses as a result of the trauma inflicted. Most of all, we demand that the 39th IB and its chain of command be meted the necessary disciplinary action as stipulated in the international rules of war of which the Philippine Government is a signatory.

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Continuing the Lumads’ armed struggle against large-scale destructive mining


“We will not stop until Xstrata-SMI’s large-scale destructive mining stops” so the Red Pangayaw has spoken once again, claiming the death of another police officer, PO1 Rommel Paccial who was ambushed on 9 August 2012 in Sityo Nabol, Brgy Kimlawis, Kiblawan, Davao del Sur. The police officer and members of the Davao Sur Provincial Public Safety Company (DSPPSC) assigned at the Kiblawan Police Station were on their combat patrol of the mining areas of Xstrata-SMI when they were ambushed by the lumad group Red Pangayaw which has vowed to fight the mining company “to the very end.”


“We have no other recourse but to fight back because this company wants to eradicate us from the face of the earth so they can arrogate the land and all the natural resources therein. This company has been deceiving us with promises of development and wealth but we know these are empty promises designed to break our will, coopt our tribal leaders and divide the lumads. They have militarized our areas and we the lumads have become the virtual prisoners in our own lands.


“This gives us no other option but to take up arms and target the company’s armed components – the 27th IB, Task Force Kitaco, the police, the CAFGUs, security guards, intelligence operatives and death squads of the state…The company should really think twice about pursuing their Tampakan project because blood will flow.” the Red Pangayaw said.

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Interesting to note that in all areas where Maoists are re-surgent, whether its Colombia, Phillipines or India, there is massive mineral extraction, and one of the immediate tasks of the revolutionaries is to target the corporate operations, whether that's blowing up oilpipes or trucks/trains carrying mined minerals.


Makes Shell to Sea look tame!!

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Aquino using flood control as smokescreen to push mega-demolitions of poor communities--CPP



The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today blasted the Aquino regime for using the recent calamities and the widespread clamor for flood control infrastructure as smokescreens to justify its plan to carry out the widespread demolition of urban poor communities and serve the objectives of its kickback-laden Public-Private Partnership projects.


Aquino has long been pushing for these PPP projects to benefit his big business friends and their big foreign big capitalist partners but has been opposed by workers and poor people because these entail the demolition and displacement of large urban poor communities.


“The Aquino regime is baring its deep-seated contempt for the toiling masses who it accuses as the principal reason for the massive flooding which inundated large parts of Metro Manila and nearby provinces last week,” said the CPP.


Over the past few days, Aquino ordered his public works officials to “forcibly relocate” around 125,000 families living near creeks and other waterways as well as 70,000 families around the Laguna Lake. The Aquino regime is targeting the demolition of around 20,000 urban poor housing units by the end of the year.


Citing instructions from Aquino, DPWH Sec. Rogelio Singson declared that “if push comes to shove, we will have to blast these houses if the residents do not leave within a certain period.”


“Singson and Malacañang PR officials eventually retracted the statement in the face of the ensuing public uproar over such utter disrespect of basic human rights,” pointed out the CPP. “The Aquino regime has once again bared its cacique mindset.”


“While pointing an accusing finger against the people,” the CPP added, “Aquino turns a blind eye to its gargantuan failure to provide the toiling people with employment and affordable housing and the necessary urban infrastructure for flood control and waste management, hydro-electric dam protocols for water release, and the environmental rehabilitation necessary to prevent and control flooding.”


Amidst the floods, the Aquino regime also failed to mobilize resources to bring people out of danger zones. This has brought to the fore the budget cuts in disaster preparedness effected by the Aquino regime since 2010.


“The CPP enjoins the millions of urban poor residents of Metro Manila to rise up and oppose the Aquino regime’s mega-demolition plan. They must oppose the Aquino regime’s attempts to cover up its gross failure to address the problem of flooding and accusing the flood victims as the cause of the floods.”


The CPP joins the workers and the urban poor in their demand for “domestic employment, industrialization, rural land reform, wage increases, in-city housing projects, increased spending for public waste disposal, massive cleanup and desiltation of waterways in consultation and cooperation with residents and the general upgrading of the urban infrastructure.”

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Bounty against Ka Oris, NDFP consultants violate JASIG--CPP



The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today denounced the Aquino regime for reissuing and raising the bounty against leaders of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in violation of the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG).


This latest move reveals the Aquino regime’s lack of serious intent with regard peace negotiations with the NDFP, said the CPP.


Yesterday, military and security officials of the Aquino regime announced that the bounty for a number of NDFP officials, including Comrades Benito Tiamzon and Jorge Madlos (Ka Oris), has been raised to as much as P5.5 million. Both Tiamzon and Madlos are key and prominent officials of the NDFP, the latter serving as spokesperson of the NDFP in Mindanao.


The JASIG, which was signed by the principals of the Philippine government (GPH) and NDFP in 1998, binds both the GPH and the NDFP to guarantee the security of negotiators, consultants and personnel of the parties engaged in the peace talks. It prohibits subjecting peace personnel of both sides to surveillance, arrest, detention, filing of criminal charges and any persecutorial or punitive acts that would impair their effective participation in the peace talks.


“Since assuming power,” added the CPP, “the Aquino regime has been violating the JASIG with impunity.” There are a number of NDFP consultants currently incarcerated in various police and military detention centers. These include, among others, Alan Jazmines, Tirso Alcantara, Renante Gamara, Ramon Patriarca, Eduardo Serrano, Eduardo Sarmiento, Pedro Codaste and Randy Malayao.


“The most recent violation of the JASIG was the abduction last August 5 of NDFP-Southern Tagalog consultant Jesus Abetria and a member of his staff, Restituto Galicia, in Kalayaan, Laguna by operatives of the Philippine Army and Philippine National Police.”


“Furthermore, the GPH has yet to face responsibility for the abduction and enforced disappearance in 2006 of NDFP officials and consultants Leo Velasco, Pedro Calubid, Rogelio Calubad and their staff,” said the CPP.

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CPP denounces docking of another US warship



The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today condemned the scheduled docking of another US warship in Manila as another “arrogant display of contempt of Philippine sovereignty”.


The USS Milius is scheduled to arrive today and dock at Manila Bay for a four-day port call. “The docking of the USS Milius highlights the increasingly frequent arrival of interventionist troops of the US in the Philippines as the imperialist US government aim to further increase its presence and power projection activities in the Asia-Pacific.”

“The CPP condemns the Aquino regime for allowing the US government to use the Philippines as a platform for its interventionism in the Asia-Pacific region. Under the Aquino regime, the puppetry and servility of the Philippine reactionary state has reached its highest levels in recent times.”


“The display of base subservience by the Aquino regime to the US imperialists is a national disgrace to the Filipino people,” said the CPP. “He stains the memory of Apolinario Mabini and the Katipuneros who stood and fought for national independence and an independent and peace loving foreign policy.”


“The docking of the USS Milius further reinforces US control of the Philippines as a military stronghold in its effort to secure its economic and political interests in the region, especially the sea lanes from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific to ensure the flow of US products to the vast Asian market,” said the CPP.


“Securing its stronghold over the Philippines is part of the US government’s effort to build a network of military outposts in the Asia-Pacific region from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam to serve the fleet of US warships under the US Pacific Command,” added the CPP.


“The Filipino people must not be desensitized by the regular and increasingly frequent dockings of US military warships and submarines that bring the American war to Philippine shores, as well as by the constant presence of American troops and intelligence agents that operate with the Philippine government and military around the country,” said the CPP. “The Filipino people must not let down their patriotic vigilance for even one moment.”

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NDF-EV supports urban poor struggle against military's landgrabbing in Ormoc


The National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Eastern Visayas today expressed support for more than 2,700 urban poor residents who are fighting eviction from Brgy. Camp Downes, Ormoc City, Leyte, which is inside a military reservation and near the headquarters of the 802nd Infantry Brigade. “The NDF-EV condemns the brazen harassment by the military of the urban poor residents of Brgy. Camp Downes since the beginning of this year to force their eviction,” said NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago Salas. “The fascist dictator Marcos declared the 36-hectare Camp Downes a military reservation in 1968. But even before that, civilians had long populated the area and now occupy 15.7 hectares. However, the 802nd Infantry Brigade, which sits on a 21-hectare camp, wants to fully utilize the entire military reservation area for a housing project for soldiers and a naval base, among others.”


Fr. Salas rebuked the military for its sense of entitlement at the expense of the interests of the people. “Why is the military getting a housing project and other favors from the Aquino government, while the urban poor in Camp Downes get nothing and stand to lose everything? The residents were never consulted nor their best interests served ever since the land was declared a military reservation. The government has never recognized their legitimate claim to the land despite their efforts through the years. The people of Ormoc are furthermore disgusted by the military’s arrogant ways and contempt for the poor.”


The NDF-EV spokesperson also scored the military for instituting a climate of fear among the civilian residents of Camp Downes. “Under orders from 802nd Infantry Brigade commander Col. John Bonafos, the camp commander, Lt. Col. Edgardo Batenga, is imposing martial law conditions on the civilian residents. He has been restricting the movement of the civilian residents, demanding an ID system and the tagging of houses, and ordering the illegal confiscation of private property. He is also blocking a P300,000 electrification project and demanding the disconnection of the residents, which the electric cooperative refuses because the military camp should be disconnected first because of unpaid back accounts. There is also a report that a 52-year-old woman, Liberty Pulgo, complained to the Commission on Human Rights that soldiers directed by Batenga pointed their guns at her and tried to force her to go to the military camp, which she resisted because they had no valid reason.”


Fr. Salas urged the urban poor residents and other civilian occupants of Brgy. Camp Downes to unite, organize and resist the military’s landgrabbing, demand an end to the continuing climate of impunity for human rights violations under the Aquino government, and struggle for fundamental changes. “The rights of the civilians at Brgy. Camp Downes are recognized by the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law between the NDFP and the Philippine government. Part 4 of the agreement has two specific articles in favor of the civilian residents. Article 12 states, “Civilian population shall have the right to be protected against the risks and dangers posed by the presence of military camps in urban centers and other populated areas.” This is followed by Article 13 that states: “The Parties recognize the right of the people to demand the reduction of military expenditures and the rechanneling of savings from such reduction towards social, economic and cultural development which shall be given the highest priority.”


“It goes to show it is the military that should leave Camp Downes, not the civilian residents.”#



Roy Santos

NDF-EV Media Officer

Email: ndfevis@gmail.com, ndf_ev@yahoo.com

Blog: http://evsirang.blogspot.com

Connect also to Roy Santos through Facebook.

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WikiLeaks cable: Gaddafi funded, trained CPP-NPA rebels



MANILA, Philippines - Colonel Muammar al- Gaddafi was a key financier of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its military wing, the New People's Army (NPA), according to a US Secretary of State secret cable published by anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks.



The Libyan government gave at least $7 million to the CPP-NPA in a 5-year period in the late 1980s and early 1990s, according to cable 91STATE374256 dated November 14, 1991.




The cable, one of the earliest on WikiLeaks' archives that discussed the Philippines, tackled the indictment of Libyan officials for the bombing of PAN AM Flight 103 in 1998.


The memo said Libya's support for terrorist groups was extensive worldwide, and allowed militants to train in Libyan camps.


The cable said Libya provided funding to the CPP-NPA and other groups by directly giving money to militants who trained in the North African country.


"On rare occasions the Libyans have used couriers to deliver money to terrorist organizations; the transfer usually occurs in a third country," it said.


"Trainees from Asia, Latin America, and Africa often go to Libya legally, usually pretending to be students. Sometimes, third world nationals travel to Libya for what they believe to be legitimate schooling, such as technical or religious training," it added. "When they arrive, however, they find themselves met at the airport by soldiers, placed on a truck, and transported to a terrorist/dissident training camp."


Al Mathaba




The Philippine government has also kept tabs on Gaddafi's support to the armed communist movement in the Philippines.


According to Police Superintendent Felipe Rojas of the Philippine Center on Transnational Crime, the CPP-NPA got considerable financial and logistical support from Libya for 2 decades as part of Gaddafi's program to establish revolutionary movements in the Asia-Pacific region.


"Support from Tripoli included provisions of modern weaponry (such as high-powered assault rifles, detonators, explosives RPGs and SAMs) as well as training in strategic urban terrorist tactics. Libya also established an organization called the 'Mathba' [Al Mathaba] to try and promote the image of the NPA," he said in a briefing paper.


According to GlobalSecurity.org, Libya used Al Mathaba, also known as the Anti-Imperialism Center (AIC), to support guerrilla groups in developing countries. http://www.globalsecurity.org


"Established in 1982 to support 'liberation and revolutionary groups,' the AIC has sponsored a number of stridently anti-Western conferences in Tripoli. At the same time, the AIC's mission is to identify and recruit revolutionaries for ideological and military training in Libya. During their training at AIC camps, individuals are selected for advanced training, including in weapons and explosives, and indoctrination. With representatives in many Libyan embassies worldwide, the AIC runs its own independent clandestine operations and disburses payments to terrorist, insurgent, and subversive groups," the website reveals.


Meanwhile, Rojas said "the NPA also received support in the form of weapons and training from North Korea in return for providing information on the former US Clark Air and Subic Naval Bases, as well as on key American military figures."


Foreign fund sources dried up


Gaddafi's support for the NPA apparently dried up after the US declared the CPP-NPA as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO) in 2002, and by the European Union in 2005.


"The rebels have claimed that the FTO designation has made it difficult to obtain foreign funding and forced them to step up extortion of businesses and politicians in the Philippines," according to the US State Department.


The communists have been trying to seize power from government since since 1969.


The Philippine military has claimed that the NPA's strength peaked at over 25,000 in the 1980s. Today, the military say that there are less than 5,000 guerrilla fighters scattered across the country.


WikiLeaks cables show U.S. took softer line toward Libya



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CPP denounces successive hefty oil price increases



The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today denounced the successive increases in oil prices effected this week by the big oil companies calling this “a cruel imposition on the people greatly burdened by the spiralling prices of food, medicine and basic commodities, low wages and unemployment.”


The hefty increases in oil prices today follow the similarly large increase in oil prices effected last Monday resulting in a total increase of up to P3 per liter of diesel, gasoline and other petroluem products. “This two-stage bigtime increase in oil prices reveal the profit-crazed foreign big capitalists who are callous to the grave socio-economic conditions of the people.”


“The double price increase this week also expose the hypocrisy of the oil companies with which they announced a suspension of oil price increases last week, purportedly in sympathy to the victims of the heavy rains and floods,” added the CPP. The CPP also pointed out last August 7, amidst the heavy rains and right before the massive floods, oil companies also increased their prices by nearly P1 per liter. Earlier, prices of cooking gas was increased by as much as P7 per kilogram.


“The recent price increases has effectively offset the series of rollbacks effected in the previous months,” said the CPP. “Despite the sharp fall in the prices of international crude, decreases in domestic fuel prices were carried out by the oil companies in slow trickles, calculated as such in order to pocket greater profits.”


The CPP supports the demand of the Filipino people to repeal the 1997 Oil Deregulatioin Law. “Foreign oil companies that dominate the local oil distribution network take advantage of the oil deregulation law to jack up the retail prices of petroleum products in accordance with their target profits, in complete disregard of the social conditions of the people and the state of the Philippine economy.”


“The CPP denounces the Aquino regime for continuously ignoring the widespread clamor to repeal the deregulation law, to put the oil industry under state regulation and control oil prices,” declared the CPP. “Furthermore, the Aquino regime fleeces on the people with the imposition of a 12% VAT on the retail prices of oil products that increase government revenues with every increase effected by the oil companies.”


“The Filipino people are oppressed two times over under the oil deregulation law and the 12% VAT on oil prices,” said the CPP. “Their demand for a rollback in oil prices, the removal of the VAT and the repeal of the oil deregulation law are fully justified.”

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Maoism is well established in Latin America and South Asia. All it needs now is to spread significantly to Africa and we'll get some real progress :ph34r::hammersickle:


I think the spread of socialism on a whole to Africa will need the help of the outside world.

Comrade Ché had the right idea.


Though you'd be surprised how much Africans are into their politics!!!

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The 27th IB’s Continuing Military Operation Ensures the Unimpeded Landgrab of Agri-Corporations and Large-Scale Mining in Allah Valley


For almost eight months now, or since the rapid expansion of plantations and large-scale mining in Allah Valley, South Cotabato, the 27th IB-AFP has conducted a relentless military campaign designed to pave the way for the encroachment of giant multinational agribusiness and large-scale mining. As a faithful mercenary, the 27th IB has made certain nobody stands in the way for the land acquisition of these imperialist companies.


Dubbed as “peace and development teams,” the 27th IB and its paramilitary forces have easily occupied the most fertile plains of Surallah, Lake Sebu, Tboli, Bagumbayan and Banga, and the remote areas of Daguma Range so it will be easy for the multinational companies and large-scale mining to obtain land. The Dole-Stanfilco and Sumifru acquire plantation areas usually through rent or growership. Those who refuse to give up their lands are marked as mass activists or rebels and are continually harassed, intimidated and threatened. A total of 12,000 hectares for Dole-Stanfilco alone have already been taken and about 10,000 hectares for Sumifru. Dole-Stanfilco is the biggest multinational company in the world and Sumifru is owned by Sumitomo which also operates a large-scale, ecologically destructive nickel mine in Surigao.

In a climate of fear and coercion, most of the farmers, especially the small farmers have no other choice but to give way (this is what they call “peace”) — so the multinationals can rule (this is what they call “development”). The farmers are lured to give up their lands for some cash which almost always happens to be spent before all the debts are paid. Thus, the farmers become part of the landless poor who must sell their labor power, for very low wages, in order to live.


The 27th IB’s presence in the coal-rich communities of Daguma Range imposes defense of foreign and large-scale mining companies insistent on continuing their operations despite strong resistance from the lumad and peasant residents. These are the San Miguel Energy Corporation (SMEC), the D. M. Consunji – Construction Equipment Resources, Incorporated (DMC-CERI), and the Canadian owned gold and copper mine of Tribal Mining Corporation.


The SMEC and DMC-CERI have coal mining operations covering thousands of hectares of T’boli ancestral lands and settler communities in the border areas of South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat ang Sarangani Province. SMEC is the energy division of San Miguel Corporation owned by Eduardo Cojuangco, PNoy’s uncle. It holds a mining contract comprising 17,000 hectares, which encompasses lumad communities and forestal areas of the Tasaday Reservation.


The DMC-CERI is a sister-company of the Semirara Mining Corporation, the largest coal mining firm in the country notorious for grave environmental devastation. It owns about 3,000 hectares within the 10,900-hectare IFMA concession of the Silvicultural Industries Incorporated (SII) also owned by D. M. Consunji. The SII, whose IFMA contract is set to expire in December 2016, operates a vast coffee, fruit tree and pine tree plantations within its concession area. With the current expansion of the plantation and the thriving coal operation, the Consunjis, one of the most powerful and richest families in the country since the Marcos dictatorship, enjoy government backing and is unrestrained in getting full control of this T’boli-Manobo ancestral land beyond 2016.


These two coal mining projects of SMEC in Ned, Lake Sebu and DMC-CERI in Santo Nino, Bagumbayan, are watershed reserves and the most important source of Allah Valley’s water system and agricultural irrigation. Aside from the coal mining’s potently destructive effects on health, environment, and food security, their large-scale operation pose the threat of dislocation to thousands of lumad and farmer families, and soon would bring the Tasaday Reservation environs to extinction.


By employing the 27th IB, the Cojuangco-Consunji clique continues to suppress the lumad and farmers’ broad and firm resistance. Consunji’s company-sized private army supplements the 27th IB’s fascist undertakings in harassing and intimidating civilians known to be strong opponents of its plantation and mining projects. Anti-mining groups and farmers’ associations are branded as NPA elements or supporters and are relentlessly hounded by patrolling guards and soldiers in their communities; their leaders are repetitively summoned and grilled. The “peace and development team” forcibly put up a military detachment adjacent the civilian neighborhood in Tasaday Blit. They also imposed restrictive policies in purchasing food supplies and holding of meetings and assemblies, and regulated hunting, a conventional economic activity of the locals. These are clear acts of atrocities against the people’s rights and civil liberties.


Furthermore, the recruitment of Civilian Auxiliary Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGUs) has been extensively used to divide the people’s unity against large-scale mining and agribusiness and consequently augment security forces for the giant multinationals and large-scale mining.


The 27th IB is a shameless mercenary who facilitates the dispossession of Filipino peasants and drive them deeper into poverty and landlessness in favor of the imperialist multinational companies and large-scale mining. Recently, the 27th IB forged an elite fascist group to perform specialized jobs in protecting large-scale mining in the guise of pursuing the revolutionary movement. Named “Task Force 73”, the unit’s mission is to launch intensive attacks against anti-mining advocates and subsequently smash the people’s resistance. Capt. Wayagwag, a former intelligence officer and a psy-war specialist, was named its commanding officer, with Lake Sebu and T’boli, the areas where large-scale mining companies are, as their main areas of responsibility. The task force consists of 27th IB elements from Davao del Sur where they have been securing the mining company Xtrata-SMI. How much the 27th IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Alexis Noel Bravo, Capt. Wayagwag, and the 10th ID officials are paid for this we can only guess.? It is public knowledge that the more vicious their attack, the higher they are paid.


The New People’s Army for its part, firmly affirms its unceasing fight against multinational agribusiness and large-scale mining companies who, for so long, have been extracting our nation’s resources, siphoning huge profits and destroying the environment. Moreover, the NPA is resolutely committed to frustrate and punish the mercenaries, especially the high-ranking officials of the 27th IB and the 10th ID who continue to protect these companies and enrich themselves at the expense of the people.


For the NDF-FSMR,



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Good to see communist movement in the Phillipines having solidarity with Moro self determination, notwithstanding the Islamist nature of the resistance in Bangsamoro.



MRLO to Bangsamoro: Continue to Fight for Moro People’s Rights


The Moro Resistance and Liberation Organization (MRLO) is calling for the Moro people to continue their fight against injustice and forward the rights of the Moro people for self-determination.


MRLO condemns the series of military operations initiated by the Armed Forces of the Philippines against Moro communities in Mindanao as a way to provoke armed groups including the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) to fire back during the holy month of Ramadhan.


The Ramadhan offensives launched in different towns of Basilan, Maguindanao, Lanao, North Cotabato and Zamboanga-Sibugay started in the period of July 26 to August 24 have already affected more than 50,000 families who have evacuated in fear of escalating violence in their communities, killed two children due to military strafing in Maguindao and Marawi and wounded several civilians including a pregnant woman.


Led by infantry battalions under the Western Mindanao Command and the 6th Division, military officials used as an excuse their pursuit operations against lawless elements and MILF lost commands who attacked military detachments stationed in Moro communities.


Prior to attacks against military detachments, several reports of human rights violations perpetrated by the 65th IBPAand 103rdBrigade in Lanao del Sur and1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade in the former Ampatuan areas in Maguindanao have been brought to attention by the civilians to several human rights groups, including panels of the Government of the Philippines and MILF peace talks. The challenge therefore is how to address these violations.


MRLO takes into consideration the BIFF’s justification of their raids against military detachments stationed in Maguindanao and North Cotabato. Days before their attack in a military detachment in Datu Saudi Ampatuan on August 4, some BIFF member stationed in former Camp Omar in the 2nd District of Maguindanao suffered casualties as elements of CAFGUs attacked their post and killed one of their members.


More important, the BIFF has already pronounced its disagreement with the MILF over the course that the peace talks is taking, where military operations against MILF communities continue despite existing peace negotiation and ceasefire mechanisms are in place.


In Lanao del Sur, several reports of harassment and killings perpetrated by the 103rd Infantry Brigade and Marines deployed as security forces in Mindanao State University and surrounding communities in Marawi City pushed civilians to initiate attacks on their detachments. The attack on an army detachment on August 8 killed several soldiers which then led to the Amy to seal off the university for 24 hours to drive out those who made the attacks, frisking students, teachers and residents, confiscating their laptops and cellphones, and even illegally arresting and detaining law students on suspicion that they are the ones behind the attack.


In Zamboanga-Sibugay, the local government efforts to initiate a local peace talk with the MILF-BIAF leaders in Camp Salman in the town of Tungawan on July 30 was undermined by military efforts to subdue the group by launching pursuit operations against “criminals” hiding in their communities. On August 5, the son of an MILF commander was killed and an MILF member was wounded by a baranggay leader in Tigbanuang, believed to be very supported by the military. The MILF ambushed an 6×6 AFP truck on August 6 in Bgy. Kayamkam, an incident that the military is waiting for to launch a full military offensives to MILF’s Camp Salman.


Since the botched talks about the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) on August 2008, the GPH-MILF peace talks have been a series of reported violations both on paper and in the ground. It seemed that government troops deployed in Moro communities are poised to strike during or every after GPH-MILF peace talks..


President Benigno Aquino III who takes his cue from the US counterinsurgency program, washes his hands off the violations made by the AFP to cover his administration’s two-pronged (double-bladed) approach to the talks – continuing military offensives to force the MILF to a compromised agreement. The 2009 US Counter-Insurgency Guide is clear in its objective to make revolutionary groups surrender through all-out annihilation and through demobilizaton, disarmament andreintegration (DDR) approach.


To salvage the stand-off in the talks last year, the GPH had to stop/clamp the MILF from publicly releasing the result of the investigations as to how Aquino’s All-Out Justice Campaign against MILF in Basilan and Zamboanga-Sibugay resulted to several violations against civilians and even to the ceasefire agreement with the MILF.


The Moro people have nowhere to turn but to fight the onslaught of military offensives and human rights violations resulting from these offensives. Muslims are duty-bound by Islam to defend their communities against tyranny and to heed the cries of their fellow Muslims whenever they are oppressed. Even during Ramadhan, Muslims consider war as an option if provoked.


It is but right for the Moro people to continue their fight to attain justice to attain a genuine and lasting peace. The right to life should never be compromised for any signed peace agreement.


“And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression and there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere.” (Qur’an, Chapter 8, Verse 39).

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A Self-Criticism on The Paquibato Incident


The Merardo Arce Command-Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command of the New People’s Army (MAC- SMROC-NPA) takes full responsibility for the grenade throwing to an AFP detachment in Brgy. Fatima, Paquibato District, Davao City, September 1 at 8:30 PM. The NPA issues this self-criticism to apologize to the public and the families for the scores of casualties, including children. The NPA will take concrete measures to indemnify the victims consistent with the principles of revolutionary justice and the policies governing the New People’s Army and the revolutionary movement.


The NPA’s 1st Pulang Bagani Company made a wrong decision in initiating a tactical offensive against the AFP detachment located in a civilian population. The NPA’s 1st PBC aimed in trageting a legitimate target to emasculate the enemy and wipe out its structure that has placed the lives and properties of the people in danger. But it erred in considering the circumstances, combat intelligence and all pertinent operational information in instigating the NPA action. In the face of this gross mistake in judgement, the MAC-SMROC-NPA is currently initiating an internal investigation and is ready to take appropriate courses of action, to include among others, disciplinary action on the responsible unit.


The NPA stands firm for justice and truth and is prepared to rectify mistakes. By issuing this unflinching public apology and self-criticism, the NPA abides with the principled standpoint,viewpoint and method adopted by the NPA and the revolutionary movement.

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NPA military actions in Southwest – Negros



A squad of the New People’s Army (NPA) under the Armando Sumayang, Jr. Command (ASJC) Southwest-Negros Guerilla Front encountered a composite unit of the 47th IB Phil. Army and Scout Ranger last August 14 , 2012, 3:20 in the afternoon at Sityo Magboto, Brgy. Cabia-an, Candoni, Negros Occidental. The composite unit attempted to raid the temporary NPA encampment. Already in position, the NPA fired against the attacking military elements. As a result, five (5) elements of the Phil. Army and Scout Ranger were killed in action (KIA), while some were wounded.


[Audio clip] Because of the encounter, the military poured out their anger on the people. Some residents of Sityo Magboto, Brgy. Cabia-an were hurt and forced to give information and forced to serve as guide as to the location of the NPA, and a curfew was implemented, limiting the freedom of movement including livelihood activities of the peasant masses. Thus, the masses are now suffering from more fear and poverty because of these human rights violations of the mercenary AFP. The record of zero human rights violations boasted by the fascist military in the Island is a great lie!


Because of shame, the military did not report the details of the incident to the media.


During the month of June 2012, the NPA in Southwest- Negros launch a series of tactical offensives. A partisan operation was conducted against an element of the 47th IB PA having a consultation with their local intelligence assets last June 19,2012, in Sityo Cambogui-ot , Brgy. Camindangan, Sipalay City. Killed in action was PFC John P. Elisan of the 47th IB PA and recovered from him was a .45 caliber pistol, 2 .45 magazine and 15 bullets of .45 caliber pistol.


This military unit, shamelessly camps in the houses at Sityo Indangawan, Brgy. Manlocahoc, Sipalay City. Because of this, one of the owner of the houses where the military camps, sleep in the Day Care Center. If they are not staying in this sityo, they stay in the stalls in the public market of Sityo Cambogui-ot surrounded by the populace. Despite clamor of the populace against military presence, they callously continue to stay for fear of NPA attack. People become their shields.


Last June 28, 2012, at night time, a team of NPA harassed the Bactolon Detachment at Brgy. Camindangan, Sipalay City, wounding a CAA element. And last June 29, 2012, a Reo truck of the 47th IB PA was harassed by a team of the NPA. The operatives saw 1 killed in action an element of the 47th IB.


These military actions of the NPA in Southwest –Negros, are proofs of the ever widening mass support, especially the peasant class victims of the atrocities of the military and comprador big bourgeoisie and foreign monopoly capitalists owning the giant destructive mining firms.


Despite black propaganda of surrenderees and the grandiose psywar operations of the AFP under the O’Plan Bayanihan, the peasant masses continuosly and warmly support and even join the armed struggle by joining the New People’s Army and join the underground revolutionary mass organization to fight for their rights so they can live justly and freely.

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People's Democratic Government Excercises Its Own Justice System; GPH Makes A Mockery Of Its Own



It is deceptive and illusory for the AFP-US-Aquino regime to demand for the surrender of the New People’s Army unit responsible for the September 1 grenade blast in Paquibato. Such an idiotic proposal is to deny the existence of the NPA, an armed force governed by a political authority and guided by strict rules of conduct and discipline.

For, indeed the People’s Democratic Government exercises its own justice system and dispenses revolutionary justice in determining the consequences of the 1st Pulang Bagani Company- NPA’s action. The Merardo Arce Command-Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command of the New People’s Army (MAC-SMROC-NPA) has made it patently known that it will carry out comprehensive measures and takes great pains to rectify errors committed in the Paquibato grenade blast. It is in the process of reaching out and making amends to the victims of the blast. It is also in the process of reeducating and reviewing the International Humanitarian Law guidelines for its combatants and commanders to avoid any repetition in the future. It draws valuable lessons to reaffirm and validate the correct policies and processes governing its military operations and implementation of the Geneva Conventions and other war protocols.


These courses of action derive from a historical and political circumstance. The legal and judicial system and processes of the People’s Democratic Government do exist, is developing and is in force in its guerilla territories in the country. As a distinct armed force of the People’s Democratic Government, the NPA is not subject or subsumed within the legal and constitutional system and processes of the GPH. As prescribed in the Hague Declaration which laid the framework of the GPH-NDFP peace negotiations, the US-Aquino regime and its AFP have no right to presume or demand from the revolutionary forces and its people to recognize, work under and lay prostrate before the GPH political authority, constitution, legal system and judicial processes.


The rabid rightist clique in the local Davao City reactionary bureaucracy, goaded by the fascist Eastern Mindanao Command-AFP, is demanding for blood while it cloaks the ferocious character of the US-Aquino regime’s Oplan Bayanihan and the AFP. It is the policy and character of the AFP and the US-Aquino regime to subject civilians to grave form of atrocities and serious crimes against people. Killing unarmed civilians by the military and the fascist state is the norm, not an anomaly. In contrast, the NPA repudiates the very apparatus that kills, tortures and brings grave injustice against the Filipino masses.


The September 1, Paquibato incident was a display of serious but isolated human error, while the AFP’s human rights track record is a daily occurrence and hallmark of its mercenary character. The NPA and the revolutionary movement is zealous in holding its forces liable should these violate the rules of war; it makes public an apology and self-criticism. In contrast, nothing of the sort or even approximating the earnestness made by the NPA has ever been made by the Philippine government, much less its armed force toward the victims of state sponsored killings and other brutalities.


The US-Aquino regime and the AFP’s reputation as a criminal coddler, butcher, killer, human rights violator is hideous. It makes a mockery of its own justice system; its judicial system is for the exoneration of perpetrators and the perpetuation of exploitation by the ruling class. Its justice system is not to give justice for the victims or to liberate the dispossessed class.


This is the government that treats with kid gloves Gloria Arroyo who was guilty of various human rights abuses during her term, not to mention electoral fraud and massive corruption. This is the same government that coddles criminals like Ecleo and is ready to absolve the Ampatuans who are notorious for the Maguindanao Massacre. This is the same government that treats as allies the Marcoses who have not sought apology toward the more than 70,000 human rights victims of Martial Law. This is the same government that has denied land to the peasants of Hacienda Luisita and justice for the victims of Hacienda Luisita Massacre.


The specific cases reflecting denied justice and continuing state policy of state terrorism speak for itself. Up to now “The Butcher” retired Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan continues to evade the claws of justice as he enjoys the abject protection of his colleagues and the state. Palparan and his minions, the officers and personnel of the 56th Infantry Battalion namely Lt. Col. Felipe Anotado, Lt. Francis Mirabelle Samson, Lt. Col. Rogelio Boac, Arnel Enriquez and Donald Caigas, have thoroughly evaded the wrath of Connie Empeño and Linda Cadapan, mothers of the two missing UP activists Karen and Sherlyn, who were victims of rape, arbitrary detention and killing.


It was Palparan who led the killing of innocent civilians in Southern Tagalog, Eastern Visayas and Central Luzon during the US-Arroyo regime’s Oplan Bantay Laya I and II, the same counter-revolutionary model spread in other areas in the country that has resulted in the extra-judicial killings of more than thousand civilians. This is the same model now being used in the US-Aquino regime’s Oplan Bayanihan. And so the policy of targeting civilians as enemies of the state continues.


Last year on the morning of October 17, paramilitary goons under the auspices of the 57th IB-6th ID-AFP killed 59-year old Italian Missionary, Fr. Fausto ‘Pops’ Tentorio, a known indigenous people and peasant advocate in Arakan, North Cotabato. Three days later, the 57th IB troops killed Ramon Batoy, a civilian, while his pregnant wife Gina and their two children fled from the military’s raiding team.


A drunken soldier, Private 1st Class Baltazar Ramos of the 71st IB fired his K3 light machine gun towards seven year-old Sunshine Jabinez in Napnapan, Pantukan, Compostela Valley, September 3, last year. Ramos hit Sunshine on her right buttock with the bullet exiting through the latter’s spine and stomach. She was dead on arrival at the hospital.


Hired goons by the 71st IB also killed Santos ‘Ricky’ Manrique, 50, head of the Federation of Miners’ Association in Pantukan, a group of small-scale miners and member of Anakpawis partylist in Pantukan town.


In Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur, 39th IB soldiers were also responsible for the torture and killing of B’laan tribal chieftain and Vice-Chairperson of Zone-1 Farmers Association, an affiliate of Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas, Rudy Dejos, 50, and his 26-year-old son, Rudyric on February 27 last year.


Prior to Oplan Bayanihan, the AFP continues to ignore complaints made against its own butcher troops who killed Grecil Buya, a nine-year-old, it suspected her of being an NPA combatant in New Bataan; it also exonerated its own intelligence agents who raped and killed young women like Marjorie Reynoso, a youth leader in Maco and Rebelyn Pitao, daughter of Ka Parago.


Peasant villages are under fascist military control as evidenced in the encampment of AFP elements in civilian facilities like village halls, schools and health centers. The AFP has no compunction whatsoever in making civilians as its human shields as it engages the NPA in its counter-revolutionary war. Human rights advocates report at least 109 schools in Mindanao have adjacent AFP camps. Hardworking teachers of these schools are tagged as NPA teachers and NPA guerillas, and they suffer various forms of harassment from the hands of AFP troops.


Peasant villages are inhabited by “peace and development” civil-military operations (CMOs) or Special Operations Team (SOT); they are victims to the military’s grave threats, coercion and threats.


The 57th IB used four children as guides in scouring for NPA forces in Magpet town, North Cotabato.


Earlier in April, the 28th IB SOT tortured and detained three peasant leaders and interrogated civilians in villages of Lupon town, Davao Oriental. On April 3, the military detained peasant leaders Edgardo Gomboy and Noel dela Cruz at the village public school in Sitio Logdeck, Barangay Maragatas; they also mauled and hit on the face and body another civilian Edmondo Edlay, 52. They also seized in March Junifer Nabales, 38, his wife and their children and brought them to its headquarters in Barol, Lupon. They were accused of being red fighters, with documents and firearms falsely attributed in their possession. Houses of other civilians in the area have been roundly searched; peasants were interrogated, coerced to admit, under duress, of their alleged designation and responsibilities in the NPA.


Notwithstanding these grave human rights abuses by the AFP, the NPA takes cognizance of the correct view made by Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for a withdrawal of AFP detachments in civilian communities. The Comprehensive Agreement on respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law provides that “Civilian population shall have the right to be protected against the risks and dangers posed by the presence of military camps in urban centers and other populated areas”.


Thus, there is poverty in the proposal to maintain the AFP detachments and to demand peace by extinguishing the NPA or ask for its capitulation. Peace cannot be had with the silencing of the guns, and certainly not when the state remains fundamentally rotten, exploitative and oppressive. And when the GPH says Paquibato incident will directly affect the GPH-NDFP peace negotiations, nothing can be farther from the truth. It was the GPH’s obstinate refusal to implement previous agreement that has prevented the resumption of the peace talks.


The NPA and the People’s Democratic Government are, at all times, interested in peace. It is waging a just war essentially to achieve lasting genuine peace. The peasant masses and revolutionary forces are not fooled and far from dissuaded or deterred in advancing the people’s war to higher level to end injustice and effect genuine emancipation.

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NDF-SMR Order of Indemnification to Paquibato blast Casualties



The Regional Council of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Southern Mindanao Region orders for the indemnification of the wounded individuals, including children, who were casualties of the September 1, 2012 grenade blast in Barangay Fatima, Paquibato, Davao City.


The order acts upon the recommendations submitted by the Merardo Arce Command-Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command- New People’s Army.

The directive is a unilateral exercise of revolutionary political authority by a government of the working class and peasantry that has its own legal and judicial system and rules in accordance with its political principles and circumstances.

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