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NATO's Destruction of Iraq

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The Destruction of Iraq took a somewhat different route than the Destructions of Yugoslavia and Libya. The US decided to use it's own troops, where it used sectarian gangs in Yugoslavia and Libya. The goal was the same - to steal Iraq's massive wealth, and to leave Iraq in a state of such utter chaos that it could never find the strength to think about opposing Zionism. Also, as in Yugoslavia and Libya, the purpose was to smash a powerful, socialist, economy, and replace it with a neo-liberal chaos, where US corporations would decide what was best for the people.


In Iraq, the prize was very immediate. The USA stole 20 billion dollars of Iraqi state funds straight away. Also, in Libya, it has now emerged that tens of billions of state funds have "just disappeared."


Today, Iraq is a broken country, with several regions exercising de facto autonomy, many sectarian gangs operating in semi-official roles, and constant sectarian murder and violence. There are massive health problems - particularly among children - from the massive quantities of radioactive material used by NATO against the civilian population.

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