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Lugh Ildánach

Court orders Martin Corey's release, Brits ignore ruling!

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British Secretary of State overrules court in Martin Corey case


Republican Sinn Féin in a statement on July 9 claimed that the judiciary in the Occupied Six Counties is run by the [british controlled] NI Office after it over-ruled a decision of the courts in relation to Martin Corey.


“The decision of Owen Patterson, British Secretary of State for the Six Counties, to over-rule the Six-County appeals court’s release of Republican veteran Martin Corey (Lurgan) exposes the lengths the British state is prepared to go in order imprison Irish Republicans.


“The rulings of their own courts are to be ignored thereby denying even a semblance of due process to a veteran Republican who has been interned without trial since April 2010.


“Martin’s release was ordered by Justice Treacy on July 9 but by late afternoon, it was obvious to Martin, and everyone else, that he was not being released. At the court the NI Office made no request for an appeal.


“When it comes to dealing with Ireland and the Irish people the British state always reverts to the methods of the coloniser dealing with the colonised. The norms of judicial process and the rule of law are set aside in order to suppress anyone who is prepared to speak out in opposition to British occupation in Ireland.


“The actions of Owen Patterson in denying Martin Corey his freedom gives the lie to any pretence that the Six-County state is a normal democratic state.


“His action represents an attack on the human rights not just of Martin Corey but every person within the Six Counties who would dare to speak out against the status quo”.



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Martin Corey wins challenge against prison return


A man convicted of murdering two policemen has won his court challenge against being returned to prison.

Martin Corey, 61, from County Armagh, is to be freed on unconditional bail.


On Monday, a judge ruled that parole commissioners breached his human rights in refusing to release him. Corey was sentenced to life in 1973 and was released on licence in 1992.


But his licence was revoked in 2010 over unspecified allegations he was involved with dissident republicans.


The former Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward ordered Corey's recall on the basis of "closed material".


The case centred on the alleged secrecy surrounding the basis upon which Corey was sent back to jail. His lawyers argued that he was given insufficient understanding of the undisclosed reasons for the move.


In August last year the Parole Commissioners decided that the revocation of his licence should remain in force.




They considered open evidence of alleged involvement with dissident republicans, and confidential material of which neither Corey nor his representatives had sight.


On Monday, Mr Justice Treacy held there had been a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights which states that anyone deprived of their liberty can have the lawfulness of detention decided speedily by a court.


The judge found that the open evidence did not advance the Northern Ireland Secretary's case against Corey, meaning that the decision was solely based on closed material.


Mr Justice Treacy also ruled that the Parole Commissioners misdirected themselves in law and failed to provide a sufficient safeguard against the lack of full disclosure.

He stated: "I'm going to remit the matter to the commissioners to reconsider the matter in light of the judgment of the court."


Corey was also awarded legal costs in bringing the challenge.


Mr Justice Treacy granted leave to apply for a judicial review due to be heard in March.

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Northern Ireland secretary orders re-arrest of republican


Owen Paterson ordered re-arrest of former IRA prisoner Martin Corey just hours after the Belfast high court freed him

  • Monday 9 July 2012 18.34 BST


The Northern Ireland secretary Owen Paterson has ordered the re-arrest of republican Martin Corey. Photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA




Northern Ireland secretary Owen Paterson has ordered the re-arrest of a Co Armagh republican just hours after the Belfast high court freed him.

Former IRA prisoner Martin Corey has been held in Maghaberry top security prison since April 2010 although he has yet to face specific charges related to terrorism. Corey spent 19 years in the Maze after being given a life sentence in 1973.


Corey's current incarceration has been the focus of a campaign by Sinn Féin and others to have him freed. They allege the Lurgan republican who opposes the power sharing settlement at Stormont is the victim of de facto internment without trial.


His legal team appeared to have successfully challenged his imprisonment in Belfast high court on Monday morning after a judge granted the 61-year-old bail. Corey was found guilty of the double murder of two police officers in 1973.


The judge found that the parole commissioners had breached Corey's human rights in refusing to release him.


His defence case focussed on the alleged secrecy surrounding the basis upon which Corey was sent back to jail. His lawyers argued that he was given insufficient understanding of the undisclosed reasons for the move, which was based on secret intelligence from the security forces.


While Corey waited in Maghaberry jail to be freed the secretary of state moved to block the release and at around 5.30pm the veteran republican was re-arrested and remains in the prison.


Republican Sinn Féin said the British state was "determined to keep Martin interned at all costs."

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I refute entirely the notion in the above article Provisional Sinn Fein had 'campaigned' for his release

They gave token recognition in afew generalised statements


Lets not forget the two PSF 'supervisors' whp accompanied him to his brothers funeral and then accosted him back to Maghaberry internment camp


They have been far to busy preparing to meet their royal boss then help a republican internee

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Seems this is up in the Court of Appeal tomorrow (wednesday)


Martin Corey still held in Maghaberry


Martin Corey’s release was again blocked today (Tuesday June 10) by the court in Belfast on the word of Owen Paterson, British secretary of state in the Occupied Six Counties, and the ‘closed evidence’ supplied by MI5 and the various other British secret service agencies operating in the Six British occupied Counties.


A judge new to the case, McCloskey, stayed the release order just hours after Justice Treacy ordered Martin’s release. Paterson appealed the decision when Treacy had left the



Martin Corey’s barrister, Karen Quinlivan QC, opposed the request arguing there was no jurisdiction to grant the application.


She also claimed it was inappropriate to put Martin’s release on hold following an initial hearing at which she was not present.


However Justice McCloskey decided: “The stay which the court ordered provisionally yesterday will be extended until further order of the Court of Appeal.”


The case was referred to the Court of Appeal for tomorrow Wednesday, July 11 at 2pm.


A spokesperson for Republican Sinn Féin said today “The fact that the "new justice system" is operating out of Stormont should answer the question as to how it can happen that a politician can overrule a court judgement”.

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11 Iúil / July 2012


Martin Corey's human rights are being breached.


In a statement released on July 11, 2012, the Chairperson of the Release Martin Corey Committee Cáit Trainor said:

“Martin Corey has been interned now for over two years – without charge or trial. On July 9, a British judge, Justice Treacy ruled that Martin Corey's human rights had been breached and he should be released immediately on unconditional bail.

This was overruled by British Secretary of State in Ireland Owen Patterson. While Martin Corey sat in the reception of the prison with his belongings waiting for his family, the British government underhandedly intervened and blocked his release.

On July 10, the matter was referred back to the court. The matter was to be reviewed by Justice McCloskey who further stayed Martin release until an appeal court could hear it the next day, [July 11].

Contrary to media reports, at no time did the British Government appeal any decision, they arbitrarily overturned the decision of the first court; it was Martin Corey and his legal team who had to take legal proceedings to appeal the refusal of the British Secretary of State to implement the decision of the Court.

An appeal was heard on July 11, with Justice McCloskey and Justice Morgan. That court rubber stamped the British Secretary of States’ overruling, and referred it to be heard again on September 28, 2012.


“In view of the blatant disregard for the human rights of Martin Corey, the Release Martin Corey Committee will be once more lobbying all those concerned with human rights and justice to take action to secure Martin Corey's release, We would ask all those who have worked so far to continue and urge people to take a stand against tyranny and oppression.


“The Committee will lobby nationally and internationally. We have to expose the double standards of the British Government to human rights; while they complain and state they oppose human rights abuses in various countries, they in fact themselves are guilty of human rights abuses against people who dissent from British rule in Ireland.


“In the year the British are hosting the Olympics, they show a face to the world of righteousness and morality, the world must now see the truth: British rule in Ireland can only result in the oppression of the Irish people and those with independent thought. It must be remembered that Martin Corey is interned with no charge, no trial but on secret allegations by unknown people that the British Government refuse to present."



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