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tallaght republican

Dublin city council calls for the release of Marian Price

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At a meeting of Dublin City Council on

Mon July 2, a motion was passed

calling for the immediate release of

Marian Price on humanitarian

grounds. The motion is as follows:

That Dublin City Council calls for the

release of Marian Price on health

and humanitarian grounds and

requests an explanation for the

incarceration of Marian Price from

the Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Minister for Justice in Northern

Ireland and First and Deputy First

ministers in Northern Ireland.

Before passing the motion,

councillors discussed Marian Price’s

case, noting that she had been force-

fed in jail in England during the 1970s,

that she had served a long sentence

in England and the north before being

released due to ill-health in the 1980s.

The long list of names of Public

Representatives at the end of the

recently published letter was also read

out during the debate. Marian Price

was re-arrested in Belfast over a year

ago and has been held in solitary

confinement ever since, and is now

very ill.

The motion calling for Marian Price’s

release will be circulated to all councils

in Ireland, and it is hoped that they

will also in turn pass motions calling

for her immediate release.

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