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DIY Wind Turbine course at Rossport Solidarity Camp

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Free renewable energy, excellent! I wonder if the council would let us put one on top of our block, I'm guessing we would need planning permission? Has anybody ever tried anything like this in a council estate?




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Even if a planning application was made, I doubt it could be got, mainly because its a make shift thing. I know I've seen the pre-assembled small ones on people's roofs around Finglas/Glasnevin/Ballymun. Some people even sell back what they don't use to the grid, if this could be done, it'd be a good way of raising some funds for the CDC.

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Guest Connolly

The smaller the turbine the more inefficient they become. So to generate any decent sort of electricity to power anything you would require a larger turbine. Power can be stored in the likes of car batteries. But I couldnt really see much use from one tbh, not where we are working.


Maybe as a renewable demonstrator it could be used.


I made a "parabolic solar concentrator" a number of years ago out of an old bookies satelite dish ( at least 1.6m wide). Nearly burned the shed I had down with it. It could boil a pot of water quicker than an electric kettle.


It wouldnt have been far off the size of this:




Chaep and very easy to make as a demonstrator.


I didnt make much use of my one but in hindsight something more imaginative could have been placed in the centre than a pot of water. Industrial ones run turbines from the centre to generate electricity...



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