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White line picket for Republican Prisoners June 30th Cork City

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White line picket for Republican Prisoners June 30th Cork City




The Prisoner Solidarity Group are calling on all republicans, socialists and anyone that believes in the protection of human rights to come out and stand with us on a white line picket on June 30th in solidarity with ALL republican prisoners and to help highlight the injustices that our political prisoners face.


In Maghaberry striking republican prisoners are living in conditions reminiscent of the H-Block’s in the 1980s and face daily forced strip searches at the hands of the loyalist prison screws, a degrading and unecessary act which only serves to rob the prisoners of their dignity and pride. Many of these prisoners are ‘interned’ without crime or trial, and those that are brought before the courts are trialed in diplock courts where the word of British agents is enough to secure a guilty verdict. The 6 county Justice Minister David Ford has refused UN doctors entry into the prison and also has ignored the pleas of the Norths top criminologists to release Marian Price due to her ailing mental and physical health.


In Lithuania Michael Campbell is serving a 12 year sentence in the notorious Lukiskes Prison with no attempt made by the Department of Foreign Affairs to repatriate him so he can serve his sentence in an Irish prison where family can have easy access to visits. This is a politically motivated decision and exposes the nature of state oppression against republicans.


If you believe in the protection of human rights then we are calling on you to come out and stand with us on Saturday June 30th in Cork city. Only through large unified protests can we make our voices be heard. Bígí linn.


Assemble daunt sq 3pm







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