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Ban Ki-Moon: UN General Secretary and Unconscionable US Puppet

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Ban Ki-Moon comes from the South Korean bureaucratic class. This is the class that slavishly served the Japanese occupation - until Kim Il-Sung and his comrades defeated it and liberated Korea - and then slavishly served the US occupation, until this day.


So, when the US was looking for a pliable puppet to replace Kofi Annan in 2007 (who had angered the US ruling class by daring to suggest that ALL countries should respect human rights) as UN General Secretary, a member of this South Korean bureaucracy was an obvious choice. They don't even have to be told what to do - they anticipate their masters' every wish.


What is surprising is that China did not veto the candidacy of such an obviously servile US asset. China is now paying the price of that mistake, as it is paying the price of not vetoing the invasion of Libya by NATO.


Ban Ki-Moon continues to do the dirty work of the Anglo-Saxon ruling class. Particularly in their ambitions for the destruction of Syria. Since the beginning of the US orchestrated terrorist campaign in Syria, Ban Ki-Moon has insisted in glorifying the terrorist violence by referring to it as a "civil war." Even though the terrorists and their supporters make up a tiny minority of the Syrian population. So much so, that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have had to transport thousands of highly paid mercenaries to Syria - many of them from the NATO invasion of Libya. Syrians themselves reject the terrorist gangs and refuse to join them, and have taken to the streets in there millions and taken to the ballot box in their tens of millions, to reject these Zionist gangs.


But, the servile Ban Ki-Moon has stepped up his lies and propaganda. It is now very clear that the atrocity at Houla was carried out by US backed gangs. But, incredibly, yesterday, June 8th, Ban Ki-Moon insisted on blaming the Syrian government:


"Each day seems to bring new additions to the grim catalogue of atrocities: assaults against civilians, brutal human rights violations, mass arrests, torture, execution-style killings of whole families," thundered the UN Secretary General addressing a special session of the UN General Assembly.


Ludacrisly describing the vile actions of US backed Al-Qaeda mercenaries as being the actions of the government, he crowed:


"Men, women, even children were executed at a point blank range; some had their throats slit or their skulls crushed. Any regime or leader that tolerates such a killing of innocents has lost its fundamental humanity."


Stepping up the pressure for the breakup of the Syrian state, this puppet mouthed:


"For many months it has been evident that President Assad and his government have lost all legitimacy."



Evident to whom? To career lapdogs of Anglo-Saxon imperialism? To a traitor to his own country? It's certainly not evident to anyone with a brain. Indeed, the opposite is evident to all of us who are not paid to turn off our brains, i.e. the Al Assad is now the best hope Syria has of avoiding the Sectarian Holocaust that the Anglos inflicted on Iraq.



Again, expressing his and American \ Israeli wishful thinking for civil war in Syria and for NATO invasion, the puppet Ban Ki-Moon vomited this hate filled curse on the Syrian people:


"The dangers of a full-scale civil war are imminent and real. Now it is the time for the international community to take a bold and consorted action."


The devastated families of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya know very well what that "bold and consorted action" consists of.

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Hi a chara,


He has become the preacher for civil wars instead of peace. The majority of a genuine people in South Korea and the world know how he is corrupt and briber. Wikileaks documents recently have exposed that the US intelligent services was spying on his bank account, and that was enough to know what kind of cheap people he is that even his friends do not trust him.

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From: http://www.moonofalabama.org/





June 07, 2012


The Syria Discussion At The UN General Assembly


There is currently an informal UN General Assembly meeting on Syria.



As now has become a regular feature, right in time for the UN GA today a new "massacre" was claimed to have happened by the rebels and picked up as news rather than rumor in all "western" media. That "massacre" is supposed to have been in al-Qubeir and was said to have 86 victims. A

of that "massacre" shows some ten seemingly dead children and women.


But something is weird here. No wounds are visible. Two black pieces of whatever, not recognizable as bodies, are introduced as "burned children". The speaker in the video is clearly propagandizing calling for "the world to act." While I can not prove that it is a complete fake, the video does look staged to me.


There was fighting in the area of al-Qubeir reported by the Syrian government:


[T]he Syrian government troops raided a hideout of armed groups in a village of central Hama province, clashing with armed men and killing an unspecified number of them, Syria's state TV channel said on Wednesday.

Two of the government troops were killed in the clashes that took place in al-Qubair village, the TV channel said, adding that the troops' raid was conducted after the local residents asked for help.


The observers tried to reach the area today but were first held back by the Syrian army which said that the area is too dangerous. The observers passed anyway and, the Annan mission said, were later shot at with small arms.


I watched the UN GA on the UN live webcast.


The GA is currently chaired (not unintentionally) by the representative of Qatar who's government is, according to its own statements, arming the rebels in Syria and contributes to the $300 million slush fund for implementing violent regime change in Syria. The first speaker was UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon. He was clearly propagandizing for the anti-Assad party which I found quite shocking for someone who is supposed to be neutral towards UN member countries. He called for "united international action" against Syria which seemed to be a request for sanctions.


He was followed by a spokesman from the Arab League who spread more propaganda and called for Security Council sanctions on Syria under Chapter 7.


Then came Kofi Annan who had a bit more neutral comment on the situation but noticeable also on the anti-Syrian side. The violence has increased he said. This somewhat contradicts this McClatchy report which says that the total number of casualties are down while government casualties have been going up. He mentioned yesterday's "massacre" as it was confirmed when it so far has not been confirmed. He confirmed that the Syrian government has recently again released hundreds of its prisoners. He also confirmed the "presence of a third force", aka terrorists, in Syria. He still seems to dream of a "peaceful transition" without saying what such a "peaceful transition" would be or how it could be implemented when his plan has been rejected by the rebels from the very first day.


Annan was followed by the vice president of the UN Humanitarian Rights Council Simonovic. He differed from Annan in calling yesterday's massacre "not yet confirmed". He again confirmed violence and torture by both sides in Syria. But the reports of his council on Syrian, he says, are only based on witness reports taken outside of Syria. Simonovic seemed to threaten with the International Criminal Court when he called the conflict near to a "internal armed conflict" and said that this characterization has legal consequences.


Then followed the Syrian representative Ja'afari and suddenly the UN webcast picture went black. The sound continued though and the representative asked for a minute of silence for all victims of violence. The UN webcast then suddenly switched to UN Security Council meeting about some old tribunals in Guatemala. After some three minutes the webcast went back to the General Assembly. Ja'afari was still speaking but any watcher of the UN webcast will have missed his first remarks or the minute of silence should it have happened.


Other representatives followed giving the opinion of their governments. On could clear distinguish the U.S. puppets from neutral countries with the first propagandizing against the Syrian government versus the later emphasizing a political process like China, Brazil, Iran and others did.


Interestingly France and the U.S. only send their deputy representatives to read out their statements.

The Russian representative more or less accused the rebels of committing the massacres as they have interest in foreign intervention. He spoke out against any regime change and condemned the delivery of weapons to the rebels. He said that Russia was open to a conference of countries that would help to find a political solution to the situation. This may have allured to a new phase of the Annan plan.




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We have been told today that a morter shell, fired from inside Syria, hit a Turkish town. Turkey took the opportunity to begin shelling Syria. Without any investigation, US puppet, Ban Ki Moon demanded that Syria respect the territorial integrity of its neighbours. What a laugh! Some of Syria's neighbours, including Turkey, have been funding, arming and facilitating terrorism inside Syria for over a year now - with full collusion from Ban Ki Moon and his US string-pullers. What a cunt!

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The filthy lying rat, Ban Ki-Moon has just justified the indiscriminate bombing of the city of Bani Walid by saying: "authorities must be able to extend Libyan sovereignty and state control and services throughout the territory of Libya".


Well, that's all right then. I'm sure Ban will now be cheering for the efforts of the Syrian authorities to extend state control to all areas of Syria. No doubt, Ban also think Al-Gaddafi was correct to enforce state control on Benghazi.

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