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African Liberation Day - Friday 25th 2012

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25 May 2012

Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America


African Liberation Day 2012 Statement


On behalf of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, the Irish

Republican Socialist Committees of North America send solidarity

greetings to our comrades in the All-African People’s Revolutionary

Party and African people worldwide on the occasion of African

Liberation Day on May 25th, a day celebrating the determination of

the people of Africa to free themselves from foreign domination and



We stand in solidarity with African people around the globe

struggling for their liberation and the liberation of the African

continent, and in particular we acknowledge those guided by the

principles of Pan-Africanism and scientific socialism.


For nearly four decades, the Irish Republican Socialist Movement,

comprised primarily of the Irish Republican Socialist Party and the

Irish National Liberation Army (until 2010, when the INLA

decommissioned and left center stage), has been on the front lines of

the struggle for national liberation and socialist revolution in

Ireland, while standing in solidarity with all people worldwide

struggling toward the same goals.


Ireland was the first nation to fall victim to European colonialism

and imperialism. The lessons learned by the British in colonizing and

occupying Ireland would later be put to use by the British and other

Europeans in colonizing and occupying Africa, the Americas, Asia, and

the Middle East (especially in Palestine).


Today, the Irish working class, native born and immigrant alike,

continues to be dominated and marginalized by the capitalist class

locally and internationally as the most exploited workers in western

Europe, while the Irish government played a strategic part of the new

imperial order’s illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan,

allowing their country and its resources to be used as a staging

point by the imperialist forces of the United States.


In the North of Ireland, the British continue to occupy part of the

Irish nation, although now they prefer using local lackeys to rule on

their behalf instead of doing so directly.


Like your brothers and sisters in Ireland, the African people of the

world are of strategic and vital interest to the imperialist war

machine. Whether you are used as cannon fodder in the American or

British armies, starved so your resources can be exploited, or armed

to fight each other in proxy imperialist wars, you are some of the

most oppressed and potentially revolutionary people that exist. The

building of Pan-Africanism and African unity through mass

revolutionary organizations is one of the greatest possible threats

that could arise for the rulers and exploiters of this planet.


In Libya last year, we saw how imperialist-backed “rebels” engaged

in racist violence against black Libyans and black guest workers,

while their NATO masters turned a blind eye. Once again, imperialism

used Africans to fight a proxy war, turning African against African.


African people are super-exploited across the globe. The resources of

Africa are stolen to profit Western capitalism. Brothers and sisters,

we stand in solidarity with you in opposing the racist capitalist

system that oppresses us all.


From Port-au-Prince to Belfast, from Chicago to Cork, from

Johannesburg to Derry, from Africa to Ireland and America, we are one

class of people waging the same struggle for human liberation, boldly

going forward in our shared struggle for socialism and the liberation

of humankind from the shackles of capitalism and imperialism.


Saoirse Go Deo! Freedom Forever!




Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America

PO Box 5174

Champaign IL 61825







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