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Found 1 result

  1. statement published in Saoirse-The Voice of the Republican Movement: POW FOLLOWING an internal discussion by CABHAIR-aligned prisoners a decision was taken to share facilities with Roe 4 prisoners, ie meals, gym facilities, exercise yard etc. Disagreements arose with some prisoners in Roe House over the issues of parole and bail conditions. Some prisoners have recently accepted bail and conditions imposed by the prison authorities, i.e. drug tests have been taken, electronic tags accepted as parole conditions. As Republicans we believe this is not acceptable as it is an attempt to criminalise our struggle. As some prisoners have accepted this, the prison is now using it as an excuse not to grant parole to other prisoners who are not accepting these conditions. We believe this is an attempt by the prison to foster disagreement and disunity among prisoners, to divide and conquer. Within the prison the CIRA prisoners’ position has not changed. We are operating under our own command structure and we are fully aligned to the leadership of the Republican Movement, Republican Sinn Féin and CABHAIR. Republican Sinn Féin and CABHAIR remain the only people authorised to speak and fundraise on our behalf. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has been supportive of us in the past and ask that this support continues for us and CABHAIR. Recently a CIRA prisoner, Damien McKenna of Lurgan, was refused parole to attend his son’s Communion, the reasons given was that he is a Category A prisoner, if released he would be a danger to the police and the public, also there was danger he would abscond. They also claimed he would not be eligible for parole until November. These are used as excuses to deny parole, but they will use the issue of drug testing etc to block parole. This is the second time Damien has been refused parole. He was refused parole for his father’s funeral which shows the vindictiveness of the system. At present the system of cooperation with Roe 4 prisoners is working efficiently, now we await the August 2010 agreement is to be fully implemented. We call on all Republican prisoners to work for the full implementation of the agreement.