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  1. Anyone care to elaborate on question above? Given Marx's and other influential revolutionaries take on organised religion being a distraction and detrimental to the masses? Is liberation theology the only outlet?
  2. I thinks its one thing that annoys me about the Trots, you cant be human, say a girls good looking and your a sexist One things for sure though, being a republican/socialist isnt gonna make you stud with ladies;-)
  3. Frithbheart32

    Charity - Good or Bad?

    Take a trip down Grafton Street or Henry Street and take look at overly aggressive 'charity' workers who accost you begging for commission on 'charity' they get, not knowing or caring about causes they represent Charity in most part has become capitalist in itself, ran like business In general its nice thing to do but ultimately does nothing in terms poverty
  4. No this is not a joke, one week after announcing they wish to commemorate the founding of the UVF the Fine Gael babies spring this on us. This is who runs this state http://m.facebook.com/?_rdr#!/event.php?eid=212197285534886&__user=1777871902
  5. Frithbheart32

    Focail Chur in Aithne \ Introduce Yourself

    Names Frithbheart32(obviously not my real name:-) I'm a republican and anti all forms of imperialism, I dont deem myself a socialist republican, left republican or communist republican, as I feel to be an Irish republican is to embody all forms of liberation be they national, personal, economic and spiritual. Ive been active in republicanism, other campaigns and projects related to left and social causes since my mid teens, Im in my late twenties now and feel Ive still much to discover and learn. Im a firm believer in concept of Unity, and inclusism, and still hold hope that one day all republicans and anti-imperialists stand together in defiance to pursue our common goals. Im immersed in study at moment as a mature student, more for experience then future career. Other then that Im just one of the boys, raising young family, listening underground dance music, computer games, keeping fit, having a laugh Like everyone else here Im intriqued by home brewing:-)
  6. May I say if I can break the PC barrier for a minute, some fine looking picketeers if I may say so We certainly would get noticed if we had these girls on the frontline http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dky6lNthqRG4&v=ky6lNthqRG4&gl=IE
  7. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D1B9R5G3vY08%26feature%3Drelated&feature=related&v=1B9R5G3vY08&gl=IE
  8. Quinn is a monumental scumbag, worse then any drug dealer, bank robber, extortionist or murderer, he is far worse His ilk are responsible for untold misery and dread among the working class of this nation Sad thing is he through the media had people fooled into thinking he a decent skin, man of the people The simple country boy from Fermanagh, comes accross border, makes his fortune, gives hs workers afew extra schillings on top their meagre salaries. All the while living ultra lavish lifestyle at their expense, free loans from banking buddies to fund this unimaginable gluttony But when Western Capitalism went tits up, his buddies from Anglo came calling for those loans back And what does Sean do?, snubs his banker pals, and worse leaves his workers in lurch unsure of their future While he runs accross border, for santuary and pleads for help from the Brits who he once claimed he couldnt wait to get away from to become part of trendy rich gombeen class in South He is King Scum, enemy of Ireland and the peope, a lowly rat
  9. Frithbheart32

    Comrade Tony Taylor - RNU

    More reason for establishment of some form of political status and internment committee to be formed much like that of 1981, which pursued campaign for prisoners on a humanitarian basis and was inhabited by diverse collection of inviduals Republican prisoners seem be target practise to bitter loyalist screws who make up British prison staff in Maghaberry,who act with impunity
  10. Frithbheart32

    Dixons Advertising for Slaves

    Former employee of DSG myself Got my first experience of capitalism there First job I ever walked out of aswell!
  11. http://www.indymedia.ie/article/101176 I wouldnt deem any war glorious, but to label a conflict so important that was driven by deep devotion to conflicting ideologies simply 'squalid and sectarian' to be highly offensive Makes one ponder, what would Trinity and UCD lecturers of the revisionist tendency know about revolutionary republicanism Still be curious hear whats said
  12. Frithbheart32

    Occupy Movement, promise or pointless?

    The idea of getting all the homeless and those in need of permanent housing and lumping them into clumps of houses and apartments would be a recipe for diaster. These people are already and as a result rife with social problems Giving someone doesnt mean everything the gardens rosy. They'll be given homes and then left fend for themselves, it would be Ballymun, O'Devaney, Charlemont Street and Dominick Street all over again. Housing is just one aspect, but the lowesr rungs of the working classes need a sense of community to be established among themselves, they need be afforded dignity to feel they can be part of active society and not relying on the scraps from the ruling classes
  13. Frithbheart32

    Fergal O'Hanlon Commemoration 2012

    As a young man newly dedicated to republicanism and eager get stuck in, your view of RSF is spot on and is evidence of their failure despite the arrogant insistence they are 'the keepers of grail of true republicanism' Their relevant message is lost in the old fashioned, out of touch rituals and persona They have failed to reach those who have key to forwarding the movement, working clsss youth. That being said I have utmost respect for RSF and would aid them in any pursuit I dont regard the Limerick based offshoot 'Real' Sinn Fein to hold claim over RSF name, a split I feel is bringing slow turning wheels of RSF to a halt. That all said they are master of ceremonies when comes to commemorating the fallen and make sure all that passed for cause are never forgotten
  14. One week after the anniversary of Sean Sábht, well over 50 years after his death, there is widespread revision surrounding his life mostly emminating from blueshirt antagonists that Sábht was a fascist, a member of Maria Dulce, a pious Catholic who chastised those who went against church doctrine. This appears only to have cropped up recently, I have read and heard Sábht was devout Catholic(not surprising and to be expected of that era) and militant Gaelgeor. But these seemingly unfounded labels of 'fascist' etc seem be suiting agenda. When Sábht perished at hands of British crown forces, it sent shockwaves through a republican wary,Ireland, there was much regard for Sean, worryingly for state, especially among Fianna Fail. To slander the character of Sean Sábht would disuade others following his example. Is this happening again nearly fify years on, due to revolutionary republican thought on the rise again Read this wikipedia entry for Sean Sábht, clearly edited with severe bias against him http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_South
  15. http://32csmfermanagh.blogspot.com/2012/01/call-for-republican-unity.html
  16. http://m.brne.ws/ireland/shot-policeman-lured-to-his-death-535218.html
  17. Frithbheart32

    Fergal O'Hanlon Commemoration 2012

    Mary Lou McDonald is giving the Provo equvilant to this, Cannot think of anything more insulting to an IRA volunteers legacy One thing RSF do well and better then anyone is commemoration, always top class and very respectful to the fallen
  18. The Unionist apartheidists as usual attempting take moral high ground. Yes they oppose republican acts of war, but they sure if truth be told they would cull the entire Catholic/Republican/Nationalist/Irish population if they could. Unionism has no place in Ireland, its a degenerative evil ideology Yes the majority of supposed unionists are our misguided working class Protesrant Irish brothers and sisters, but there will always be proponents of Unionism whose die hard adherence to unionism thinking will make them a continuing barricade to Irish national, class and cultural unity