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  1. The most sickening part of this saga is Provisional counter revolutionaries acting as prison officers, keeping an eye on Martin Corey for British state and then knowingly transporting him back to Maghaberry on behalf of British occupation forces Im not ashamed to say they deserve death. And shame on anybody who aids the Adamite puesdo pro Brit brigade
  2. Frithbheart32

    The Lia Fáil Vandalized

    It my be conspiracy theorist in me but I cant see this being random act from young tearaways given the location and significance of the monument. Seems have been minute level of planning involved Possibly someone with mental health problems looking for attention, possible zealousy, or even monetary gain given fragments were taken Whatever the reason, shocking stuff A charge of treason should be applied anyone who intentionally vandalises graves, national, historical and religious monuments and ovjexts And immediate execution should be found guilty I include destroyers of 16 Moore St in that.
  3. In Dublin city today witnessed member of Gardai threaten and bully a man begging by a banklink for change. The gaurd who had strong rural accent ordered the man to his feet and in strong intimidating voice told the man that if he seen him begging( which is actually not an offence in the 26 counties) he'd be arrested and charged with whatever he wanted and for him to 'fuck off and die down some lane' Ive witnessed this many times and it still upsets me a huge amount. The so called bastions of justice in the 26 counties facilutating the demise the most vunerable in society, citizens it must be remembered. Id liken this to the Gestapo rounding up Jews and Communists in Nazi Germany Political policing is not just used against republicans, social policing is just as abhorrant
  4. Frithbheart32

    Inequalities in Dublin

    And some of the areas you have outlined above I wouldnt even regard as being the worst in terms of the general perception of being 'poor' and 'rich' or even 'bad' and 'good'. Id like to see the stat for some of the developments and council estates that were absolute catastrophes, were over time the residents were left to rot, in poverty limbo. Im talking likes of estates in Blanchardstown such as Corduff, Whitestown and Ladyswell. Most of the flat complexs in the inner city such as Oliver Bond, O'Devaney, Michaels estate, Greek Steet etc. Even some of the newer attempts in Clondalkin and Tallaght. Going to have gander see whats said about them. Still these sites tend to generalise an enormous amount There are places in Foxrock, Dundrum, Blackrock that are as at risk as some of the usual spots the bourgeis types like to pick on.
  5. Doing abit of digging lately into private renting in particular those who need a roof over their heads from rent supplement, as Im looking to move myself In Dublin the rent max limit parameters have been altered dramtically in so far as it is now impossible for a person or family who NEED rent supplement to survive are unable to find accomadation to suit their needs, And despite the tyrannical government cruely dropping the rent parameters the greedy souless landlords have actually increased rents, even given the dire economic situation the states in, mass unemployment and money hard to come by, they still charge well above their dwellings worth. For example in Dublin 15, the max rent limit on a property for a couple with one child is 775 euro monthly yet the average rent in the whole of Dublin 15 is 1050 a month, and due to fear of the taxman the landlords are not prepared sign anyone up for this price even if tenants make up rest as to them its a possible 200 quid they are missing out on even if means their property could be empty for months while they wait for 'the perfect tenant', they are that greedy. Even if applicant for RS has two children the parameter is raised just 50euro. In Dublin City its worse, 875 for family with 1 child with average rents being well over 1000. Its as if they are forcing the unemployed and working poor into the rural wilderness out of the wralthys hair. Even the thought of a council house is wishful thinking, waiters on council lists being in state of inertia the landlords lapping up the massive desperate applicants. Its an absolute abhorant scenario and goes ro show despite supposed changes in society, Marx is still as valid today when he described landlords as being the scum of the earth. What can be done to stand up and counter the blood sucking sadists that are landlords. Perhaps a mass refusal by tenants to pay rents to force the landlords reduce their prices One can dream
  6. Im sorry but after doing abit of reading into this matter Ive little sympathy for this man and his wife. The only reason this has gotten any coverage is down to novelty value of the evitees themselves being part of the old fashioned snobby wealthy landlord gentry. This man and Im sure aided by his wife, own a huge portfolio of property around Dublin which they rent at extortionately high prices for ramshackle accomadation. It is not a crime to live in Killiney but one must accept that to wish there is to desire to be seen as superiour among the ruling elite most of who do reside there. So impossibilly high mortages akin to gambling are to be expected, and fact this elderly couple lost the house to ruthless bankers should not be a surprise. So slum landlord loses fancy Killiney house to greedy banksters, boo hoo Their attempt at solidarity with the the poor who are actually being made homeless by sleeping in a tent outside while owning property all over town is actually insulting to those poor people. And the watery mickey mouse trots supporting these undeserving wraiths, can they be anymore pointless.
  7. An old saying within republican movement still valid today 'Loose lips cost lives' The new age of technology has been blessing for revolutionary cause but also a curse in ways
  8. A prime example of an enemy of the Irish people who is carefully presented as an ally by the establishment controlled media. This was a man who created an Irish sourced high quality food chain, but only the minority in the upper class Irish could afford to shop there, while the working class Irish stacked the shelves for a pittance, they themselves forced to shop in British multi national chains which peddle cheap chemically enhanced crap. He being such a good friend to the suit wearing gangsters in Leinster House, he is made a senator and from there can further his corporate interests, creating rules he then can break and bend in his role as CEO of SuperQuinn, solidifying his place ae untouchable among establishment. When he foresees SuperQuinns demise(probably tipped off by state economists), the rich no longer able to afford such lavish food, He quickly sells off the chain knowing new owners will be left in lurch and therefore workers could be left without jobs. Its sickening hear a man with such gross wealth begrudge the scraps of the nations poorest And I seen him recently with show on RTE ' getting Drogheda back working', yes probably for some multi national slave drivers. Everybodiez happy
  9. Class vid for all wrong reasons Ciaran is a legend, he shining light up there for republicanism
  10. Have a listen to conservative liberal nut Alex Jones praise Martin Fulton(low level British army spy who inflitrated IRA post 98, makes out he was more important then he was, and Martin Ingram(Brit intelligence agent who has made many outlandish claims) The lunatic fringe of conspiracy nuts who believe Jews and Freemasons are real power behind world and revere the likes of Jones need cop on with him hosting two cowboys like these The real evil doers are plain for all to see
  11. I was at that trial when evidence was being given, and it was blood boiling hear members of Gaurds tell outright lies pretaining to the case, also how the judge completely overlooked even ignored, Garda protocols even top cops admitted were not adhered to Such as allowing supposed armed republicans sit on side of road while car was being searched, also never having their bodies searched even after been arrested and locked in cell Evidence suddenly dissappearing then reappearing And most noteworthy, cops behind this case were under spotlight for corruptin given being part at time Gaurds most corrupt unit, the Donegal cops, Supremely evil pro establishment paramilitaries who locked up scores of innocent people over personal disagreements and even murdering people I still write to Gerard, in good spirits last I heard from him
  12. Frithbheart32

    Vol. Francis Hughes Tribute

    I dont think it would be an understatement to say Hughes was one of the worlds most proven revolutionary warriors.
  13. Class We need action like this down here. Im getting 720 a month and am expected cough up 230 to make the rest up every month because landlords are biggest thieves going
  14. Just read in Metro Herald that the far right pro union 'United Kingdom Independence Party' is providing e200000 towards the No campaign against the Fiscal. Is this what we are left to rely on to fight against EU supremacy, the enemies scraps? A sad state of affairs, not that the No side ever had a chance but at least the establishment could have allowed the preception it had.
  15. Id normally treat any mainstream newspaper with an air of caution But apparently Nigel Farage the UKI leader is staying Ireland to campaign against the Fiscal farce until voting day, Cant fault him on dedication I suppose He did confirm at a press conference the UKIP pumped thousands into the No camp I presume its Ganleys Libertas their propping up. Libertas are a odd bunch They condenm the EU from a height for its erosion of Irish sovereignty. Yet when the British empire was physically raping Irish sovereignty over the past 50 years they dont an earlid Liberatas Ultra liberal vision for Ireland is scary stuff As you say facism, at least you know were you stand but Liberals are a sorrid bunch
  16. Yeah that pub loves its imperialist flags alright. Its their business how they decorate itd front I suppose but the hell Id drink in it
  17. This is more of a personal rant from myself, but Im just wondering what comrades views on rugby are, not the game itself, but the cultural and societal aspect of it? While I appreciate the technical and strategy of games workings, I find the whole 'rugby scene' to be abhorant. The outwardly snobby tendencies of prominant advocates who brazenly flaunt and revel in their stereotypical 'D4' personas accents and all , the elitist private schools who use it as status symbol to illustrate their exclusive position. Rugby clubs can most of the time be meeting point for bourgeois business class. And not forgetting that there are very few rugby clubs in working class neighbourhoods. Granted I accept rugby in Munster is a sport shared among the working and bourgeois classes. But in general, rugby being a great game itself that can inspire healthy competition among counties and provinces, can it be rescued from the Bourgeois goons?
  18. Fuck that Thats a terrible shame We have to save Moore Street now Its become the Alamo at this stage
  19. There needs to be revolution in the Catholic Church, the church is currently in the hands of aristocratic authoritarians whose only agenda is more power and wealth. But there alot good priests out there(nuns too), I like call them 'the peoples priests', they are knee deep in blood, shit and dirt all the time with the poorest of the poor, their outlooks far more radical then their aristocratic colleagues, they follow Christs revolutionary message and program for living, and Christ for Christians is the be and end all, he comes before outdated Catholic protocols that are designed to keep church in state of inertia in terms of its true function. The peoples priests need forcibly take the reigns. The current church establishment may need to fall for this to happen
  20. Frithbheart32

    RNU to launch Anti-Landlord campaign

    I have to echo the sentiments of some posters above, the average Joe Soap who gets ahead of themselves and ends up renting out a property as means of gaining extra income or being too stubborn to call it quits and give up the mortage, I find these type of landlords to be the most greedy, troublesome chancers going, their main problem being they rarely play by the rules. Ive had alot of experience with them and sad to say the letting agencies are far more safe and secure to deal with. For one their uncompromising in all aspects, their like drug dealers who can put up price when they feel, intimidate you as they know theyve got what you desperately need. I feel like saying sometimes why in name of god are you keeping the charade of struggling to pay a crippling mortage through renting, are you too proud or too vain to give up your 'I own more then one house' mentality? Ive no sympathy for them, as I own no property, have children and responsibilites to look after on tight money and I get by and am content enough. I think as Socialists we cannot compromise on landlordism no matter how big or small the fish in the pond. landlordism is abhorent to our fundemental worldview, no exceptions. The sympathy should lay with the tenants entirely, not landlord crocadile tears. Give me counci house anyday, more dignity in it then slavish morgatages or private renting.
  21. Frithbheart32

    Panther (1995)

    Seen it true movies awhile back, expecting cheese but was decent
  22. Frithbheart32

    RNU to launch Anti-Landlord campaign

    Doesnt Gerry Kelly rent out afew houses in Belfast?
  23. Frithbheart32

    RNU to launch Anti-Landlord campaign

    Landlords are greedy leeches, Ive nothing but contempt for them, and letting agents? Satans spawn. The renting game is similar to taking heroin, for a small fix your left hopeless, unable to climb out of bad sitiation, all the while filling some greedy landlords pockets The most urgent issue regards landlordism is the really low ones who rent squalid bedsits not fit to house rats, yet prey on the mosthelpless among us such as those with severe mental illness, immigrants and thode with addiction issues The landlords know the pittance these poor individuals get from the state only affords them residence in their crappy dwellings. It has to end especially given hundreds of sparkling new houses are lying empty
  24. This is nothing new, they have been cutting public services for years, such as teachers salaries, reduced train and bus services, increased taxation on low paid workers, selling public property to Israeli/zionist corporations All with Sinn Fein stroke of approval And these are the Con-artists peddling bullshit about fighting austerity and pretending be peoples champions in South Its pathetic the Shinner shower of shite are leading the charge against the Fiscal treaty If the media down here had any gumption they would highlight this crass hypocrisy but then again that could garuntee an overwhelming Yes vote