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  1. Is there somewhere I can get a to the point non bias run down of the Muslim brotherhood? This Muslin reactionary group is mentioned in every current affair issue related to Middle East and North Africa. Ive no doubt its a CIA ploy but would like to know their on paper agenda
  2. Im too tired to write a long piece on my intimate feelings on this matter but will tommorow:-) But I find this fascinating to read and it is a testament to your intellect Fodla, one which one day I hope to pocess. But its a topic close to my heart as at present Im struggling to find myself spuritually Since my teens and discovering republicanism and radical thinking I adopted an attitude that I was atheist because socialism seemed so hostile of religious thinking But I can never help but feel drawn to Christ, and have come to many conclusions on his presence in life Is he a metaphor for personal and worldly struggle for man to be morally better Was he gods son who took the form of flesh to bear the brunt of mankinds folly? Is it logical to believe in a 'Virgin birth' and to follow Christ why should I accept the infalibility of a papal figurehead which brings me to Protestant version of thinking But then again Catholism defines Christ so beautifully as a man of compassion and a fighter for the oppresed So many questions that ultimately can never all be answered concretely which brings me to conclusion I can never have a personal god ala Christ as I will always doubt
  3. I write this in regards an ephergy loyalists are burning in Doire, it is a replica of Free Derry wall with the words 'FreeBloodyDerry' and the names of all Bloody Sunday victims The basis for Protestantism was resistance, rebellion and expression of new ideas and beliefs, at the time in the face of papal authoritarian dictorship, who punished those who opposed their theocratic rules. Those who defied protested from the Latin 'Protestantum' therefore became Protestants, and this revolutionary spirit was carried through future Irish Protestants to come, men like Wolfe Tone and Robert Emmet, who took example from their trend setting spiritual ancestors questioning ways and stood against the British authoritarian dictatorship on their beautiful Ireland. This revolutionary spirit is lost on The Northern self hating puesdo-Protestant wannabe British cretins who do not understand the origins of the faith they claim to defend, they degenerate it, they are are a cultureless, souless, aimless, classless, pointless, forgotten race not wanted by anyone be it the British who they claim ancestery their fellow Irish brethren who they stupidily percieve as papal authoritarians, and that rejection explains why they vent such blind hatred, and for this reason we should pity them
  4. I refute entirely the notion in the above article Provisional Sinn Fein had 'campaigned' for his release They gave token recognition in afew generalised statements Lets not forget the two PSF 'supervisors' whp accompanied him to his brothers funeral and then accosted him back to Maghaberry internment camp They have been far to busy preparing to meet their royal boss then help a republican internee
  5. http://colombiareports.com/colombia-news/news/24968-southwest-colombia-on-high-alert-after-series-of-farc-attacks-on-towns.html
  6. Welcome news despite their flaws of the past. 9 police militia stiffed sinced April? Irish republican militants could learn from these lads
  7. http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/cuba/guantanamo-statement.htm The above seems be position of Cuba on Guantanamo, They do put up a good understandable argument as to why they have put up with it. But still it us shameful that a Socialist Republic would tolerate such a set up
  8. Maybe he can make the para olympics or even special olympics
  9. Its one of Cubas greastest failings that it doesnt act on a US death camp right on their doorstep
  10. Hes not spending or making decisions, the WASP/zionist masters who pull his strings do that
  11. The situation in Myanmar is truely horrific, its oppression of the worst kind being inflicted by a military juncta with no ideology other then the desire to rule and do so with an iron fist. Myanmar needs revolution yes, but are powerless to do anything themselves as the crafty police state have all resources cut off So external help will be needed A situation like this is ripe for US/Nato intervention, they could wipe out the Burmese military junta in a heartbeat, would be welcomed with open arms by the exhausted Burmese people who have a very well presented puppet advocating Western imperialist interference Its a vicious cycle, it make you miss the Soviet Union who would have been only power with good intensions to intervene
  12. I hope everytime he looks down at his lower half it reminds him of his gross threachery
  13. http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Galway-strongly-warned-of-plan-for-statue-of-Che-Guevara-by-top-American-politician-160989955.html?mob-ua=Y
  14. On reflection of all the fuss being lavished on this woman for publically resigning from the long long pacified reformed Provos, Im bewildered as to what the big deal is, Im of the opinion 'so what' Whats the big whoop, all its doing is giving PSF some minor bad publicity for at max two days, we can be assured Adams and co is not losing sleep over this This is a prime example of the 'anti GFA' obsessive mindset that success is built on every PSF set back not any progress made by on their behalf which has been zilch recently. Who cares about PSF, they left the stage long ago and are part of the enemies tapestry,forget them, focus on our progress not their shortcomings Yes this woman is a veteran and that earns her respect but not infaible status, veterans can wrong too. Shes going to serve her community at odds against her former bosses shaking the Brit tyrants hand but not for destroying tge communities weapons, advocating touting to the RUC, and until she addresses her apathy even sympathy to those matters I would still be skeptical
  15. I know this may sound grim but I hope unemployment rises to stage that the vast majority are unemployed and in receipt of state benfit I think the only chance at revolution is when the entire proletariat is consumed by rage and has had enough, and the bourgeous state is unable cope and not afford the pittance thats keeping the proletariat at arms length. The bannana Republic wont be able to cope and their Brit/EU/Nato masters will interject and maybe then the people will rise from their pacified slumber
  16. Technically voting in favour of recognising the authority of the PSNI\RUC and advocating touting to the Peelers was a far more damning move on the Provos behalf, as men and women are loc)ked up as a result of this shameful move, more damaging then a token handshake. But better late then never I suppose
  17. Numerous Sinn Fein members in Dublin informed me that were told they had absolutely no say in the matter,that this was completely a leadership(Adams) made decision and the only chance grassroot members would have discuss matter was at cuige meetings held well after unchanagable decision was made, which makes no odds either way im terms internal dissent affecting it as it was always going to happen. Not only that but members were also basically threatened for discussing disgust publically, especially on facebook etc Adams loyalists said to have told them 'we can see what your saying" in menacing undertones. This sort of cult like control is nothing new in the Provos which is controlled by a very unmovable juncta, the Adams juncta. Before the matter of accepting British militia the PSNI/RUC, members were to decide on the matter country wide through cumann meetings, but strangely members most likely to object were given suspenions barring them from voting on issue or even outrightly not told these meetings were happening. Unsurprisingly the motion carried with little dissent The PIRA surrender of arms to British appointed observers, SF membership completely kept in dark only finding out when announced by media Before that the Adams juncta was in serious trouble as most of the IRA leadership was opposed to GFA, yet Adams engineered a sneaky plan to marginalise his opponents and make it swing his way Before 86 him and Marty approached Second Dail IRA vet Tom Maguire pressuring him into supporting drop of abstaining from Leinster House, he didnt budge but Adams neither needed his approval nor cared about likes of Tom Maguire. The Provo grassroots know all about the fascist methodology that they are subjected to as members and are prepared follow a dictatorship Why is this I have feeling if grassroot majority were to have their way there wouldnt be decommissioning or Queens handshshakes Has the Provisional actually become a fully fledged cult which uses and abuses its totally mind controlled membership?
  18. Frithbheart32

    A monarch meets her royal footman

    McGuiness and Adams need be hung, drawn and quatered for gross threachery against the Republic The Provos are now enemies of the Irish people and should be treated as such
  19. Drove through Adamstown today in Lucan, souless cardboard cut up estates crudely resembling US middle class 'picket fence' housing
  20. Do they regard Irish revolutionary republicans as 'extremist'? And if so do they plan to 'keep an eye on them'. I think the employees of this project should be hounded for being agents of imperialism