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  1. http://colombiareports.com/colombia-news/economy/25491-rise-in-farc-eln-attacks-hits-wallet-of-colombias-oil-mining-industries.html
  2. http://colombiareports.com/colombia-news/news/25512-farc-rebels-kill-two-soldiers-in-northern-colombia.html
  3. The Katie Taylor lick arsery is making me puke, the girl is 26 and has won every major title in womens boxing since she took up the sport in her mid teens, yet you'd be lucky to get 20 tuning in to any of her past matches, most vaguely aware of her, most of the opinion 'god shes so manly and unladylike', which I did hear being said alot about her previous This 'national pride' being cringeworthily exuded by the tabloid media in spades is just engineered corporate manipulated nationalism to cash in on Taylor who have the sheep populace crowning her the nations sweetheart were as befire she was just a manly girl that boxed. Where is this corporate induced support for John Joe Nevin? RTE wouldnt even show his matches previous to this, even being an olympian doesnt earn him respect among the corporate media, as he is not breaking any norms, he is a rough and tough traveller boxer and nobody gets exicted about travellers boxing , its what they do. But a girl boxing? we're all 'proud of her' When the star starts handing out tri-colours you know your in trouble
  4. One reason stands out, more fucking EU grants for the bastards, as if they dont get enough the greedy swines
  5. I remember when forum started we had thread about how rugby is more then a sport for the bourgeis
  6. Sure take alook at RTE, all the news broadsheets and tabloids, TV3, college lecturers, all state admimistrative bodies Id gamble 95% are from ultra wealthy backgrounds educated in UCD or Trinity
  7. It is also to be noted that 49% of British participants are not English extraction Most hail from Scotland, Wales, Occupied Ireland and former African colonies The Brir upper crust still like other races to do the hard work for them
  8. http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2012/08/01/colombian-rebel-presumed-dead-turns-up-in-tv-interview/
  9. Yeah I think revolutionary seperatists need put their international focus on Syria, the seeds have been sown by M15/Bilderberg/NATO and the US world police in their plan to destroy Syria internally, step in as 'peacekeepers' and then use Syria as a base to take their imperial conquest into oil rich Iran, the big score theyve long been waiting for. Irish republicans should subscribe to this gathering, even only in spirit, to put the socialist rhetoric into real practise
  10. Jesus dont invite the Irish 'Workers Party', those c*nts havent worked in over 35 years
  11. Doesnt it make your blood boil of how the Zionist overlords constantly keep in focus the Nazi holocaust as a means of keeping the world in a permanant state of guilt so much that they dare never to questiom Zionisim or its allies, Ive always being amazed how Germans killing hundreds of thousands of Jews is classed as evil while Amercians dropping bombs killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese at the same time id an act of goodness. Western imperialism/Zionism has perceptions exactly wherw they want them Its how the fascist NATO organised coup in Libya is portrayed as good despite the obvious evil it exudes, yet the sheep baa in approval
  12. Adamstown is the by-product and end result of Fianna Fail early 90s brown envelope shifty stroke of the pen planning permission given to greedy heartless property developers. There are numerous estates in Dublin like Adamstown such as Littlepace, Charlestown, Tyrellstown, Carpenterstown, most of outer Balbriggan and Swords On apperances they seem attractive, modern and spacious housing, but in reality they are poorly constructed, boring, inconvenient dwellings. Most troublesome is the total lack of ammenities and nessecities beside these houses,lack of schools, youth facilties, community centres, GAA clubs etc They are essentially souless shells that will be ghettos in ten years
  13. Poignant piece here by a republican socialist activist outlining his outrage at the Irish 'Left's blatant and diliberate decision to ignore Irish Republican POWs plight in Maghaberry http://www.indymedia.ie/article/102164
  14. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=31620
  15. Frithbheart32

    Slavery alive and well in Kildare

    Holy Jesus thats horrific
  16. Just shows how tame Ireland has become letting morons like this operate, does he not know Ghadaffi funded the war effort here against British imperialism?
  17. Wow impressive stuff, seems be mirroring successful resurgence of Maoism in South America
  18. http://www.insightcrime.org/insight-latest-news/item/2922-shining-path-leader-offers-rare-glimpse-into-peru-drug-trade
  19. How about Occupy Moore Street? Would get alot of attention to the cause
  20. Bah who wants the help of the Brits modern day RIC
  21. http://www.plenglish...524930&Itemid=1 Peruvian Labor Activists Accused of Terrorism Lima, Jul 11 (Prensa Latina) A government prosecutor accused of terrorism nine leaders of a teachers'' union , for their ties to a political group linked to the Sendero Luminoso,also commonly known as Shining Path. The complaint was lodged by the controversial prosecutor Julio Galindo against the leaders of the Education Workers Trade Union (SUTEP) Efrain Condori, Tito Cesar, Aida Ortega, Timothy Cruz, Pedro Lopez, Jose Romero, Lucio Moncalla, Vilma Flores and Carlos Albujar. Those aforementioned are members of the SUTEP National Committee of Reorientation and Reconstruction (CONARE), which promotes regional strikes and demonstrations like those that occurred yesterday in the southern Andean region of Puno, with the taking of a municipality and the siege of another that held a meeting of ministers. According to Galindo, the defendants have admitted they are linked to the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (MOVADEF), which is considered the political arm of Sendero Luminoso. The MOVADEF is composed of former members of Sendero Luminoso, which took up arms in 1980 and claims to have ended the conflict in 1992 when its leader, Abimael Guzman, was captured, and has unsuccessfully tried to attach to the legal policy and get an amnesty for Guzman. Galindo argues that the defendants have been charged because they admitted their involvement in recent regional protests that, as he says, create chaos, and not for being members of MOVADEF or CONARE. Moreover, the general secretary of SUTEP, Rene Ramirez, refused to state on Galindoâ�Ös complaint and denounced Conare as a fraction linked to Movadef that promotes violence and division among teachers, promoting illegal strikes. He noted that Conare takes advantage of the just demands of the teachers, who earn poverty wages, while SUTEP is seeking to achieve improvements through negotiations with the government, which have made unsatisfactory progress. Ramirez confirmed that, given the poor results, the SUTEP, one of the major unions in the country, will carry out tomorrow a national strike for better wages and warned about the violent action of CONARE. sgl/isa/ls/mrs
  22. http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2012/07/12/colombian-rebels-say-downed-air-force-plane/
  23. http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/7267423/Rebel-insurgency-gathers-momentum
  24. http://colombiareports.com/colombia-news/economy/25024-farc-attacks-threats-lead-to-oil-paralysis-in-southern-colombia.html