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    Gilmore Attacked by Protestors

    Eirigi claim they abandoned protesting at K Club gates as to avoid harming a childrens charity Yet are prepared to lob eggs at cars while children are present Opportunist bottom feeders
  2. A provo established front group I thought so from start but Im more convinced now
  3. The Republican prisoners on E2 landing Portlaoise prison would like to take this opportunity to send solidarity greetings to all Republican POWs, supporters and in particular those who continue to support and fundraise for the families and dependents of republican prisoners. Fundraising events such as tonight’s give a great lift to Republican Prisoners as well as much needed assistance to dependents. Assistance at a time when the social fabric of our society is being torn to shreds and cruel austerity measures being visited on the working class. When prison regimes north and south, continue at every opportunity to try and erode political status and implement a policy of criminalisation. Today the Capitalist and Imperialist projects continue to work hand in hand to degrade and break the spirit of Republicanism both outside and inside their Gaols. Just as in 1969 and 1981, the treatment of Republicans in 2012 remains equally unjust. Genuine Republicans will continue to offer full support to all those who find themselves under attack from such corrupt institutions. We also take this opportunity to extend solidarity greetings and salutations to our comrades in Roe House Maghaberry, who are enduring a filthy living hell, currently on ‘dirty protest’ with all that we know that entails. Our comrades in Maghaberry have been denied proper medical attention, washing facilities, association and exercise opportunity. In recent days prison authorities have begun to force our protesting comrades to move back into damp toxic cells, breaking from previous practice which allowed 48 hours for cells to dry out and defumigate. We agree with Maghaberry POWs when they rightly state that this is a serious escalation on the part of the prison authorities, and that exposing vulnerable POWs to toxic fumes is in fact a form of chemical warfare. The withdrawal of human rights and the implementation of such brutal tactics is yet another indicator of a sadistic and vindictive Brit mindset. These are the same people who have reneged on agreements with prisoners in the past and are publically criticised by the Human Rights Commission and Prisoner Ombudsman for corruption and mismanagement. On behalf of our suffering comrades in Maghaberry we demand that these Human Rights abuses are ended, we demand the immediate restoration of Political Status and humanity to Roe House. We as principled Republicans will remain steadfast in our opposition to all forms of injustice, persecution and repression.' Statement Ends.
  4. The height of Eirigi's militancy is lobbing eggs at a car. I await the socialist Republic. I am now more then ever convinced organised political violence is what we need build for if this is the alternstive. We can thank Eirigi.for this at least
  5. Frithbheart32

    Disconnecting From Capitalism

    Heres a personal reflection on this. Republicanism/Socialism/Anti-Imperialism guides me through my daily life. But this week I needed new runners, and without given it any deep thought I instinctly went to Chapiom sports and bought a pair of Nike Air Max . Infact Id reckon most under 60s within working class Ireland wear brand name runners, Nike, Addidas etc Why is this? Is it that subconsiously its in our minds that to enjoy a decent standard of living we must comply with capitalism, that its ingrained in us.
  6. Some real republican activism here, fair play
  7. Eirigi are a spineless shower of opportunist attention seekers who cling on to any populist social causes and adopt a quasi militant republican image all to boost their electoral profile which is the be and end all of their activism. Like most of their blowing of hot air and bluster, their usual media whoring paid off as soon as the the tabloid rags and WestBrit high society broadsheets who they crave respectability from gave them attention over this publicity stunt, they back down from any real confrontation at the K Club as they know the Freestate elite would not look favourably on this, they got their column inches and thats them done. Backing down as it would impede a childrens charities success from this threacherous event? Have you ever heard such nonsense of an excuse from a supposed republican group? Eirigi are the SWP of republicanism. Of course the wider movement of the real republican groups have to shoulder alot of the blame for this normalisation stunt going off without a hitch, same as they do for the Olympic torch coming through Dublin etc They had an opportunity to create some decent opposition to this and didnt for reasons I dont understand. I apoligise if this post comes accross as bitter but Im annoyed this went without a shread of oppisition with only a whimper from Eirigi in the Indo.
  8. Takes a very weak minded person to see the British or US army as a attractive career. The monarchial elite have always used the poor as their footsolidiers. The fact they are under educated is an advantage as they will never question and do what their told
  9. Assad is a nessecary evil at present, as was Sadam Hussein, they were and are tyrants but they are much easier tyrants to remove Same cant be said for unnessecary evils like US/Brit imperialists, when they take over the Assads and Husseins are quickly forgotten and a new wave of terror immerses Syria.
  10. Assad is a nessecary evil at present, as was Sadam Hussein, they were and are tyrants but they are much easier tyrants to remove Same cant be said for unnessecary evils like US/Brit imperialists, when they take over the Assads and Husseins are quickly forgotten and a new wave of terror immenses Syria.
  11. Paul Murphy also said the JobBridge scheme has been used by some companies to cynically exploit unemployed people. The MEP has set-up a website called ScamBridge.org to give people, what he said was, an opportunity to share stories of exploitation. The JobBridge scheme was set-up by the Government in summer 2011 and provides work experience placements for a six or nine-month period. Interns receive €50 extra per week on top of their social welfare entitlements as part of the programme. The Department of Social Protection has defended the scheme, saying 37% of those who have finished the programme have progressed into employment. It also said that a variety of control measures have been introduced to protect the scheme and ensure its integrity. http://www.rte.ie/news/2012/0926/jobbridge-jobs-unemployment-paul-murphy.html
  12. Haha whos the looper cara, Mr Perry or Mr Pringle LOL
  13. Frithbheart32

    Vol. Alan Ryan R.I.P.

    I dont think it really matters the specifics of the volley but to be frank the RIRA has not been shy using heavy firepower on drug scum in Dublin recently so im sure it would be no problem giving one of the fallen a proper republican send off I hear although not 100% that the charges against the men including Alans brother relates purely to membership and inthe freestate that requires no evidence
  14. Yes Justin Moran indeed He is a well educated upper middle class liberal types who is one of these new trendy PSF types who draws conclusions that republicanism is some kind of career opporunity He was once Sinn Fein chair in Dublin He is a devout Adamsite as evident working Shamesty and his sentiments
  15. Would there be any merit picketing the Herald rag as the chief state run rag most complicit in its daily attacks on republicanism
  16. After losing serious face at Alan Ryans funeral The Gardai no doubt spurred on by Alan Shatter have 70 heavies raiding houses and arresting people all accross the province. We must be doing something right
  17. After being present at the funeral of Vol Alan Ryan and the absolute panic and desperate felon setting by the Freestate establishment media itd clear its touched a nerve. I think the people were very receptive to the display on Saturday it awoke a feeling in the ordinary person that has been buried for too long. The puesdokeepers of that flame the sell out Provos self perceived sense of authority was very rattled. Its time to capitalise on this(no pun intended) We as republican revolutionaries can hold open and defiant commemorations to put it up to out enemies and show the people proper republicanism is alive an well
  18. Frithbheart32

    Vol. Alan Ryan R.I.P.

    I got onto afew stations during the week I had the privilage of making sh*t of chief special branch propagandist Paul Williams on Liveline I hope the renewal of republican dedication lasts now the limelight is fading Alans death was tragic but in death he is still a soldier springing new life to the movement
  19. Oh yeah jusy some background on McDonncha, since joining PSF in the 80s he has been in a paid position within the party, and he is only a councilor now because the original elected PSF councilor resigned, so hes an unelected councilor who for his entire Sinn Fein career hes sat behind a desk writing reformist bile and getting well paid for it Who the f*ck is this little pox to dare questiom Alan Ryans legacy, a man who lost his youth rotting in Portlaoise for training in an IRA camp If you hit MacDonncha a firm slap he'd run for tge hills
  20. I think Mr Ferris disgraces the very sacriface he made as a POW and probablt wasted his time ever joining the IRA in the first place. He could have saved alot of time and joined Fianna Fail in the 70s
  21. Something stirred in me this week, initially on hearing of Alans death I was shocked by not so much the reasons for his death and who was responsible but merely the fact this was a guy I knew not much older then myself, a young family man, a republican idealist who wasnt afraid to let his opinions be known sometimes maybe when it was very unpopular to do so, and now in an instant he was gone. It reminded me of myself and the hundreds of young headstrong republican activists I know and the fact that anyone of us were now targets for consiousless self pursuing scum who hate what we stand for. Then the conatations of the reasons surrounding his murder kicked in, that drug dealers were rubbed up the wrong way by republicans preventing them selling death to children, and in turn they murdered one of the most active republicans engaged in the fight against drug abuse. This was an attack on the ideology I love Most significantly all the petty differances republicans harbour for once really seemed so pointless and it took a murder of a republican to break the elitist divisionist mindset I admit I poccessed, Now its a case were we most utilise the galvinising element of this tragedy and act on its opportunities
  22. I have the feeling their grasp is slipping over their adherants