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  1. On Monday the 28th of January at 7pm on O'Connell bridge in Dublin, Republican comrades of Doloures Price will be holding a candlelit black flag vigil in remembrance of Doloures who recently passed, and to commemorate her inspiring legacy. The vigil is set to coincide with Doloures's funeral taking place on the same day in her native Belfast, it is only right that republicans in Dublin were she resided up until her passing, do their part to pay tribute to a woman who gave her utmost to the cause of Irish Freedom. The vigil will also be carried out in solidarity with Doloures's sister Marian, who is being forced to grieve Doloures passing behind British prison walls, denied the right to her freedom, not even to bury her beloved sister. So please be present on O'Connell Bridge on Monday evening to give an hour of your time to remember this gallant lady. Black flags to be provided but if you wish to bring your own candles and black flags it would be a big help. See you all there Beannacht
  2. Its been revoked shes not getting out at all!
  3. News just emerged this morning that Gerry is to be released in a fortnight. This is fantastic news, he has a wonderful family and I know they will be thrilled at this news!
  4. SINN FÉIN’S MARTIN McGuinness has today been appointed the Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead by the British Chancellor following his resignation as a Westminster MP. An ancient British law requires MPs who wish to resign their seat during the lifetime of a parliament to apply for paid offices of the British Crown. McGuinness, the North’s deputy first minister, announced his resignation from his mid-Ulster seat earlier this week as part of his party’s plans to phase out double-jobbing where some members hold seats in the House of Commons and the Northern Assembly. The law, which dates back to 1624, bans MPs from resigning their seat with death, disqualification and expulsion being the only means by which an MP’s seat may be vacated during the lifetime of a parliament. Therefore any MP who wishes to resign their seat, as McGuinness indicated he was doing earlier this week, must go through the process of applying for a paid office of the British crown which then automatically disqualifies them from holding a seat in the House of Commons. A brief statement on the website of the British Treasury today says: “The Chancellor of the Exchequer has this day appointed James Martin Pacelli McGuinness to be Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead.” Before he ran for a seat in the Dáil in 2011 Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams resigned his Westminster seat and automatically became the Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead. At the time he denied having been consulted or having accepted an office describing this aspect of the British parliamentary system as “antiquated and quite bizarre”. http://www.thejournal.ie/martin-mcguinness-manor-of-northstead-738330-Jan2013/?utm_source=facebook
  5. Just want say a big Merry Christmas and seaaons greetings to all friends and comrades, Ive learned much about socialism and political theories and ideaology from all you and I look forward to working with you all in the future in pursuit of the Socialist Republic.
  6. The other night out of insomnia I got thinking of Amnesty policy for when the Republic comes as a last resort in the Unionist question, especially given the last few weeks carry on. It may seem extremist perhaps xenophobic but I think an amnesty for a voluntary exodus of the Fundementalist Protestant/Unionist population who despite being given offered fair treatment and being able to reap the benefits of the socialist Republic, point blank refuse to accept to be citizens of that Republic and wish to promote racism and two tiered society based on religious supremacy, That these mass internal hostile elements to the Republic as a last resort be offered amnesty to revoke their Irish citizenship and be deported to Britain which they claim citizenship. This is not new in revolutionary thinking, Castro afforded thousands of anti-revolutionary Hardline Catholic Cubans an amnesty to leave Cuba and make way to the States in the 70s, given these Cubans had already exiled their own children to Florida out of fear they would be brainwashed by Communists in schools. Im sure many Protestant Unionists will see sense and accept the Republic but there is worrying porportion I believe wont and will pose a threat in the North East of the Island. A amnesty for an exodus of hardline unioinism/fundementalist Protestants to Britain, Whats comrades views on this?
  7. Heres afew interesting facts about love/hate, The guy who plays the 'IRA leader' is actually in real life a former small time drug dealer who left Ireland after being put out of his home by the CPAD/IRA. Some of the worst most vile tabloid hacks including a women who claimed to have interviewed the late Alan Ryan and stated he was a moron despite having no proof of this alleged interview, are constantly on the set 'advising' and play extras such as guards(there is pictures to prove this), Alan Ryans sister highlighted this and confronted the hack in question through facebook and the coward reported it to the Gaurds. All the actors come from affluent South East Dublin, Wicklow and one main cast member from Portarlington, RTE still using sliver spoon fed Anglo middle class types to play 'tough Northsiders'. One of the writers is the brother of a Special Branchman. Actual people involved in the drug scene were hired to make the show 'realistic' and the content belieavable. So the whole argument 'its only telly', is bollox, its a live action version of a Paul Williams book, complete propaganda exercise against republicans and RTE cashing in on working class woes as usuals. I dont find the show paticular good either in terms acting and realism, Coming from working class background myself I dont identify with any of it, be it the accents, clothing style, content etc Its exactly what it is, a pack of Private school educated sheltered suburban types trying to pretend they know the ins and outs of working clsss Dublin and it comes accross exactly that. What would Donnybrook D4 based RTEs pampered princesses know about the real world anyway! The truth is republicans areant as stupid as portrayed(give or take afew eejits here and there) and the drug barons are far more monsterous
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    Provo Christmas Card

    I believe RNU have now appropriated the Pheonix symbol
  9. Sean Connolly within the last week has been subjected to felon setting and psychological tortue by the establishment media, Gardai and Freestate prison authorities Upon arrival at Portlaoise, he was taken straight to segragation and denied entry onto E3 republican landing which is his right under Frestate law. Not long after the states bulldog Paul Williams wrote an article in the Independent, alluding there was a tout in the IRA. not naming but blatantly alluding it to be Connolly. An obvious attempt by Garda special branch to cause tension among republicans. This plot has failed and the truth has emerged to prove it to be all lies and bullshit, Sean is still in segragation and is refusing food until allowed onto E3
  10. A Tory scheme for stopping the jobless from frittering money on stuff like Sky TV A Tory scheme for stopping the jobless from frittering money on stuff like Sky TV By Andy McSmith Notebook, Opinion Tuesday, 18 December 2012 at 4:37 pm While George Osborne frets about claimants lying in bed with the blinds down, the Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke has turned his mind to what these people spend their money on when they finally get out of bed. Too much, he thinks, is going on “cigarettes, alcohol, Sky television and gambling” – NEDD items, he called them, which stands for ‘non essential, desirable and damaging.’ He introduced a Bill in the Commons today under which the government would stop paying any cash at all to any claimants except those on disability benefits or the state pension. The rest would be given welfare cash cards which they would use only to purchase what they really need, which he listed as “food, clothing, energy, travel and housing”. This, Mr Shelbrooke reckons, would help eradicate child poverty, reduce the strain on the NHS, and restore public confidence in the welfare system. Some people might object that it would be humiliating to have to use a claimant’s card, but Mr Shelbrooke gave that argument short shrift. “If people did not want to be recognised as being unemployed, job centres would cease to exist as people would not visit them for fear of being seen in them,” he said. There is no prospect of Mr Shelbrooke’s bill becoming law, but it says volumes about how some of the Tories regard the unemployed. http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2012/...f-like-sky-tv/ In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act - George Orwell
  11. Picked up some Soviet military antiques today, a gas mask in excellant condition and a Blazer for the rank of colonel for which branch I do not know.
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    The start of my Soviet collection

    Cant seem upload pics Ill try again later
  13. There wasnt much that didnt happen in the criminal underworld without Eamon Kellys approval or say so, afther all he was mentor ans godfather to the young hoods he educated in Crime, I would say without question he had a part in Alans murder, he certainly has the most motive given he was top unchallenged dog on the block until the IRA got its act together an made it clear his drug enabling days were over, I dont think he liked the rub, and his stubborness may have cost him his life. He was an evil old coot who brought and oversaw the destruction of generations of the poorest among the working class. Im glad hes no longer among us
  14. RSF member and prominant republican Cait Trainor from Lurgan was arrested today at a POW whiteline picket and was immediately interned in Hydebank internment camp. The real reasons given for her being held captive is she was present at a march attended bt the CIRA in which she gave a speech at. The real reason is she a popular and respected spokeswoman for a growing republican family.
  15. 'it is easier to kill a child in the womb then the Guerilla in the hills' This is a quote from Che Guevara, and after much diliberation within myself regarding how I feel about abortion, and as simplistic as it sounds this quote has made my up on the issue, I am utterly opposed to it. What I draw from the quote of Comrade Che is he is telling is its in the imperislists and capitalists interests to kill the children of the working class or the children who will be sick or troubled. Afterall these children will grow up to burdon their corrupt greedy states, worse still they my revolt against the state as guerilla revolutionaries, better for the capitalist/imperial social excluders destroy these children early on and make a tidy profit in doing so. I cant see it any other way now. And for all those trendy trot traitor liberals who cheerlead private abortion clinics and denounce all those who oppose abortion as 'anti-abortion', well if it was good enough for Che its good enough for me, and he was a ravid anti-sexist.
  16. Best of luck to Mickey McKevitt and Bernie Sands, appealing one of the greatest framings and miscarriages of justice in the recent history if this state, lets pray Mickeys out soon. http://m.brne.ws/ireland/mckevitt-begins-new-appeal-against-conviction-for-directing-terrorist-activities-571788.html
  17. RNU recently decided on more emphasis on Marxism within the network which I think is welcome
  18. It must be exhausting to be a monarchist, forever finding ways to pretend a family of cold, talentless snobs are better than the rest of us. They have to make gold out of mud. The system of monarchy -- selecting a head of state solely because of the womb they passed through, and surrounding them with sycophants from the moment they emerge -- produces warped and dim people, and demands we scrape before them. What's a poor monarchist to do? They can only lavish a thick cream of adjectives -- 'dignity,' 'charm,' 'majesty' -- over the Windsor family in the hope that some of us are fooled. This process corrupts even the most intelligent monarchists. A strange case study is the new authorized thousand-plus page biography of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon , The Queen Mother, by William Shawcross. He is a smart man: his study of the secret bombing of Cambodia by Henry Kissinger is extraordinary. Yet as a monarchist he has an impossible task. He has to present a cruel, bigoted snob who fleeced millions from the British taxpayer as a heroine fit to rule over us. His mind turns to mush. Before the real Bowes-Lyon is lost in a frenzy of royalist rimming, we should remember who she really was: more Imelda Marcos than the good fairy Glinda. By the time she died, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was treating the British Treasury -- our tax-money -- as her personal piggy bank, with her bills running way beyond the millions she was allotted every year. Even the ultra-Tory Chancellor Norman Lamont complained that "she far exceeds her Civil List and the Treasury gets very het up about it." She used the money to pay for eighty-three full-time staffers, including four footmen, two pages, three chauffeurs (what do they do, split her into three parts for transportation?), a private secretary, an orderly, a housekeeper, five housemaids... the list goes on and on. She even insisted that it was a legitimate use of public funds to maintain a full-time 'Ascot office', whose job is to do nothing but keep a register of members of the Royal Enclosure and send them entry vouchers. She presented this spending -- enough to open and run a new hospital that would save thousands of lives every year -- as an act of selfless patriotism. Michael Mann, the former Dean of Windsor who knew her very well, explained: "She feels that Britain is Great Britain and that, therefore, ours must be no banana court. To lower standards [i.e., her spending on champagne, caviar and limos] is to denigrate the country and, insofar as high standards require big spending, so be it." When single mothers take 0.1 percent of this sum from the state, the same newspapers that laud Elizabeth as "the best of British" savage them as "scroungers." If they refused to pay tax -- as Elizabeth did -- they would have been put in prison. What did she do to earn these vast sums? Her parents were 'Lord' and 'Lady' Strathmore, and from birth she was waited on by a gaggle of servants including a butler, two footmen, five housemaids, a cook and numerous room maids. She grew up with four palaces at her disposal -- but it wasn't enough. She was obsessed with "bloodlines," which she believed determined a person's worth, and wanted to marry into what she regarded as "the best" -- the Windsor family. At first she tried to woo Edward Windsor, but when he wasn't interested, she settled for his stammering, highly strung younger brother, George. When Edward became King, she plotted to force his abdication so George could ascend and she could become 'Queen.' His "crime" was to fall in love with a divorcee -- and one with such poor bloodlines! Once Edward was successfully toppled, Elizabeth insisted he and his wife Wallace be driven into exile and blanked by royal circles. (The couple had plenty of real flaws, but Elizabeth was blind to them: it was the American-ness and the ambition and the divorce that she loathed.) This was her way with any relatives who displeased her by showing vulnerability. When her cousins became mentally ill, they were locked in asylums and never seen again. Elizabeth's entry in Who's Who falsely announced they were dead. This icy ruthlessness startled people who met her. In 1939, French Prime Minister Edouard Daladier said she was "an excessively ambitious young woman who would be ready to sacrifice every other country in the world so that she might remain Queen." The most striking aspect of Shawcross' biography is that once she had contrived to marry, Elizabeth really didn't do anything else for the rest of her life except spend, spend, spend -- our money. He has to pad out whole decades. She didn't even raise her own children: she would see them for an hour a day, and get them to chant: "We are not supposed to be normal. We are not supposed to be normal." But to be fair, she did do one more thing. In her spare time, she supported far right politics. She was a passionate defender of appeasing Adolf Hitler, lobbying behind the scenes to garner support for Neville Chamberlain. The reasons are plain: even fifty years later, she bragged to Woodrow Wyatt that she had "reservations about Jews." Once the war began, she was rebranded as a symbol of Britain's heroic resistance to the Nazis -- but what did she actually do? Unlike everyone else, she didn't live on rations, but was fattened by pheasants and venison on the royal estates. She didn't stay in bombed-out London anything like as much as the myth suggests: she spent much of the war in Windsor, Norfolk and Scotland, far from the Nazi planes, surrounded by battalions of servants. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon kept up her support for far-right politics throughout her life. She did everything she could to bolster the torturing of white minority tyrannies in Rhodesia and South Africa, because -- as the journalist Paul Callan, who knew her, put it -- "She is not fond of black folk." Our beaming Queen Mum was Alf Garnett in a tiara. She believed Britain's class system reflected a natural hierarchy -- and the people below her creamy upper tier were inferior. She told Woodrow Wyatt, "I hate that classlessness. It is so unreal." At first, she was appalled by the idea of her eldest daughter marrying Phillip Mountbatten, because his "bloodlines" weren't good enough: his family had fallen from power, so they weren't "really" royal. When Diana Spencer started hugging AIDS victims and lepers, Elizabeth was disgusted. When Diana started rebelling, Elizabeth announced to friends the girl was "schizophrenic," but she was bemused because Diana came from "a good family." The rest of us, by implication, come from "bad families," where you would expect schizophrenia and other lower-class disorders. The defenders of Elizabeth were left claiming that her drunken inactivity was itself an achievement. W.F. Deedes, the late Telegraph columnist, claimed that "in an increasingly earnest world, she teaches us all how to have fun, that life should not be all about learning, earning and resting. In a world where we have all become workaholics, there she is...grinning at racehorses. Bless her heart." He was in favor of the dole after all -- provided it was worth three million pounds, and went to one single aristocrat. William Shawcross has won the favor of his fellow monarchists by taking this curdled life and presenting it as the best of British. It's the single most unpatriotic claim I've ever heard. If you don't think Britain can do better -- far better -- than this nasty leech and her stunted family, then you don't deserve to live in this Sceptred Isle. Johann Hari is a writer for the Independent. To read more of his articles, click here . You can email him at johann -at- johannhari.com
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    People on the Streets in Donaghmede

    There is a silent revolution going on in working class communities. The people have realised the politicians, state institutions even councilors have no sustainable power nor ability to bring influencial evil doers on both sides of the legal structure like Developers or drug barons to account. So communitees are being formed enacting the most purist yet effective actions such as boycotts, marches and refusal of payments. Its still on a small level but growing none the less
  20. Below are statements from Provo Sinn Fein councillors seeking attention and appreciation for tokenistic motions put into six county councils West Tyrone Ógra : Sinn Féin successfully passed a motion in Dungannon Council last night calling for the immediate release of Marian Price, Martin Corey & Gerry McGeough. That this council calls for the immediate release of Marion Price and Martin Corey and Gerry McGeough. Everyone is entitled to due process. Both Martin Corey and Marion Price have been denied this. Their continued detention without trial is an infringement of their human rights and clearly undermines the justice system. Their imprisonment is unjust and is in defiance of rulings by the courts in both cases. Both have been granted bail by the courts and yet remain in prison. The arrest and continuing detention of Gerry McGeough represents a flagrant breach by the British Government of its commitments in the Weston Park Agreement with respect to OTRs. All three should be released immediately.
  21. More devious and sinister details have emerged regarding the function. While afew were helping on fringes selling tickets, putting up posters, promoting it on net(near all anti-GFAers I might add) The sole organiser who has close ties with PSF was asked if it was possible if Cogus could raffle some craft for POWs and give small 5 minute speech regarding situation in Maghaberry at present. This I find is a very reasonable request considering Cogus despite not agreeing with Gerrys views let him on wing through kindness of their hearts and Gerry has supported the dirty protest and engaged in it. The suggestion was met with hostility the reason given that it would interupt the nights schedule, just 5 minutes? and a small raffle to aid ailing prisoners families? It seems head organisers dont want upset PSF contingent who might be present on night even though majority present will be anti-GFA. There was even suggestion.a staunch Adamsite drone may give speech and if this happens I cant see it going down well The shinners really are a devious bunch They dont want a benefit night for a Cogus POW going on in an area they used to enjoy support and republicans outside PSF given a platform.
  22. PSF are at present attempting to en-masse use all their councillors in the 6 counties to make tokenistic motions calling for release of internees such as Marian Price and Gerry McGeough. Some might any publicity or moves no matter how small are welcome but one must look at the wider and sinister implications of this obvious tactical move. PSF are panicking at the ground they are losing over the POW /internmemt issue, and the gains being made by real republicans, winning the hearts and minds of the people. PSF didnt foresee this storm coming, one which is blowing away their undeserved false credibility So late in the day they are sending out the drones with public allusions 'they care" But anybody remotely clued in knows they dont give a toss and these are just moves to undermine and hinder the good work of real revolutionary activists. Will they be asking councillors in the 26 counties to be doing the same? You can bet they wont, theres no onus for them to make such motions in the South,they wouldnt want to lose hard worked for credibilty they've amassed among the freestate middle classes. Whats most disturbing is referencing to the Western Park agreement in relation to Gerry McGeough, a traitorous scrap from the table of the Brits the Provos lapped up in accepting the GFA. Yet they take no heed of the fact Gerry McGeough is a Cogus POW, he subscribes to aim of Cogus landing and has engaged in a Cogus POWs protests to have full POW status granted. So they have no right to play the Western Park sell out hand in relation to POWs who Id hazard a guess want no quater from Provo opportunists Afterall most POWs find themselves locked away by Brit jailers due to the traitorous position taken by sell out provos. How can one decry internment when they enable and administer an unjust regime that is responsible for such inevitable injustice. Of course the PSF rebuttal to this will be 'ah sure your if we did nothing you'd still be complaining' Well the answer to that is not all, no help is what we want, especially when that 'help' intends to undermine real republicans.
  23. No your right every republican, socialist group should have organised against this and didnt, Unfortunately whats done is done. We'll just have learn from the experience and be more prepared in future and not rely on groups but outselves to oppose such spectacles
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    Gilmore Attacked by Protestors

    Not at all Eirigi are the joke Attempting to turn republican revolutionarism into a cartoon for the benefit of the freestate media. They can go and Sh* te, they have nothing of substance to offer the republican/communist movement
  25. Ah Im sorry but Im forced to be blunt F*ck Eirigi and all they stand for. I witnessed some of their leading members tonight drinking away dressed in the clothing of the typical middle class rebellious youth, singing rebel songs with gusto. But I know as do most clued in republicans they are a cowardly shower with no real substance, terrified of freestate reprecussions over being 'bold boys' While real republicans serve 8 years taking the war to the Brits, Eirigi kick up a stink about a brain dead councilor getting afew days in Mountjoy womens facility, They are opportunists out to profit off the coat tails of repblicanism, they need f*ck off and stop hindering real republicans