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  1. Statement by the Egyptian Libertarian Socialist Movement Authoritarian methods, used today by [General Abdel Fattah] al-Sisi, are an example of state terrorism against the people. Claiming that this excessive violence is directed against a certain segment because of its ideology is intellectual nonsense. This terrorism was practiced by the military and police forces not only against the [Muslim] Brotherhood, but days before military forces attacked workers in Suez, and charged them with incitement to strike, as if the right to strike has become a punishable offence. We are now back to the same emergency law [as before]. The Army and the police now give the pretext for the party of parties to exercise violence against the various segments of society, including also the state and its agencies in the game, working in collaboration with the media to create an image for the people that there is a monster to destroy, so to kill him becomes a community’s mission. But the parties involved in the massacre of today seek only their own advantage. The conflict, since its inception, between the two parties was for seats and positions in the state, and both parties do not care about the blood, both parties play the poor against the poor in the skit of distraction and claim their rights from the remnants of the businessmen and statesmen. That polarization does not only serve the owners of capital and owners of high-level positions in the state. THERE IS NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR! DOWN WITH THE STATE! DOWN WITH THE MILITARY! DOWN WITH THE POLITICAL SYSTEM! DOWN WITH CAPITALISM!
  2. Seen this on facebook today also: "Looking at photos of demo in Stephen's Green, Dublin today, against what's happening in Egypt. Lots of Egyptian flags and posters with Morsi's face on them. It's obvious that the US-backed Egyptian military want a return to the politics of the Mubarak era, but I find it hard to have any sympathy with the reactionary, bigoted, backward Muslim Brotherhood or its apologists in Ireland."
  3. haha, brilliant, I haven't seen that add in years. Yer man is scary looking as fuck lol Yeah, its one of those figures you use to study poses when drawing.
  4. An ignoble Black n Tan; impiously he stands gazing into the distance with machine gun at hand as the sweet aromatic smoke from his smouldering cigarette defiles his darkened lungs. These are the vile and twisted men who once murdered and maimed without scruple, and subjugated our people until their feet were cruelly swept from the ground upon which they proudly did stand, and sent by knee to an abrasive cold harsh slab. To condone in anyway the past actions of these animals is to condemn the gallant deeds of our patriot dead of past generations gone; relegating their memories to the abhorrent confines of Free State revisionism. Not in our name! "To honour Black and Tans who died at Kilmichael?" http://www.southernstar.ie/News/To-honour-Black-and-Tans-who-died-at-Kilmichael-08082013.htm
  5. Keep' er lit! (practice shot)
  6. Thanks chara! The ones above are raw file. I adjusted the aperture, lens exposure and iso, all in the camera, and then used the natural lighting too. The lens is 55mm, and the camera is a Canon 600d, digital SLR. It's the business, the quality from it is unreal, I'm still trying to find my way around the controls, there's tonnes of stuff you can do with it. It also records HD movies. The only thing though, is that they're really expensive. Here's another image I've been messing around with. This one I used photoshop to merge 3 images together, each one set at different exposures and the merged together. I then added some contrast etc. "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." ~ Bob Marley
  7. A nice B&W shot I took of the Flats. The old TV aerial still up there.
  8. "In my son's veins flowed the blood of the Irish rebels" ~ Ernesto "Che" Guevara Lynch - (Che's Father)
  9. nico

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  10. "International headlines have trumpeted Prime Minister Abe Shinzo's decisive win in Japan's upper house election July 21. But the election results indicate the potential defeat of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's economic and constitutional agenda. Called "Abenomics" by the Japanese Communist Party, Abe's plan seeks to make Japan "the most business friendly country in the world" by repealing worker protections and corporate regulations, while reducing corporate taxes and increasing taxes for the general public. In addition, Abe plans to "prime the pump" with nuclear power and a renewed push to build up Japan's military forces. While the agenda still holds majority support, the ground is shifting and public opposition is gaining momentum." FULL ARTICLE >>> http://www.peoplesworld.org/japanese-communists-may-emerge-as-main-opposition-to-abenomics/
  11. You'd think the first thing on any Communist country's agenda, especially one with an economy like China's, would be to eliminate poverty, but yet millions still continue to live in abject poverty. China is a haven for entrepreneurs and big businesses, ready and willing to exploit the working class!
  12. If theses are the supposed 'allies' of international communism, then we're all well and truly fucked!
  13. Being a Socialist June 22, 1941, Operation Barbarossa begins. Four million Axis soldiers begin the march into the Belarussian, Ukrainian, and Estonian SSRs. The largest invasion in the history of warfare. The goals of the Fascist Coalition, was simple... The eradication of the Slavic peoples from the face of the earth, and the open and blatant appropriation of their land and resources for the Imperialist dreams of the German Bourgeoisie. What began this day was a 4 year war, that would devastate the Soviet Union and create countless unthinkable nightmares for its peoples, but which saw its ultimate triumph over the Nazi dogs. The racialist theories of the Nazi Party, pathetically assumed that biologically the Slavs of the USSR wouldn't last a year. Yet, in a year the Soviets had crushed the Nazis at the gates of Moscow, in two at the Gates of Stalingrad, in three in the fields of Kursk, in four at the gates of the Reichstag. Sadly though despite the defeat of Fascism, their ideas are again finding a hold... 1941 cannot ever be allowed to happen again! We should honour the memory of our dead comrades in the only way fitting... By destroying the fascist dogs while they are still just a bunch of cowardly thugs with baseball bats and knives, attacking the most destitute and defenceless of society, and not a well oiled machine with tanks and planes. Death to Fascists forever! Follow your leader!!!
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2W7LLeA4ek
  15. "Jayro González plays "Fragilidad" at The G8 Alternative event in The Teacher's Club in Dublin. Conor Gillen is on the bongos" "Jayro González plays "Guantanamera" at The G8 Alternative event in The Teacher's Club in Dublin. Conor Gillen is on the bongos"
  16. An outstanding performance by Jayro González, singing "Bella Ciao" and Conor Gillen on the Bongos, at the DAG8 Summit, Teachers Club, Dublin.
  17. Some nice photos here too: http://www.demotix.com/news/2169048/anti-g8-protest-dublin#media-2168934
  18. The Txalaparta performance by our Basque comrades, was phenomenal!