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  1. "International headlines have trumpeted Prime Minister Abe Shinzo's decisive win in Japan's upper house election July 21. But the election results indicate the potential defeat of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's economic and constitutional agenda. Called "Abenomics" by the Japanese Communist Party, Abe's plan seeks to make Japan "the most business friendly country in the world" by repealing worker protections and corporate regulations, while reducing corporate taxes and increasing taxes for the general public. In addition, Abe plans to "prime the pump" with nuclear power and a renewed push to build up Japan's military forces. While the agenda still holds majority support, the ground is shifting and public opposition is gaining momentum." FULL ARTICLE >>> http://www.peoplesworld.org/japanese-communists-may-emerge-as-main-opposition-to-abenomics/
  2. You'd think the first thing on any Communist country's agenda, especially one with an economy like China's, would be to eliminate poverty, but yet millions still continue to live in abject poverty. China is a haven for entrepreneurs and big businesses, ready and willing to exploit the working class!
  3. If theses are the supposed 'allies' of international communism, then we're all well and truly fucked!
  4. Being a Socialist June 22, 1941, Operation Barbarossa begins. Four million Axis soldiers begin the march into the Belarussian, Ukrainian, and Estonian SSRs. The largest invasion in the history of warfare. The goals of the Fascist Coalition, was simple... The eradication of the Slavic peoples from the face of the earth, and the open and blatant appropriation of their land and resources for the Imperialist dreams of the German Bourgeoisie. What began this day was a 4 year war, that would devastate the Soviet Union and create countless unthinkable nightmares for its peoples, but which saw its ultimate triumph over the Nazi dogs. The racialist theories of the Nazi Party, pathetically assumed that biologically the Slavs of the USSR wouldn't last a year. Yet, in a year the Soviets had crushed the Nazis at the gates of Moscow, in two at the Gates of Stalingrad, in three in the fields of Kursk, in four at the gates of the Reichstag. Sadly though despite the defeat of Fascism, their ideas are again finding a hold... 1941 cannot ever be allowed to happen again! We should honour the memory of our dead comrades in the only way fitting... By destroying the fascist dogs while they are still just a bunch of cowardly thugs with baseball bats and knives, attacking the most destitute and defenceless of society, and not a well oiled machine with tanks and planes. Death to Fascists forever! Follow your leader!!!
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2W7LLeA4ek
  6. "Jayro González plays "Fragilidad" at The G8 Alternative event in The Teacher's Club in Dublin. Conor Gillen is on the bongos" "Jayro González plays "Guantanamera" at The G8 Alternative event in The Teacher's Club in Dublin. Conor Gillen is on the bongos"
  7. An outstanding performance by Jayro González, singing "Bella Ciao" and Conor Gillen on the Bongos, at the DAG8 Summit, Teachers Club, Dublin.
  8. Some nice photos here too: http://www.demotix.com/news/2169048/anti-g8-protest-dublin#media-2168934
  9. The Txalaparta performance by our Basque comrades, was phenomenal!
  10. Cops stand outside the venue, they were there all day. Police harassment inside the premises.
  11. To say the Dublin Alternative G8 Summit went well would be somewhat of an understatement! It was absolutely brilliant! The speeches were all excellent and the music was out of this world. A few photos from the DAG8 talks and seminars. Basque, Leonard Peltier, and LASC Solidarity, Information Stalls. RSF Information Stall
  12. Some nice photos here: http://www.demotix.com/photo/2168928/anti-g8-protest-dublin
  13. Just in the door from a fantastic walking tour. It was brilliant, aside from the fact that we were tailed by the cops all the way through, and then one of our party arrested arising from a incident that had already been struck out by the courts. Political policing at its finest again!
  14. By Alan Camilo Cienfuegos – Ireland-based commentator, writer for Irish Left Review The European Union, under pressure primarily from the UK and France, has allowed its arms embargo against Syria’s rebels to lapse, paving the way for the direct arming of the myriad groups fighting the Syrian government. Russia has condemned the move, with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister stating that it puts in serious jeopardy the chance for any sort of peace agreement in the more than two-year old conflict. In another development, warmonger and arch-reactionary, US Senator John McCain, has visited so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ commanders in Syria itself to pledge his and his country’s support in their fight against the Syrian government. The leaders of the FSA’s ‘Supreme Military Council’ reportedly told the republican senator they want the US to provide weapons to their fighters, impose a no-fly zone over Syria (no doubt similar to the one that killed thousands of Libyan civilians during the western takeover of that country), and carry out strikes against Hezbollah, the arch-enemy of Israel in Lebanon. Any doubts anyone may have had about the pro-western, pro-imperialist stance of the so-called moderate leaders of the FSA, the ones the western media tells us are the real driving force of the ‘revolution’, should at this stage be dispelled. The combined forces of the FSA, the west’s puppet in Syria, and the Al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate (and thus also essentially a western puppet), along with untold numbers of foreign Jihadists from Saudi Arabia, Libya, Chechnya, and a dozen other places, are doing the dirty work of imperialism – softening up the Syrian military and weakening the anti-US and anti-western strategic alliance of Lebanon, Syria and Iran in the Middle East. It seems unlikely the imperialists will intervene directly, thanks in no small part to Russia’s support of the Syrian government; but this is of no real matter. Their proxy fighters on the ground in Syria are more or less expendable in a long, drawn out attrition war to keep the Syrian state tied up, lest it come to Iran or Hezbollah’s aid should they be attacked by the west, either directly or via its attack-dog in the Middle East, Israel. For anyone to not see these facts for what they are, by now, is to be either willfully ignorant or grossly naive. One has only to look at a map of the Middle East to see the agenda for removing Syria from the picture as a military power. Those on the left, or who claim to be on the left, especially need to realise that they simply act as useful idiots for imperialism by supporting the destruction of Syria and the advancement of the western agenda in the Middle East. Trotskyite groups like the Socialist Workers Party, who have a track record of supporting such reactionary and backward forces as the Mujahedeen and Taliban in Afghanistan, the right-wing Solidarity trade union in Poland, and the Islamic and tribal militias who destroyed Libya in 2011, are especially guilty of this naive stupidity. Even among groups who are not so blind as to support the march of imperialism into Syria, much of the talk of late has focused on the need for a ‘peaceful’ solution to the Syrian conflict; for a negotiated political settlement that would see reform of the Syrian state, democratisation etc. This is, at the present moment in time, a foolish position to take. Those who call for a peaceful resolution to the conflict miss the critical point that the western-backed Syrian militants do not want, and have never wanted, peace. Any moves toward peace conferences or negotiations by such people are at best cynical plays for time, to allow their fighters, battered and demoralised by successful Syrian Arab Army offensives, time to re-group and re-arm with western supplied weapons. To call for peace in Syria without the utter defeat of the western-backed insurgents is naivety in the extreme. No peaceful solution can be found until the reactionary, backward al-Qaeda styled groups such as al-Nusra Front are utterly destroyed. To expect the Syrian government to negotiate with such people, who for two years have butchered and bombed their way throughout the country, massacring civilians and enforcing medieval Islamic law, is the height of western chauvinism. Those who wish to genuinely oppose imperialism and its schemes and plots in the Middle East must: Call for all support to be given to the courageous soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army as they battle to clear their country of western-backed militias and Islamic radicals. Call for the utter defeat, militarily, of all armed terrorist groups in Syria engaged in the destruction of the Syrian state. Call for immediate and wide-ranging political reform and further democratisation of the Syrian government and state, after the country’s sovereignty and security have been secured through the military defeat of all western proxy groups within the country. http://syriareport.net/peace-in-syria-will-only-benefit-imperialism/
  15. Yesterday, I awoke like many others to a sun lit shimmering sky, its vibrancy fluctuating with anticipation, between lofty white clouds. As I prepared for the day, I adorned my traditional republican attire of black and white, befitting, I pondered, as I straightened my tie in the mirror, to bid a final adieu to a legendary republican. Outside the church we waited for the bell chimes to signal the start of the proceedings. There was a certain ambiance lofting amid the blistering heat, people of all ages chatted amongst each other, their softly murmurs delicately reverberating off the chapel walls. Inside the chapel, heads bowed and hands clasped. The resonant chants of a man rang through, as the priest spoke with the tongue of our ancient language that echoed among the illuminated, stained glass walls. As the proceedings came to an end, we again found ourselves outside in the sweltering heat, waiting for our dear patron to embark on one last journey through the heartland of his home town. But the dominating heat we endured that day was overbearing in more than one way. Never in my mind did I think that such extreme forces of coercion at a funeral, perpetrated by the armed forces of the State could have ever manifested, in such a fashion. The irrational behaviour of degenerate gun toting thugs, striding around freely as they impertinently mingled with the congregation, and sought to agitate and cause as much distress as possible, was a truly vile and wicked display of authoritarian State repression and injustice. As we disembarked from the chapel grounds, scores of people followed slowly behind the coffin, flanked on either side by a guard of honour, and led by a lone piper lamenting airs of resistance that were carried for miles around by the hot blustering breeze. Upon arriving at the graveyard, the tyrannical police force yet again displayed another abuse of authority. Family members where nearly thrust into the open grave by the armed ERU, who by that stage, had provoked some of the crowd into mobilising, gradually forcing the armed police to the outskirts of the graveyard, and creating the space needed for people to mourn. The armed police force is based on the fear of a seemingly omnipotent Free State oligarchy, whose impious actions that day, certainly left a lasting mark on me and the crowd, one that will not be washed away so easily by falsified news reports, or forgotten so quickly! As the main orations came to a conclusion, Ruairí Ó Brádaigh, that noble passionate man, the man who lived a simple life and was never bought off by riches, was finally laid to rest by his family, friends and comrades. To say I was pleased to have taken part in the sending off of a true republican would be somewhat of an understatement. It was an honour, not only to have been there, but also to have been there among my own stock, of republicans, socialists, revolutionaries; the working class! Rest in Peace Ruairí Ó Brádaigh. ~ Nico
  16. Clément Méric aged 18 from Brest, France Beaten to death by neo-Nazis in Paris on 5 June 2013 Rest in Peace.
  17. Imagine denying a person the right to access one of the most important resources on the face of the planet that keeps us all alive, water! The Gombeen men in Leinster House seem to think that they can do just that! Bring on the Resistance! LINK >>> http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/hogan-pay-the-water-charge-or-be-disconnected-232885.html
  18. "To Have Or to Be? is one of the seminal books of the second half of the 20th century. Nothing less than a manifesto for a new social and psychological revolution to save our threatened planet, this book is a summary of the penetrating thought of Eric Fromm. His thesis is that two modes of existence struggle for the spirit of humankind: the having mode, which concentrates on material possessions, power, and aggression, and is the basis of the universal evils of greed, envy, and violence; and the being mode, which is based on love, the pleasure of sharing, and in productive activity. To Have Or to Be? is a brilliant program for socioeconomic change." PDF >>> http://keimena11.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/erich-fromm-to-have-or-to-be-1976.pdf
  19. "During the world’s most secretive gathering the Bilderberg Group is set to discuss topics including cyber warfare, US foreign policy, “developments in the Middle East” and “Africa’s challenges” despite the glaring absence of regional representatives." LINK >>> http://rt.com/news/secretive-bilderberg-africa-middle-east-238/