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  1. Dublinrepublican

    Ho Chi Minh in Éirinn

    Ah no sorry! I got it wrong. I watched over the documentary again. He was in London but met people from Ireland who taught him about the anti-imperialist struggle. >.< I thought he came here. Nevermind!
  2. Dublinrepublican

    Ho Chi Minh in Éirinn

    I was watching a documentary on Ho Chi Minh the other day and saw he spent some time in Ireland. I was wondering was there any records of what he got up to when he was here?
  3. Dublinrepublican

    Capital - Marx

    Go riabh maith agaibh a chairde.
  4. Dublinrepublican

    Capital - Marx

    Also, if anyone is interested, a free pdf of Vol. 1 can be found here. http://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/download/pdf/Capital-Volume-I.pdf
  5. A chairde, Tá me ag leamh Capital le Karl Marx anois. There's a lot in it. How did other people find reading this? Is there any tips for making its digestion a bit easier? Go raibh maith agat.