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  1. Relevant quote from Connolly's workshop talks: I think we get too caught up in having every domino in the course of a revolutionary strategy carefully placed before we decide to put our faith in its ability to succeed. We rarely allow ourselves to filter in the element of organic class struggle as being the lines on which we work within and attempt to steer in a political direction; most of our decisions will be made on an ad hoc basis. Did Connolly and the ICA conceive of Easter 1916 initially? No, they envisaged a workers revolution based on the seizure of the means of production, history however was to develop in a different direction than they had banked on. Also, Lenin writing after the February revolution predicted that it would probably be another ten years or so before the workers would be able to take and hold state power in Russia.
  2. HolgerMeins

    Occupy Movement, promise or pointless?

    Here is the IRSP analysis of the movement so far, specific to the events in Belfast during the week. Nico's posting was the incorrect version of the statement which was not meant to be released, apologies. http://rsmforum.prob...ead=5693&page=1
  3. HolgerMeins

    Charity - Good or Bad?

    They're patronising and politically disarming. Organisations such as the Salvation Army are used by the state to keep tabs on the homeless also. i understand the logic of 'we shouldn't have to...but we have to'. However we're revolutionaries comrade; liberators not charity workers. Also comrade it's not a major issue for me, something that comes up on the debate radar every half a year.
  4. HolgerMeins

    Charity - Good or Bad?

    Ban them all.
  5. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns the Aquino government for using extreme violence in the demolition of the residential homes in Barangay Corazon de Jesus, San Juan yesterday. Armed with automatic rifles, truncheons and teargas and backed with heavy machinery, the Philippine National Police and demolition crew attacked the community and broke the barricades put up by the residents. The CPP congratulates the residents for valiantly fighting back. Aarmed only with stones, bottles and molotov cocktails, they engaged the state forces in a lopsided battle to defend their homes. They exhibited great courage and determination and collectively defied plans of the Aquino government to uproot them from their homes and dump them to a so-called relocation site far away from their jobs, schools and sources of livelihood. The Aquino regime may have succeeded in its drive to demolish the urban poor homes in San Juan in order to pave the way for the plans of big real estate developers to erect commercial buildings. But in doing so, it also succeeded in projecting its antipeople character and further isolating itself from the broad masses of the people. In employing extreme violence, the Aquino regime is pushing more and more people to the side of resistance and teaching them a valuable lesson in class struggle. There are bound to be more attacks against the urban poor’s right to decent housing as the regime seeks to clear prime real estate for the use of its big business friends under the its Public-Private Partnership Program (PPPP). The masses of workers, unemployed and lower petty bourgeoisie who populate urban poor communities have no choice but to organize and rise up against future demolitions under the Aquino regime. http://www.philippin...ime-pushes-ppps
  6. HolgerMeins

    Thomas Clarke on Camera 1916

  7. HolgerMeins

    Irish Socialists Must Adopt a Land Nationalisation Policy

    It's related also to the housing question, but I agree that there is a lack of clarity on the issue. On the one hand it's seen as an anachronistic issue, on the other it may be deliberately ignored to curry favour amongst more reactionary elements. Either way I'm in support of land nationalisation and would welcome the revival of debate around the land question.
  8. Cheers for posting Nico.