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  1. TadhgÓBarraí

    BBC Spotlight: Irish Republicans And The Drugs War

    Watched this last night. Nothing but a black propaganda piece against Republicans. Even including the story of the young plumber that was gunned down is an obvious ploy to paint Alan Ryan in the same light as the scumbags that murdered that young fella! Complete felon-setting bull shit!!
  2. TadhgÓBarraí

    Leftist Rap

    I wouldn't exactly say this is left rap, wouldn't even say it is republican rap! The bar Terawrizt spits about Bobby Sands is fairly offensive...
  3. Since little information is available on this organisation, I would be very grateful if comrades could post up some details such as the origins, and aims of this group. Go raibh maith agaibh.
  4. TadhgÓBarraí

    Support Immigrants?

    Aye I must say I was partial to a bit of Talafornia myself! Just to reinforce my commitment to the social struggle of course! Watching working class youths prostitute themselves for a bit of 'fame' is a sure way to ignite your spirits like!!
  5. TadhgÓBarraí

    Support Immigrants?

    Anyone that watches anything on TV3 must be a complete imbecile!! Never seen a more wannabe Brit channel in me life!! Not directed at you of course, but those that actually enjoy the de-educational shit they pass as programming! Come to think of it, programming would be a very apt word to describe the effects of watching TV3!!
  6. TadhgÓBarraí

    Images of the Western Media

    ^^ Puts shit into perspective ^^
  7. Not that I disagree with the sentiments in the poster, but I feel personal preferences have played a role in the planning of this protest. Why not just hold a protest for all political prisoner in the international struggle? Basque, Galician, Palestinian etc.? Just my thoughts a chara.
  8. TadhgÓBarraí

    Irony Lost on Greedy Cork Aristocrat

    Not exactly sure where I should post this, but thought it would be relevant in Cogadh Aicmeach....
  9. Irony Lost on Greedy Cork Aristocrat 21/08/12 The aristocrat who claims ownership of the historic Blarney Castle in County Cork recently branded the Irish people with a reputation for being “unfriendly and greedy”. Sir Charles St John Colthurst, 10th Baronet, the current ‘owner’ of the famous castle and the thousand-acre estate that surrounds it, has said that this “reputation in Britain” is the reason behind the drop in British tourists visiting the Twenty-Six Counties in recent times. The latest rant from the blue-blooded, cold-blooded gentleman farmer is ironic in the extreme as he himself holds a well-deserved reputation for being both unfriendly and greedy! The fact that the castle and lands over which he claims ownership only came into the possession of his ancestors as a result of the dispossession of the Mac Carthaigh clan by the armies of the Oliver Cromwell has most likely contributed to his jaundiced view of Ireland and the wider world. continue reading... http://www.eirigi.or...test210812.html
  10. TadhgÓBarraí

    Happy birthday to comrade Fidel Castro

    Did he? I heard of Bobby Sands St in Tehran, but what streets are named after republicans in Cuba? On another note, has anyone here ever visited Cuba? Have mt honey moon coming up and considering visiting Cuba..
  11. It's a pity we haven't got boys like that over here!! All this talk of "We could have gotten the Queen if we wanted" yet the militarists refuse to address the more pressing issues that face the anti-imperialist struggle in Ireland!! Are we doomed to failure??!!
  12. TadhgÓBarraí

    Catalonia Murals/Graffiti

    Great photos, would love to know what the top one is about. And also what the bottom one symbolises?
  13. Bhí mé suas i Dúrlas dé Domhnaigh i gcómhar an chluiche iománaíocht idir Corcaigh agus Port Lairge agus bhí grúpa san ardán le cúpla bratanna difríocht. Bhí bratanna an Phalaistín, an Chatalóin, Cúba agus Tír na mBascach acu ach bhí an díomá orm nuair a chonaic mé brat nua an Libia acu!! Feckin' amadáns!!
  14. JC was the original commie and the ruling classes recognised that the simplistic and ingenious idea of everyone being equal was sure to catch on with the masses so they hijacked the man's teachings (and I emphasise the word man) and used it to subdue, enslave and brainwash the proletariat!!
  15. I don't know much about the conflict in Korea, but is it purely a capitalism v communism conflict, or is there also ethnical issues involved such as we have here??