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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to Fodla32 in Vincent Ryan and Darragh Evans released from free state captivity   
    A BROTHER of murdered Republican leader, Alan Ryan and another man have been found not guilty of the possession of an assault rifle and a handgun by direction of the Special Criminal Court.
    The non-jury court this morning ruled that there was an insufficient evidential basis from which a jury properly directed could find Vincent Ryan (22) and his co-accused Darragh Evans (23) were guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
    Having been in custody since September 2012, both Mr Ryan and Mr Evans walked out the front door of the Criminal Courts of Justice complex on Parkgate Street in Dublin.
    Both men had pleaded not guilty to the possession of an AKM assault rifle and Webley-make revolver MkV1 at Clonshaugh Walk, Coolock, Dublin 17 on September 15th, 2011.
    The court heard that the garda investigation in to the offence began after an incident involving the discharging of a firearm on Marsfield Avenue in Clongriffin on September 15th, 2011.
    Gardai who searched a Saab 95 car recovered a short distance away from Marsfield Avenue found an AKM assault rifle, an AK-47 style ammunition magazine, a Webley revolver and a Nike bag containing a foil lid from a Pringles crisp container.
    The Special Criminal Court heard evidence from forensic scientist Dr Fiona Thornton that a DNA profile matching that of Darragh Evans was found on the AKM assault rifle and on the Pringles lid, while a DNA profile matching that of Vincent Ryan was found on the AK-47 style magazine.
    However, under cross-examination Dr Thornton also agreed that the incomplete, low-level DNA profiles taken from the AKM assault rifle and the ammunition magazine could have been deposited there by secondary or tertiary transfer as equally as direct contact.
    In an application earlier this week, counsel for Mr Ryan, Mr Hugh Hartnett SC, said that the court should direct itself to find the accused men not guilty. Counsel submitted the evidence “must be consistent with guilt and inconsistent with any reasonable hypothesis of innocence”.
    He said the prosecution had adduced evidence that an incomplete low-level DNA profile matching that of Vincent Ryan was found on the AK-47 style magazine, but there was no mention of the magazine in the charge on the indictment.
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Corrib gas license quashed by High Court   
    The revised licence for the operation of the Shell gas terminal at Ballinaboy, Co Mayo, has been quashed by the Commercial Court.
    In a setback for the Shell Corrib gas pipeline project, the Environmental Protection Agency, which issued the licence last June, conceded in court that a Mayo man was entitled to an order quashing the licence.
    This was because of defects in carrying out an Environmental Impact Assessment.
    Mr Justice Peter Kelly granted the order to Martin Harrington of Doohoma, Ballina, Co Mayo, after the EPA said it was not opposing his challenge to the licence issued by the agency to Shell E&P Ireland. The EPA will also pay Mr Harrington's costs.
    The licence permitted the operation of a gas refinery and combustion installations at the Ballinaboy Bridge gas terminal in Co Mayo.
    Shell E&P Ireland told an earlier court hearing that this case had "significant potential commercial consequences" for the €2.7bn Corrib gas project.
    In the earlier hearing Shell said the construction of the terminal had been largely completed and it was intended to begin commissioning it in April next year.
    Gas was due to be brought in for the first time towards the end of next year or early 2015.
    Mr Harrington had argued that in issuing the revised licence, the EPA had failed to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment in a manner that met the requirements of various European Union Directives including the Habitats Directive.
    He claimed the EPA was wrong to decide to retrospectively carry out an EIA at a meeting of the EPA Board held in June when the decision in respect of the licence had already been made.
    Such an assessment must be carried out before a decision is made on a licence, he argued.
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Budget Information   
    Here is a summary of the welfare and related budget changes.  Much of what was announced won't become clear for a while, and some of the stuff that was announced could be rolled back.
    Anyone with any specific questions, feel free to PM me for information on how it may affect them personally.
    Of course on top of all of these changes, the Department of Social protection plans to save an additional 30 million euro in the coming year by what it calls "control" measures, by removing people's payments, and by forcing people onto workfare schemes.
    Children & Families
    Child Benefit will reduce to 130 per month for each child.  This was announced in last year's budget. The amount a single parent can earn before it affects their One Parent Family Payment reduces to 90 Euro per week. The age that single parents lose their One Parent Family Payment and must make themselves available for "activation" measures reduces to 7 for new claimants.  Reduces to 16 for those already in payment before changes brought in.  (these changes were already announced 2 years ago, and are coming into affect in 2014) Back to School Clothing & Footwear Allowance will no longer be available for children in third level education Single parents who are not the primary carer of the child will no longer be able to claim extra tax credit.  Will result in up to 1650 Euro per year in additional tax bill for those in work.  
    New Jobseekers Allowance claimants without dependent children aged 22-24 will receive maximum rate of 100 Euro per week.  This is the same rate that Jobseekers aged 18-21 already receive. New Jobseekers without dependent children aged 25 will receive 144 per week (down from 188) There will no longer be an exception to the lower rates for those people who were previously on Jobseekers Benefit  
    Elderly, Disability/Sickness, Carers & Pregnant mothers
    9.50 per month assistance with telephone bill for elderly, disabled and carers will be removed Maternity Benefit will be increased by 12.50 for lowest paid workers, will be reduced by up 32 euro for those earning more than 300 Euro per week Illness Benefit will only be available once you are sick for 6 days (is currently 3 days) Pension age goes up to 66 from January (this was announced some time ago).  It will go up to 67 in 2021 and 68 in 2028. Invalidity Pension (long term contribution based pension) will be reduced for those who are 65 to bring payment into line with pensions Free GP care for those under 5, regardless of how much money parents have Medical card guidelines for over 70s will be reduced from 600 Euro to 500 Euro income per week Medical card will be withdrawn for those who enter work, will be replaced with Free GP card only Prescription charges go up from 1.50 Euro to 2.50 Euro.  The monthly cap increases from 19.50 to 25 Euro. Bereavement grant of 850 available upon death of partner/spouse will be stopped  
    Rent/Mortgage Help
    Couples will pay 5 Euro extra a week towards rent supplement Help for mortgage interest payments will be phased out  
    People will not be able to keep their primary social welfare payment while they receive a Fás training allowance (currently only available for those on Invalidity Pension/Illness Benefit) Those on Fás apprenticeships will have to pay a portion of the student charge Long-term unemployed people on Fás courses will no longer get 20 Euro additional training bonus  
    Resources for those looking at this in more detail:
    Department of Social Protection budget fact sheet http://www.welfare.ie/en/downloads/budfact14.pdf
    Department of Jobs & Enterprise http://www.enterprise.gov.ie/en/News/Over-48-000-new-jobs-to-be-supported-in-2014-through-DJEI-Budget-%E2%80%93-Minister-Bruton.html
    Department of Education summary http://www.education.ie/en/Publications/Corporate-Reports/Financial-Reports-List/Budget-2014-Department-of-Education-and-Skills-Information-Leaflet.pdf
    Department of Health http://www.dohc.ie/press/releases/2013/20131015.html
    Revenue http://www.budget.gov.ie/Budgets/2014/FinancialStatement.aspx
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted in Immigration?   
    It is not so much about securing cheap labour. But rather increasing the competition amongst workers, and which thus reduces overall wages both high and low, skilled and unskilled. The capitalist pursuit of increasing labour competition is not a black and white issue. It is not just an option between "open the floodgates" or "lock the borders".
    If the powers that be set immigration policy as such that an "unskilled African or Asian worker would have no problem getting permission to enter" then there would be a myriad of consequences. The capitalist class do not want the political or social instability that would result from a "flood-gate" approach. And if they did opt for that then you would have another section of the capitalist class who want stability seeking to gain power to maintain and assert it. Cue the far-right.
    As a result you have a piecemeal approach in which immigrants can enter, say, Ireland, in lower quantities - some as students (but working in local shops or as Taxi drivers illegal hours), some as Asylum seekers (illegally working without any apparent oversight of their activities). Like 'White Collar Crime', much immigration is illegal, and many/most that come here legally engage in illegal labour, and yet somehow the 'illegality' of it is not particularly enforced to any great degree.
    Because it serves the economy for it to be that way. Whether it is legal or illegal it dosnt matter.
    I would say that most do work. And what figures can I point to? Well, none, because it is, by its nature, under the table labour. All I can say is that of the asylum seekers I do know, they all work. I know others who are students here and are working illegal hours. Indeed many of these "English Schools" you see around Dublin are sham operations enrolling people as students for money while they engage in full-time illegal labour. And I dont say that with bitterness or anything, nor do I have any particular far-right xenophobic agenda. But I am stating this as facts that I am aware of.
    But again, I think it suits the system perfectly for this arrangement to continue.
    It depends 'what type' of capitalist system you are talking about. There are various types that couldnt give a shit about housing  or feeding them. Indeed, the whole idea of having a native unemployed "reserve pool of labour" would apply as much as an immigrant pool of labour in terms of requiring food and housing. But a 'reserve pool of labour' is an inherent feature of capitalism.
    Places like Spain, Italy, Greece and so on have specific conditions that places like Ireland, Sweden and England dont have. That is, with the former it is more difficult to keep migrants out given their geographic location. Their social stability is threatened by high rates of immigration -> and you might have a far-right faction in the wings ready to assert greater stability. With the latter the immigration is easier to control in definite terms - yet it is not.
    I dont think immigration is a threat to the system. I think what could emerge when the system becomes unstable is one or other form of capitalist government/state - far-right strict immigration control or a "far-left" state capitalist/totalitarian strict immigration control. That is, one or other political arrangement which maintains and administers capitalism and creates social stability.
    Immigration, like emigration, rather than being a threat, serves as a sort of safety valve. Instead of capitalisms demand for greater exploitation leading to greater class struggle between domestic workers and capitalists -> that demand for greater exploitation is satisfied through the importation of external labour. Its almost like imperialism's demand for ever expanding quantities of untapped resources - but in reverse.
    The class struggle would be intensified if the capitalist class had fewer people to call upon to exploit when the internal logic of capitalism requires.
    One would hope that that would be the result of 'thousands of people' arriving. But I wouldnt be so wishful. I would have far greater concerns about the other way people might take it...

    I dont think we can say that 'this is the way capitalism is' by its present form. The current epoch of capitalism is marked by a high energy and versatile substance called oil. Oil, and as a consequence shipping, has allowed for the sort of detached/alienated consumption the western worker 'enjoys' as production is based and structured on a global scale. With the decline of oil, I suspect we may see the reconfiguration of production to a more energy efficient domestic form.
    Such a domestic form of production would make socialism a more viable and feasible proposition for western workers, and would make much of what you refer to obsolete.
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Immigration?   
    There is an important distinction to be made when dealing with immigration policy.  You have economic liberalisation which permits workers to enter the country and carry out cheap work.  However, this is very different from the other limb of immigration policy of trying to exclude the marginalised sections of the world's population.  Migration is generally permitted at the higher skills end, and excluded at the bottom.  Western policy is not only about securing cheap labour.  If it were, then the unskilled African or Asian worker would have no problem getting permission to enter.
    An increase in skilled workers deflates wages in the economy, creates pressures on the workers themselves.  However, an increase in irregular/unlawful migration (generally of unskilled or semi-skilled workers) does not involve the same pressure, as such people are not generally permitted to work (lawfullly at least).  It puts pressure on the capitalist system who must house, feed or repatriate them.  The first type of migration is used by the capitalist system.  The second type however is a direct threat to the system, and I think contains some considerable revolutionary potential.  I doubt that most Somalis or Eritreans that end up in Italy or Greece see those countries as in any way free.
    The positive that I take about both types of migration however is that they both expose the global nature of economics.  Western workers live in a cocoon, without appreciating or caring how their lifestyle is directly funded by the exploitation of other continents.  When thousands of people from those exploited lands arrive on their shore and demand a share of Western wealth, it unmasks the nature of economic imperialism, it brings this conflict into direct sight.  Without it being in sight, the issues will never enter western worker consciousness.
    This conflict often resolves itself by the western worker then taking sides with the western capitalist, believing that the true enemy is the foreigner.  I'm not 100% sure that such a xenophobic response is not justified.  I do tend to think that the western worker and the third world worker have more in common, they certainly have a common enemy in the western capitalist, but increasingly that line is becoming more blurred, the gap between the west and the rest of the world is growing.  Increasingly the western worker relies on the wealth extracted from the developing world's proletariat.  If things continue to move in this direction, at some point the economic interests of the western worker will clearly be against the workers in the rest of the world.  The western worker will adopt the position of the petit bourgeoisie, and to a certain extent they already perceive that they are in this position.
    I think that this question as much as any else is the one which the western left has done its best to avoid, because they do not want to face the possibility that the western working class are no longer the universal revolutionary class, but are in fact a parasitic class who stand in the way of the world's masses.  I'm not convinced of this argument, but I think there are serious questions which the left have failed to address, as they always seem to be chose their own narrow interests over global solidarity.  We need to answer these questions if we want to raise the consciousness of the western worker.
    It is a very convenient argument to exclude foreign workers from Ireland to protect wages.  I don't buy the given rationale that by excluding workers from Ireland that they will then stay and fight in their own countries, not unless the people making these calls actually do something to help that fight.  I have yet to see the hardening of borders in any country result in increased solidarity and practical assistance to revolutionary movements elsewhere.
    I do agree that a socialist country would want to control its borders, at least when faced with a capitalist world.  However, we do not have a socialist country.  We need to present a short-term and medium term position that deals with the issues today, or we will not be taken seriously. although of course that does not stop us presenting our long-term views on the subject.
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to Fodla32 in Brón ar an mbás: Joe O'Neill RIP   
    Thousands flock to Republican Joe O’Neill’s funeral
    Monday, October 07, 2013
    Upwards on 1,000 mourners turned out for the funeral of one of the founding members of Provisional Sinn Féin and a “towering figure of Irish Republicanism” who was buried in brilliant sunshine in Co Donegal yesterday.
      Veteran Republican Joe O’Neill, 76, who came from Bundoran, died in Sligo General Hospital on Wednesday night and was laid to rest in Ballyshannon after Mass in St Joseph’s Church yesterday.

    More than 100 gardaí including armed detectives mounted a discreet security operation for the funeral that passed off peacefully.

    Checkpoints were set up on the neighbouring border roads with county Fermanagh as the funeral took place.

    When the coffin was brought to the grave it was flanked by 10 masked men and two women who were dressed in full military uniform.

    In his homily Father Raymond Munster paid tribute to the former Bundoran, balladeer, publican and GAA star’s generosity to the poor.

    “He was always very helpful to those who were in need,” he said.

    In a graveside oration, Republican Sinn Féin spokesperson Mary Ward said Joe O’Neill was a towering figure of Irish Republicanism and embodied the very essence of the Republican tradition.

    “He set high standards of commitment, duty, honour and loyalty to the cause of Irish freedom.

    “For Joe the principles of freedom were very clear.

    “He dismissed the cult of the personality and always warned of the danger of merely following the man or the woman over the cause of Irish national independence.

    “His involvement with the Republican Movement in the 1950s and remained faithful until death.”

    O’Neill was a close ally of the late Republican Sinn Féin leader Ruairí Ó Bradaigh, who died in June and was one of the speakers at his grave.

    O’Neill was instrumental in maintaining the integrity of the Republican Movement in 1986, and was a former vice president and treasurer of Sinn Féin Poblachtach.

    In 1970 he was part of the group that walked out of the Sinn Féin Árd Fheis in the Mansion House in Dublin, a move which led to the establishment of Provisional Sinn Féin.

    Sixteen years later he joined Ó Brádaigh in another Sinn Féin walkout out over the decision to take seats in Leinster House.

    Mr O’Neill was a former Bundoran Urban district councillor and lost his seat in 1999.
    © Irish Examiner Ltd. All rights reserved
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Shadowbans on Politics.ie   
    I must be doing something wrong, I never managed to get myself banned from p.ie.  I even let Fodla borrow my account for a while, and he wasn't even banned using it, I'm beginning to suspect something lol
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted in Shadowbans on Politics.ie   
    I got banned a number of years ago in a similar way. I called the then economic saviour, George Lee, an idiot, or something along those lines, and the next day when I signed in I couldnt. No warning, no indication on the profile that I was banned, nothing. At the time I was the moderator of the 'Radical Left' group, which I had built up to have the highest membership on the forum. Mr. Corcoran I dont think liked that. I never bothered creating another account. And I think its gone to hell, the membership seems to have become more rightist since.
    The forum political world was started by those who were banned from p.ie.
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted in Shadowbans on Politics.ie   
    I recently made an account on Politics.ie, and in a poetry thread I posted a poem, which in fairness, was made solely for the purpose of trolling. Within 5 minutes when I refreshed the page it came up that my I.P. had been banned from the site.
    I was at the time using a proxy so I simply switched to a different I.P., and I noted that my account had not been banned, nor had there been any announcement of my being banned; They had tried to block me from the site without letting on to anyone that they had done so.
    To block someone and hide the fact that you did so? What a cowardly, underhand move.
    This poem was of course a joke designed to rile up the resident hasbara shills. But the fact that criticizing a Jew in a whimsy poem earns a permanent I.P. ban, while there is currently a thread open on the same forum with hundreds of posts insulting muslims, says a lot.
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Brón ar an mbás: Joe O'Neill RIP   
    An absolute legend!
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Revolting Images on Cigarette Packets   
    Ireland will be tobacco free by 2025 apparently
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Revolting Images on Cigarette Packets   
    The one good thing that I take from this kind of action is that it shows that where there is the political will, some sacred cows of liberalism and capitalism can still be taken on.  Restriction on the freedom of speech, to the point that companies are mandated to put these horrible images on their packaging shows that the state can impose its will when it wants.  The market is not simply allowed to rule, but is curtailed (albeit, it could be curtailed much more), to protect the public health, or at least using a public health argument.
    The negative side however is that it speaks of a more and more control society, where rather than simply saying "this is bad, we will not permit it", people are guilted and pressureed into making these decisions, and even worse, thinking that they are making decisions by themselves!  At least with good old authoritarianism, you knew you were being told what you couldn't do, and that gave you the freedom to make the choice to do it anyway and face the consequences.  Instead we have a perverted combination of rampant advertising versus shock tactics, what kind of informed decision do people really get to make when their information comes from these two sources?
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted in Revolting Images on Cigarette Packets   
    The whole idea is to make it 'uncool' to smoke. After all, thats why people begin smoking isnt it? - to 'follow the crowd', 'be at ease', 'fit in' or 'do what the adults are doing'. And then they become addicted.
    I think just as effective would be some embarrassingly uncool images on the packets. Imagine sitting down for a pint thinking your the bees knees with this staring at you:


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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Revolting Images on Cigarette Packets   
    I've seen no empircal evidence of that.  But I imagine they have been effective in putting some people against abortion.  I'm not sure people's objections to the abortion pictures are anything to do with whether they are effective or not.  My own objections to them would be based on the fact that they do not pay the slightest bit of regard to the life of the mother.
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Revolting Images on Cigarette Packets   
    It also shows how long its been since you bought a packet of cigarettes as these signs have been there for a little while now lol
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Recordings of native Irish speakers from Louth, Cavan, Tipp   
    Excellent, this will be perfect for my new Aldi 7 Euro pink mp3 player
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to Fodla32 in Recordings of native Irish speakers from Louth, Cavan, Tipp   
    Absolutely amazing recordings from 1928 -1931
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to nico in Police and Council Harass Activist Outside the GPO   
    Police and Council harass activist for handing out leaflets outside the GPO

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    Lugh Ildánach reacted in Hungary kicks out Rothschild and joins three other nations with no privately owned central bank   
    For decades the global central banks, who used debt and the control of currency to enslave nations, were systematically conquering renegade countries who saw fit to evade Rothschild control through proxy wars and insurrections.  In just the past decade, two of these former nations that saw fit to control their own banking operations (Iraq and Libya) have fallen to military and insurgent forces under the spurious claims of terrorism and WMD’s.  This left only Iran, North Korea, and Cuba as the remaining free nations not under Rothschild control.
    However, an astounding turn of events has taken place in the country of Hungary, where earlier this month, the former Soviet Union principality eliminated its final debt obligation to the IMF, and subsequently removed the imperial bank from its dominion and began a new program to print out its own debt free money.
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from nico in Exposing the ‘big lie’ of the passive Irish left.   
    I didn't hear that RNU went into offices in Shankill Road and Rathcoole.  Fair play to them, that would have taken some balls!!
    The CPI play two different cards when it comes to the national question, depending on their audience.  In Dublin they are all proud of their Republican roots (although its a long time since they had any time for Republicans in the here and now), while in Belfast they are essentially a Unionist party.  They play right into the partitionist agenda, which is not surprising given their support for the Good Friday Agreement.
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from nico in Exposing the ‘big lie’ of the passive Irish left.   
    I didn't hear that RNU went into offices in Shankill Road and Rathcoole.  Fair play to them, that would have taken some balls!!
    The CPI play two different cards when it comes to the national question, depending on their audience.  In Dublin they are all proud of their Republican roots (although its a long time since they had any time for Republicans in the here and now), while in Belfast they are essentially a Unionist party.  They play right into the partitionist agenda, which is not surprising given their support for the Good Friday Agreement.
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to nico in A Complete Idiot's Guide to Armed Resistance   
    A mighty inspirational woman!   
    "An exclusive video interview with Leila Khaled, an armed resistance icon, looking at the issue of Palestinians' armed struggle with Israel."

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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to nico in President Evo Morales Ayma ~ Simple Words   
    Statement of President Evo Morales Ayma to the gathering of Heads of State of the European Community, (06/30/2013).
    With simple words, simultaneously translated, President Morales spoke to more than one hundred Heads of State and dignitaries of the European Community:
    Well, here am I, Evo Morales. I have come to meet those who celebrate the encounter.
    Well, here am I, a descendant of those who populated America forty thousand years ago. I have come to meet with those who discovered her only 500 years ago.
    Well then, here are we all.
    We know who we are, and that is a lot.
    We will never have anything else.
    A European brother, a customs officer, asks me for a written paper with a visa to be able to discover those who discovered me.
    A European brother, a usurer, asks me for payment of a debt contracted by Judas, whom I never authorized to sell me.
    The European brother pettifogger explains to me that all debts are to be paid with interest, even when human beings and whole countries are sold without asking for their consent.
    I am discovering you now .
    I, too, can demand repayment, and can also demand interest.
    In the Archives of Indies, there is written, page after page, receipt after receipt, signature after signature, that between the years of 1503 and 1660 alone,185,000 kilograms of gold and 16 million kilograms of silver were brought from America to San Lucas de Barrameda.
    I will not believe that!
    Because that would mean thinking that the Christian brothers betrayed their Seventh Commandment.
    Save me Tanatzin, from supposing that the Europeans, like Cain, would kill, and deny the blood of their brother!
    That would mean to credit the slanderers, such as Bartolome de las Casas, who define the encounter as the destruction of the Indies, or to extremists such as Arturo Uslar Pietri, who affirms that capitalism and the present European civilization derive from the flood of precious metals!
    Those 185,000 kilograms of gold and 16 million kilograms of silver must be considered as the first of many friendly loans from America, destined for the development of Europe.
    To say otherwise would be to assume the existence of war crimes, which would give us the right not simply to demand their immediate return, but also indemnification for damages.
    I, Evo Morales, prefer to opt for the least offensive of these hypotheses.
    Such fabulous exportation of capital was nothing more than the beginning of a “MARSHALLTESUMA” plan to guarantee the reconstruction of barbarian Europe, ruined by her deplorable wars against the learned Moslems, who had created algebra, polygamy, daily baths, and other superior advances of civilization.
    This is why, celebrating the Fifth Centenary of the Loan, we can ask ourselves: Have our European brothers made a rational, responsible, or at least a productive use of the funds so generously advanced to them by the International Indo-American Fund?
    We hate saying no.
    On the strategic side, they wasted it in the battles of Lepanto, the Invincible Armies, in the Third Reichs and other forms of mutual extermination, with no destiny other than to end up occupied by the NATO gringo troops, as in Panama, but without the channel.
    On the financial side, they have been incapable, after a 500 year moratorium, of repaying the capital and its interest, and of becoming free from the liquidated rents, the raw materials and cheap energy that has come to them from all over the Third World..
    This deplorable picture corroborates what Milton Friedman affirms, according to which a subsidiary economy can never function, and it forces us to reclaim, for their own benefit, the re-payment of the capital and interest that we have so generously delayed collecting for all these centuries.
    Saying this, we clarify that we will not lower ourselves to charge to our European brothers the vile and bloody rates of 20 and even 30 percent interest, that the European brothers charge the peoples of the Third World.
    We will limit ourselves to demanding the return of the advanced precious metals, plus the modest fixed interest of 10 %, accumulated only during the last 300 years, with a 200 year grace period.
    On this basis, and applying the European formula of compound interest, we inform the discoverers that they owe us, as first payment of their debt, a mass of 185,000 kilograms of gold and 16 million kilograms of silver, both amounts raised to the 300th power.
    This is to say, a number for whose total expression would require more than 300 digits, and one that easily surpasses the whole weight of planet Earth.
    Those masses of gold and silver are pretty heavy.
    How heavy would they be if they were calculated in blood?
    To suggest that Europe, in half of a millennium, has not been able to generate enough wealth to repay a modicum of interest, would be to admit her absolute financial failure and/or the demented irrationality of the capitalist presumptions.
    Such metaphysical questions, after all, do not matter to us Indo-Americans.
    But we do demand the signing of a Letter of Intent, that may discipline the debtor peoples of the Old Continent, and force them to fulfill their commitments through a rapid privatization or re-conversion of Europe, that allows them to completely turn her over to us, as a down payment of the historical debt.
    Evo Morales Ayma
    President of Bolivia
    Free translation from the Spanish sent by Winston Orrillo