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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in African socialist international   
    Great podcast from this site with music and anti-imperialist and black power politics. Interestingly they advocate dual power!
    Full website here
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to lenin86 in Cumann Seain Mhic Eachaidh has reconstitute as a Marxist Party   
    Part 1: General Programme

    The Páirtí Poblachtach Dearg bases its guiding ideological principles on Socialist Republicanism and Revolutionary Marxism. 
    P.P.D's immediate aim is to unite all anti-imperialist and socialist forces in a unitedfront against all imperialist influence in Ireland with the definitive goals of establishing national liberation and creating a revolutionary worker's state. 

    P.P.D also holds high, proletarian internationalism. We support and look to establish unity with all oppressed people around the globe who are struggling to establish a communist society. Importantly, we do not determine our enemy based on their religion or nationality; we determine our enemies on the basis of their wealth, greed and exploitation of the working class.
    The Socialism we propose includes everyone and is not a ruled by a tiny clique of people. It is a system under which the State will provide free healthcare and free education. In addition, everyone has a right to a home; and we call for all empty houses to be put under state control and given to the people who need them. Everyone also has a right to work and if the State cannot provide a job, then it should make sure the unemployed have a decent living.

    Moreover, we believe all natural resources, major industries and banks should be nationalized and democratically controlled by the people. But such progress cannot occur under the present system because the ruling class uses the state as a weapon to keep power. A good example of this is the way the Free State government betrayed the people to support the banks, engaging in savage budget cuts, selling state-owned resources and property, and selling off our natural resources. 

    Do not be deceived into thinking these were altruistic measures designed to help the people get through the recession. Quite the opposite: these methods were devised to ensure that the mistakes and greed of the ruling class would be paid for with the blood and the toil of the people. 

    Likewise, do not be deceived into thinking that voting in a "more fairer government" will alleviate the problems of the working class. Such a concept is not possible as long as we are under parliamentary bodies comprised with members of the ruling class. To understand this, one only has to look at the "Celtic Tiger" years: There was plenty of wealth in the state. However, instead of putting the wealth towards creating a better healthcare system or providing a better social-housing scheme for the people, the government wasted a lot of the collateral, pumping it into projects that failed. 

    In essence, we believe that for the betterment of the people of Ireland, as well as internationally, changes cannot occur through a reformist route. There is no reforming the capitalist system because it is inherently corrupt and fixed in such a way that a tiny percentage stand above society, reaping the benefits from the country’s natural resources and basking in the wealth that is created from the labor of the worker. 

    Therefore, the only solution is to create a new, all-inclusive system under which every single person benefits and reaps the rewards of production and where everyone who so desires can take part in the government. Ultimately, the workers have to take over the means of production and exchange so they can be run democratically. This in turn, will bring an end to the ruling class and its system of exploitation and oppression. 

    Part 2: The Party and Objectives

    1. Name: Páirtí Poblachtach Dearg

    2. Ideology: Socialist Republicanism and Revolutionary Marxism 

    3. Aims and Objectives: The P.P.D aims to establish an anti-imperialist united front. Our objectives are to a) help the people overthrow capitalism and imperialist influence within the Free State government and aid with the struggle for national liberation against British imperialism in the occupied six counties. 

    4. Ultimate Goals: The P.P.D strives to establish a 32-County Democratic Socialist Republic as well as a worldwide communist system. 

    5. Support: The Party will promote proletarian internationalism and work to unite Marxist forces internationally.

    Part 3: Duties and rights of members

    1. Members must study Party documents and material. 

    2. Members shall study and apply Marxism in practice.

    3. Members shall defend and try to further develop the ideological and political basis of the Party. 

    4. Members must follow Party line, programme, polices, directives and decisions. 

    5. Everybody must be ready to participate and play a role in the class struggle; and they must be willing to work with other groups and people. 

    6. Everybody must seek to establish a united front with all anti-imperialist and revolutionary forces in Ireland. 

    7. Members will refrain from speaking slanderously against other Party members as well as against members of other solidarity groups.

    8. Each member must subordinate his/her personal interests to the Party and the people. Members must fight for the interests of the people. 

    9. All members must fight relentlessly with a proletarian class outlook against discrimination based on gender, nationality, religion, race and sexuality. 

    10. Every member has the right to send criticism against any other Party member. 

    11. Every member has the right to partake in Party discussions and contribute; everyone has an equal say. 

    12. Every member has the right to stand for election in any of the Party positions.

    13. Every member has both the right to vote members into positions and the right to recall. 

    14. Every member voted into a position can be recalled if Party members collectively see the need to do so.
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to Fodla32 in Iran leader unveils Economy of Resistance   
    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's top leader ordered the government Wednesday to create an "economy of resistance" to counter sanctions imposed over Tehran's nuclear program.
      Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called Western sanctions "a full-fledged economic war" and said Iran is determined to force the West to retreat.
    Iran has been hit hard by sanctions that have hit, among other targets, its vital oil sector. The program requires the government to diversify Iran's exports, reduce dependence on sales of raw materials and promote knowledge-based high-tech industries.
    "If (Iran) pursues ... an economy of resistance, we will overcome economic problems and will defeat the enemy ... that has imposed a full-fledged economic war against this great nation," he said in his order which was posted on his website leader.ir.
    Under the program, the government must take action to expand production and export of knowledge-based products, increase domestic production of strategic goods and develop markets in neighboring countries. It also encourages greater privatization and increased exports of electricity, gas, petrochemical and oil by-products instead of crude oil and other raw materials.
    Iranian officials say it will be harder to target oil byproducts with sanctions that it will be to target crude.
    Western sanctions over Iran's nuclear program also shut Iran out of the international banking system, making it hard for its remaining customers in Asia and elsewhere to pay.
    An interim nuclear deal reached in November with world powers has eased some sanctions but the core remains in place — including measures targeting Iran's oil exports, the pillar of its economy.
    Crude oil exports account for nearly 80 percent of Iran's foreign revenue but have been reduced by half in the past two years due to stepped up sanctions. It currently exports about 1 million barrels a day — compared to 2.2 million in 2011.
    Iran says its non-oil exports have increased to about $40 billion a year, showing an annual 20 percent increase.
    Iran and the six-nation group — the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany — began talks for a final deal in Vienna Tuesday.
    Khamenei, who has the final say on all state matters in Iran, has said he had accepted the talks but doubts they will succeed, saying Washington is using the nuclear issue as an "excuse" to pressure the country.
    In his order, Khamenei has asked the government to closely monitor sanctions and impose costs on the "enemy," a reference to the U.S.
    The West suspects that some Iranian nuclear activities are intended to give it the ability to build a weapon. Iran denies this, saying its program is for peaceful purposes.
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Ezili Danto's analysis on the Mandela Legacy   
    John Pilger's "Apartheid Did Not Die"

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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Ezili Danto's analysis on the Mandela Legacy   
    Now that Madiba is dead: Remember to remember that icons created by oppressors will never liberate the people. Madiba is dead: Condolences to heroic mother Winnie.
    Nelson Mandela is dead at 95 years old. The African National Congress liberation movement he led, helped make white minority rule and apartheid in Africa a monstrous reality no decent human would wish to be associated with.
    Since Mandela’s death, the same international powers that keep the structural conditions alive for Black suffering worldwide, are universally heralding the man and his great achievements. The same corporatocracy who helped keep South Africa and the global South in economic chains and political instability to increase their money-making profits, are lining up to have their pictures taken at the funeral.
    South Africa apartheid criminals at work
    Nelson Mandela and the South African peoples’ long struggle is reduced to a celebration of one man who spent 27 years in prison, doesn’t hate his white oppressors or wish them the violent deaths, deprivations and grief they metered out to millions of South Africans.
    In fact, African lands, control of resources and properties taken through genocide were kept by the white minority. The racist oppressors gave up fairly nothing, are today richer, without guilt and no longer international pariahs. Mandela supposedly forgave them for their global racist system!
    Read rest of article here http://www.ezilidanto.com/zili/2013/12/madiba-is-dead-condolences-to-heroic-mother-winnie/
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to Fodla32 in A Short Course in Dialectics   
    Form and Substance
    I probably should have addressed the word "dialectic" at the very start of this course, but, this is not a bad place to start. The word dialectic comes from the Greek "dia" meaning "across, between," and "legain" which means speak. So the verb "dialegesthai" means "speaking with each other." And this is the whole point of the science of Dialectics - how the various processes speak to each other, i.e. how they interact. If there is a connection between two or more processes, we say that there is a dialectic between them, i.e. a conversation. And like all conversations, there may be a great deal of tension involved. Certainly, there will be the influence of one on the other, or mutual influence.
    There is a dialectic between the substance of a process and its form. A very simple example of this is water and its forms. We can say that the substance of water is the molecules created by oxygen combining with hydrogen (a dialectic in itself). But, the form of water can be solid, liquid or gas, depending on the amount of energy added or subtracted. Now, clearly, the substance does not change. The chemical formula of steam is H2O and the chemical formula of ice is H2O. But, it would be incorrect to say that there was no dialectic between the form of water, at any given time, and its substance. At the most basic level, only H2O will boil at 100 degrees centigrade, or freeze at zero degrees. The properties of liquid water are very different to the properties of liquid mercury. Glass is also a liquid. Clearly, water would make poor windows.
    So we see that the substance of water is a combination of many processes (the interactions of subatomic particles), and the sum total of these processes may then take on different forms, depending on external factors - particularly the amount of heat energy available.
    And so it is in the human sphere. We see that the substance of any society is the collective humanity that goes to make it up, including the countless processes of their minds and bodies and technological development, along with their languages, cultures, religions, political beliefs, etc etc.
    Some readers may be surprised that I have included both Base and Superstructure as the substance of society, rather than considering the base as the substance and the superstructure as the form.
    As a reminder, Base refers to the physical bodies of humanity and the technology available, and Superstructure refers to the culture which develops on that base.
    I do this for the obvious fact that the form of society, i.e. Primitive Communism, Slavery, Feudalism, Capitalism and Communism, may well lag behind the substance of society in total, i.e. lags behind both the base and the superstructure. Or, it may be, in theory at least, premature. Some would claim that the USSR was premature. In short, the superstructure may lag behind the base, and the form of society may lag behind both.
    Another term for the form of society is the mode of production.
    I think the USSR is a good example to study here. Communism is a mode of production, or a form of society - whichever term you prefer. But, in Russia, in 1917, the form of society was Feudalism. The technological base did not support any other form of society but Feudalism, and the cultural superstructure was one of Feudalism, mixed with a certain amount of Primitive Communism in the rural areas. Capitalism existed in only very limited pockets, and then operating under the Feudal law of the Tsars.
    It would be very naive to imagine that a Feudal base and a Feudal superstructure would support the kind of Communist society that Marx looked forward to. It would also be a very great misunderstanding of Marx's work. I think nobody understood this more than Stalin. Stalin knew that he could change the technological base of the USSR in a decade or so (what took Western Europe 200 years), but he knew quite well that changing the language and culture of a people is an entirely different matter. This really does take centuries. Russian people needed Tsars and icons, and thats just what Stalin gave them. Once they had what their culture demanded, they could go on to do incredible things. I think this is where our modern Trots and other liberal types don't understand dialectics. They imagine that because a couple of thousand people in Russia really did have very modern progressive views, that it would have been possible to transpose those views onto 120 million people - the vast majority of whom couldn't even read or write. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    So, we can say that the form of society in the USSR was the result of the dialectic between the Feudal substance of the society, and the introduction of state capitalism, viewed as a step towards building Socialism.
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to Fodla32 in Book Review: The Tribal Imagination—Civilization and the Savage Mind, by Robin Fox   
    Professor Robin Fox is one of those mildly conservative, somewhat eccentric, Englishmen that even we Irish Revolutionaries cannot help but find likeable. I had read his The Red Lamp of Incest some years ago, and found his argument, following Edvard Westermarck, that we are not, in fact, all burning to commit incest with our mothers and sisters to be quite a relief–particularly in the sense that Freudian Psychoanalysis tends to regard the psychological balance between the centrifugal incestuous forces of the nuclear family, and the ban on incest, to be the causa sine qua non of civilization and, indeed, of an acceptable level of personal sanity. Here, I am not indulging in a fashionable swipe at Freud–his analysis of the bourgeois family is, in my view, generally sound. It’s just that the bourgeois family is rather more the exception to human development than the rule. This is one of the key points of Professor Fox’s new book.
    As an anthropologist, with a career spanning over five tempestuous decades, Professor Fox has never been afraid to isolate himself from the orthodoxies of the day. He still considers the study of kinship to be the basic grammar of anthropology, and this book is dedicated to Claude Lévi-Strauss and Ernst Gellner – two giants of the study of kinship structures. Be that as it may, Fox’s main interests here are the underlying structures of Western, post-industrial, society – a society that has all but abandoned the whole idea of kinship. To reach these structures, Fox must undertake a vast journey, spanning millions of years of hominid development, and focusing on everything from food in the Old Testament, to the metre of Gaelic poetry, to the marriage customs of today’s Iraq. This book is a truly remarkable achievement. It is one of those rare books, that having read it, you will never think of the world in quite the same way again.
    My review begins with the cover photograph. We see a very young boy on a Belfast street of the 1970s. He is aiming a gun in a classic TV detective pose. Behind him, we see women going about their daily business, as they practically ignore the heavily armed British soldiers who patrol the street. Straight away, an Irish person will say that this is a Catholic street. Why? For one thing, it was rare to see such heavy British army presence on Protestant streets. But, more importantly, in Ireland, it is thought that the Protestant settlers have more square faces, while the native Catholics have more round faces. This boy has a round face. The toy gun in his hand probably came from China, but the guns his older brothers probably carried came from Libya – a gift of revolutionary solidarity to the Irish Republican Army from Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi.
    Full article:
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to Fodla32 in Reports from the Libyan Green Resistance   
    Having liberated the town of Al Kufra from the Nato rats, the Green Lions parade in the market square and play the Libyan National Anthem, to the applause of the town's people:

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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in Israel paying Immigrants $3500 to Go to Sweden   
    I would suspect that paying migrants to move to Sweden was more about protecting the racial and religious balance of the apartheid Israeli state than any direct attack on Sweden.  Multi-culturalism has its serious problems, but I don't see the link with any section of Jews.  If you are going to tread into the tricky water of immigration (and I agree there are issues that the left has failed to address), its probably best not to bring global Jewish conspiracy into the equation at the same time to muddy the waters!
    Shatter's time in the Justice Ministry has actually resulted in a huge decrease in asylum, and no particularly significant increase in regular immigration.  Shatter's most significant contribution to the immigration system has been his co-operation with Britain to close down some of the loopholes that exist with Britain and the Common Travel Area and which allowed migrants to use Ireland as a backdoor to Britain, although to be fair, this work had started long before Shatter came to office also.  For all too long the Free State has been happy to abide by Westminster's dictat on what ought to be a sovereign issue.
    The trend in paying for other countries to accept migrants that one country does not want is on the increase.  But if your starting premise is that immigration control is necessary to protect national interests, then is it not a logical conclusion that those countries that can afford to do so, will pay others to accept the migrants.  This issue must surely be approached, not just from a national working class perspective, but from an international perspective that looks equally (or perhaps even primarily) at the conditions of the migrants forced to flee from their homeland (or perhaps even more pressingly, at the conditions of those of countries for those left behind).  Otherwise instead of being divided on a national level by migration pressures, we are simply replacing this by division on an international scale, divided from our fellow working class on grounds of nationality, and ultimately defending a system that gives Western service workers luxuries off the back of true proletarian labour in the developing world.
    In criticising immigration we must appeal to internationalist and revolutionary proleterian spirit, or we offer nothing different than the naked self interest that is offered from by Right.
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from Fodla32 in New Communist Party of Ireland Marxist-Leninist?   
    Looks like we've found our culprit then lol
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from lenin86 in New Communist Party of Ireland Marxist-Leninist?   
    Same could be said of other small communist parties in Ireland   Certainly worth finding out who this is, there's too few communists about for us to be shunning and ridiculing each other.
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    Lugh Ildánach got a reaction from lenin86 in New Communist Party of Ireland Marxist-Leninist?   
    Same could be said of other small communist parties in Ireland   Certainly worth finding out who this is, there's too few communists about for us to be shunning and ridiculing each other.
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to Fodla32 in 90% of cells in the human body are bacteria   
    Microbes in the human body
    According to a recent National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimate, 90% of cells in the human body are bacterial, fungal, or otherwise non-human.1 Although many have concluded that bacteria surely enjoy a commensal relationship with their human hosts, only a fraction of the human microbiota has been characterized, much less identified. The sheer number of non-human genes represented by the human microbiota – there are millions in our “extended genome”2 compared to the nearly 23,000 in the human genome – implies we have just begun to fathom the full extent to which bacteria work to facilitate their own survival.
    Full article:
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to Moogie in Will the “Knowledge Economy” Save Us?   
    I'd contend that we are a long way away from the "knowledge economy" much vaunted by the likes of Enda Kenny and chums.  What we have in Ireland is a mainly young population who are really good at passing exams but have never been encouraged to express their intellectual creativity.  Couple this with our archaic telecommunications network and it looks like there is little hope of us ever developing one.  South Korea, a paragon of Capitialist endeavour, has universal fibre connections to every household provided by the state.  This allows the clever entreprenurial types there to share information and resources which has enabled them to devlop a genuine knowledge economy and indigenous industry.  Technology is everywhere there from personalised advertising hoardings in train stations to Starcraft players who treated as premiership footballers.  So long as Ireland's telecoms system is held by private business and a Capitalist administration do little about it then we will always lag behind more progressive countries.
    There are few opportunities for employment in Irish owned IT companies for those with the skills and knowledge.  Most of these so called "knowledge economy" jobs are in multinational corporations and at the very lowest end of the scale e.g. call centres.  These types of jobs add little to the economy in real terms.  Tech-wise manufacturing is where it is at.  We don't do much of that here, even multinational Intel are producing less at their much adored Leixlip plant.
    What we need in Ireland to generate a real "knowledge economy" is a population educated in the necessary skills like programming, development, electronics etc. with the proper infrastructure to enable them to prosper.  We need fewer desk jockeys with headsets telling customers on the far side of the world to download drivers and the like and more people able to get under the desk and fiddle about with a torch in their mouth and a couple of screwdrivers.
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted in Job bridge: The Number of the Beast   
    JobBridge: The Number of the Beast

    JobBridge. Has it started to dawn yet, do you think, that this scheme has nothing at all to do with getting people back into paid employment and everything to do with undermining the conditions of those who are in paid employment? What JobBridge represents is the de facto abolition of paid employment.

    The fact that JobBridge is now being used in the public sector is not, as might be claimed, a desperate attempt to meet public needs at a time when funding is systematically suffocated.

    Rather, it is a means of subjecting public sector workers to market discipline, with a view to privatising these services altogether. It is a means of saying to these workers: you know, we’d pay you nothing if we could get away with it, and hopefully we will.

    It tends to get forgotten in Ireland -not least because public sector unions that prop up right wing governments refuse to remind people of it- that the task of a public sector worker -whether in health or education or the civil service or anywhere else- is to ensure that the democratic rights of citizens to necessary goods and services are vindicated.

    Therefore the use of JobBridge in the public sector should be seen as an attack on the rights of citizens, the people whom Joan Burton and her fascist little toad colleague Brian Hayes refer to as “customers”.

    Because JobBridge is part of a project of converting public goods and services, and citizens, into commodities, for the purposes of profit and the 1%.

    What JobBridge reveals is that the left wing of the Troika Party, the Labour Party -whose smarmy public representatives are effusive about the scheme’s successes- is indeed engaged in a ‘battle at the gates of hell’, as Jack O’Connor says. But it is not battling to defend the working class from a right wing assault, as O’Connor claims. Rather, it is battling on the side of Beelzebub.
    From: http://hiredknaves.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/20131114-235605.jpg
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to nico in 1916 Easter Revolution in Colour   
    Some images: 
    The aftermath.

    British troops with the aide of a 29-ton Mark V. Battle tank, conduct a blockade and carry out raids across Capel Street, Dublin, 1921.

    James Connolly, second from the right, with some of the first recruits to the Irish Citizen Army, conducting drills with hurling sticks in the Phoenix Park Dublin, 1913.

    Countess Markievicz, Irish revolutionary, suffragette, and champion of the working class.

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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to nico in 1916 Easter Revolution in Colour   
    View reconditioned and colourfully restored photographs from 1916 like you've never seen them before, during a revolutionary epoch in Irish Resistance.
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to Fodla32 in Israel broadcast Porn as a Mind Control Technique during Intifada 2002   
    Israeli soldiers broadcast pornography on 3 occupied Palestinian TV stations, the Al-Watan, Ammwaj, and Al-Sharaq channels. A fourth local station, whose premises were not seized by the army, ran a written message across its screen letting people know it was the Israelis who were behind the graphic scenes. “Anything currently shown on Al-Watan and other local TV channels has nothing to do with Palestinian programs but is being broadcast by the Israeli occupation forces, we urge parents to take precautions,” the message said.

    Israeli soldiers broadcast pornography on 3 occupied Palestinian TV stations
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted in IRA Issue Complaint To RTE Over Love/Hate   
    "Love/hate shows the Ira as they are. Criminals only interested in lining their own pockets."
    The dangers of this sophisticated propaganda. I was talking to someone about Love Hate and how I dont watch it because I think its just propaganda. They said "but it portrays the Gardai as corrupt because" such and such happened in it.
    Countering this would require quite an intense, broad and indepth look at Love Hate and indeed the broader production of information. If you do that then you will come across as taking things too serious and looking too much into things for most peoples liking. A shallow and simple discussion on "what happened in Love Hate last night" would turn into a sociological-political discussion people will run a mile from.
    It is a type of "concision" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concision), where it is easier and less time consuming to repeat and propagate "common knowledge" and mainstream ideas than it is to challenge them.
    Love Hate is a very effective mechanism for sowing the seeds and reinforcing the "common knowledge" and myths of the status quo. Love Hate appears as simulateneously challenging "Garda corruption" and "IRA crime" at the same time, when infact, in general, it reinforces status quo perceptions.
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted in Thousands of French Workers wearing Red Caps Riot against Eco-Tax   
    Thousands of people rallied in the town of Quimper in France’s Brittany region on Saturday calling for a complete end to the controversial “ecotax.” Police fired tear gas after demonstrators hurled stones and iron bars.
    Farmers, food sector workers, fishermen, and others attended the protest, voicing concern over continuous layoffs and high taxes in the country. 
    According to authorities, 10,000 people came out for the event. However, a protest organizer told French media that 30,000 people took part in the rally. 
    French protesters wore red caps resembling the 17th century revolt against King Louis XIV’s fiscal policies. 


    A step in the right direction. But what France, and indeed all Europe, really needs is a new Robespierre
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted in GCHQ and European spy agencies worked together on mass surveillance   
    Privacy is dead. Privacy was only maintainable as long as the technology for large scale data mining didn't exist, its extinction was inevitable. Now that that's here, technology only gets better, imagine far into the future where you could literally fly a drone around everywhere taking 360 degree images, infrared camera on your phone sees through walls, the television watches you etc.
    It'll be interesting to see how things evolve from here, but I don't think any laws or regulations can revive privacy again, it is another element of natural living that has been destroyed by modern civilization.
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted in IMF Discusses A Tax Of 10% On All Savings In Eurozone   
    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) quietly dropped a bomb in its October Fiscal Monitor Report. Titled “Taxing Times,” the report paints a dire picture for advanced economies with high debts that fail to aggressively “mobilize domestic revenue.” It goes on to build a case for drastic measures and recommends a series of escalating income and consumption tax increases culminating in the direct confiscation of assets.
    The report itself says:

    “The sharp deterioration of the public finances in many countries has revived interest in a “capital levy”— a one-off tax on private wealth—as an exceptional measure to restore debt sustainability. The appeal is that such a tax, if it is implemented before avoidance is possible and there is a belief that it will never be repeated, does not distort behavior (and may be seen by some as fair). … The conditions for success are strong, but also need to be weighed against the risks of the alternatives, which include repudiating public debt or inflating it away. … The tax rates needed to bring down public debt to precrisis levels, moreover, are sizable: reducing debt ratios to end-2007 levels would require (for a sample of 15 euro area countries) a tax rate of about 10 percent on households with positive net wealth. (page 49)”
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to Fodla32 in Water Meters to be installed by Jobsbridge Slaves   
    The job is listed on Jobbridge here: Homepage | Internship
    Created on: 31/10/2013 | Updated on: 05/11/2013 | Displayed until 30/12/2013 54 days from now
    Based in DONEGAL COUNTY Ref. INTE-805125 Description The intern will gain practical experience in water meter installation The intern will receive formal/informal training in the following - Health and Safety course, Blue Card Training course, Boundary Box course (meter fixing), Water Authority Hygiene course, Manual Equipment Handling course and Abrasive Wheel course. On completion the intern will have attained skills in installation of water meters, water pipe laying, use of manual tools e.g. jack hammer, abrasive wheels, etc., and use of computerised mapping equipment.   The intern will also have gained insight in the areas of signing, lighting and guarding of work areas and locating of under ground services.
    Skills Requirements The suitable candidate will be hardworking, motivated, dedicated, committed, computer literate and keen to learn new skills and gain experience within the company.
    Please Note: This is an Internship. An allowance of €50 per week will be paid in addition to your current Social Welfare payment.See eligibility criteria above.
    Department Water Meter Installation and Servicing
    Mentor The Organisation will assign a mentor to support you during the Internship.
    Duration 9 Months
    Number of Positions 1
    Contract Type Other
    Days, Hours & Start Date Days per week: To be Advised Hours per day: Not specified Hours per week: 39 Start Date: TBC
    Experience Required: No Experience Required Education Requirements: Other - Primary education with good reading ability.  
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted in Fire in Tom Kelly Flats Leaves Many People Trapped in their Homes   
    Badly designed that there is only one stairwell. A death trap. Lucky there was no gas pipes around.
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    Lugh Ildánach reacted to nico in Fire in Tom Kelly Flats Leaves Many People Trapped in their Homes   
    A fire broke out this morning at around 2am in Tom Kelly Flats, Charlemont Street, leaving many people trapped inside their homes.

    Residents in the 3rd – Block were woken to the yells of “Fire!” by a concerned neighbour in the adjacent block, as the blaze quickly engulfed the main hall and stairway. 
    Stacks of pallets had been stored there last night by local youths in preparation for Halloween celebrations. The pallets were then set alight by person(s) unknown, creating a substantial blaze and cutting off all access to the block. 

    From the time a distress call was made to the fire service, it was a full 25 minutes before they reached the trapped residents inside the block of flats. Later on the fire Chief stated, it would have taking longer to reach the trapped residents if any more of the pallets inside had also caught fire. 

    Currently, there are no fire exits in any of the blocks. If the fire had in any way been more significant, the residents, some of whom were young children, had absolutely no means of escaping its path, and no other option than to sit it out and wait for the fire service to come to their aid. 

    This is highly unacceptable!

    Having to solely rely on how quickly the fire service can reach you within a giving time is dicing with death. 

    Organising an escape route is an essential and basic planning procedure in reducing the risk of injury by fire. The residents of Tom Kelly Flats do not have this basic requirement. 

    This isn’t the first time fire has caused dangerous and unsafe conditions for the residents living here. In the early 80’s, the roof from the same block of flats was set ablaze, causing extensive damage allegedly responsible for many of the problems existing now in the block such as a leaky roof, and mould growth.

    Thankfully this time a near and potential disaster was narrowly avoided, and nobody was seriously hurt!