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  1. Now that Sinn Fein are the biggest all Ireland party, we'll probably see a Sinn Fein led coalition in Dublin in 2/3 election cycles, then a united Ireland and a progressive government chasing social and economic equality. Not radical by any means, but a great step in the right direction for once. Gombeen politics confined to the dustbin of history and a surge to the left when most of the other European electorate seem to be looking at the right. Any thoughts?
  2. http://www.endalldisease.com/73-mindblowing-terence-mckenna-quotes/ I see Ireland might be passing a law removing fluoride from the water supply, maybe they should replace it with DMT:
  3. http://members5.boardhost.com/medialens/thread/1382775938.html
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Act_of_Killing Awesome documentary on the killing of a million communists and chinese in Indonesia in 1965. I think this is still playing in the lighthouse cinema, or you can find it online. Really surreal to see perpetrators of murder and rape proudly talking about it like this, and even recreating it on camera. Western political killers are far more subtle.
  5. Yes, you would think even from the point of view alone of weakening the empire, that they would support independence, never mind the fact that independence would mean millions of people escaping the fascist uk and having self determination.
  6. http://www.medialens.org/index.php/alerts/alert-archive/alerts-2013/737-snowden-surveillance-and-the-secret-state.html Must read article from media lens. I won't paste it here as there are lots if interesting links attached to it.
  7. I thought it was a hell of a speech, someone finally popped the balloons on Kennys little Obama party. For those who havent seen it:
  8. http://www.irishtimes.com/news/crime-and-law/over-1-000-personnel-to-secure-area-south-of-border-for-g8-1.1417758 Some titbits:
  9. http://williamblum.org/aer/read/117 The latest, on Obama the hypocrite, the real reson behind invading Afghanistan, sanctions on Iran and sociopathic corporations.
  10. This is a fantastic resource. Every month Blum publishes a report, here's the current one: http://killinghope.org/bblum6/aer102.html There's over 100 reports now, his 2011 reports are especially good, especially when he talks about Libya: http://killinghope.org/bblum6/aer97.html They are all listed here: http://killinghope.org/#essays
  11. http://timesofindia.com/india/Salwa-Judum-architect-Mahendra-Karma-among-several-Cong-leaders-killed-in-Maoist-attack/articleshow/20267026.cms
  12. Excellent report I'd encourage everyone to read: http://australiansforreconciliationinsyria.wordpress.com/nobel-peace-laureates-appeal-for-dialogue-and-reconciliation-in-syria-rejection-of-war/ And a good discussion of it here: http://members5.boardhost.com/medialens/thread/1369472704.html It really is extraordinary what scumbag mass murderers we have for politicians in the western world, and the liberal fascist media cretins who support them. They have caused such destruction in Syria and destroyed so many people's lives, hopefully the overwhelming amount of evidence contradicting them will stop them from continuing the conflict much longer.
  13. It would be very easy for the political police here to do the same and infiltrate all the leftie groups. They probably already have.
  14. Yeah, definitely a case of chickens coming home to roost. Maybe they'll only get 18 months like this British soldier got: http://members5.boardhost.com/medialens/msg/1369335462.html
  15. Some amount of hypocrites condemning this but supporting the same thing done by NATO and salafists in the middle east.
  16. Some good comments on this blog about it: http://cedarlounge.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/look-up/#comments Pretty infuriating stuff!
  17. John

    Is Social Fascism Alive and Well?

    I think the best example of how pathetic these parties are is Syria. Iraq was destroyed based on lies, Libya was destroyed based on lies, and now Syria is being destroyed as well. They still support western intervention for moral reasons, when the real reason is so obviously simple politics. How stupid can these people be? The old saying, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me? These people have been fooled their entire lives and they still don't realise it.
  18. John

    Is Social Fascism Alive and Well?

    All those parties you mentioned are basically liberal parties, which I would define as parties who want to reform our fascist society but basically keep the structure the same. The most radical of them is probably the socialist party, but the most they would do is nationalise the 20 biggest companies. They have no clue about soviets or direct democracy or anything the mass media might consider impolite or illegal. They have a very naive view of revolution, I don't think there's actually been a successful revolution anywhere where they've had something good to say about it. I think any party that decides to go the electoralism route is a lost cause, because as soon as that happens they start moderating their views to get mass support of people who otherwise wouldn't be interested in them. Sinn fein will eventually get power once they dilute their views enough, but they will be a lot more reformist than they even are now.
  19. John

    Weird Creatures!

    Do you have her number?
  20. "The worlds biggest democracy", therefore the worlds fakest democracy.