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  1. And what about their conspiracies like the occult cabals that the Rothschilds and global elite apparently propagate? Personally, I'd argue that the global elite need no secret luciferian society to control society, their obscene wealth, their media, their socio-political system (class division) and their capitalism is more than enough! Jones and Icke might be guilty of a bit of overkill in that regard no?
  2. What do you think of Jones comrade? Do you not think he's not a bit nuts and obnoxious? And what about Icke?
  3. Is this group new, a new communist party? I'd be interested in hearing more.
  4. Would love to see Cuba cut the cable when it goes in! Unlikely though! This upgrade is probably in preparation for the "terrorists" in Iran when they invade and level the country!
  5. Connolly16

    Favourite Rebel Songs

    Maybe not my favourite but purely for the lyrics it has to be 18 Brits and Mountbatten 14 Gone but not forgotten we got 18 and mountbatten!
  6. Sick!! Especially given what happened to the descendants of a lot of the people who were "protesting"; when they were living in Europe. Fascist victims of fascism, wow, now there's a sick paradox! Does anyone know what level of support the far-right above have in "Israel".
  7. What happened with you over on the other forum a chara?

    1. Connolly16


      I'm not quite sure cara, I don't want to point any fingers but my account was hacked and used to delete posts on the forum and make changes that messed the place up. My account had to be banned, I've been offered another but being honest, I'm not sure I want to go back straight away. My email and facebook were also hacked, the passwords were all different, yet someone still got in, the ip said "Washington state, USA" so for my own safety I'm keeping a low profile o...

  8. Fair enough he is better than the western NATO rats but what is admirable about Assad? He is not Socialist in the slightest, he was highly privileged as a child and a hereditary leader? I'd support him over the "rebels" unquestionably but come on? He is no Gadaffi, Gadaffi was a socialist, implemented socialist policies and organised a directly democratic people run state
  9. I wasn't talking purely about it either, I was just giving the example for comparison's sake. Take any social housing and contrast that with private housing in the likes of Castleknock, what should be done to decide who gets what? I can't conceive any possible reason for anyone needing a big 3 or four bed house in castleknock when they could have a 3 or 4 bed house in an area like Coultry that would meet their needs just as much?
  10. Connolly16

    Rugby-Playgrounds for the Bourgeois?

    Do they know that though? I can't imagine O'Driscoll and his "Lonsterr" team mates being too happy about a radical socialist community empowerment group raising funds by raffling their signed ball lol
  11. Tragic but I'm not surprised, its only getting worse! The poor family will get less if we pass the fiscal treaty and can't afford to support them because we'll need a near balanced budget!
  12. What about the social housing around Coultry in Ballymun, they're tiny boxes basicly, not houses. If we took control of oil and gas from companies at the same time as we took the country then we could use the proceeds to start from scratch, build new houses down the line that would replace the old ones. All houses should meet aesthetic, ecologic and building standards imo, there should be minimum and maximum values so it stays equal.
  13. Fucking cunt! Who are these property people crowd? Are they shinner linked? Not trying to troll but I know they have links to some landlord and property agency.
  14. Connolly16

    Panther (1995)

    Watched it the other day, great film!