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  1. In my opinion, a communist state in the face of opposing imperialist nations should have the recommended border controls as you say...But surely workers should have the right to live in Ireland if they so desire? I disagree with the immigration policy of just sending once liberated workers of Eastern Europe into our country to export their wage slavery, but should not a Polish worker still have a right to live in Ireland, if they are an educated comrade from another socialist state themselves? What if a Cuban wished to move to a Socialist Ireland for work? Also, yes whilst Irish culture should be protected, what is wrong with having other cultures or races being a part of that. A study was once done by Nat Geo proving that the only pure Gaels living in this country are the Travellers. The rest have mixed British, Scandinavian and Spanish roots, with traces of ethnic Irish in there also. In a capitalist society, the alienation is apparent by the proletariat in the form of racism, not in socialism, just ask Paul Robeson, as he told Joe McCarthy: In Russia I felt for the first time like a full human being. No colour prejudice like in Mississippi, no colour prejudice like in Washington. There should always be regulation on immigration, but allowance of other races and cultures, as well as tolerance of them.
  2. Ernie O'Guevara

    Historians of Ireland

    Comrades, Any good historians on Irish history you'd recommend, particularly around the War Against the Free State, James Connolly, Irish history post Treaty etc.
  3. Ernie O'Guevara

    Historians of Ireland

    Anyone know where I can read Ruairi O'Bradaigh's Dilseacht. I am beginning research for a short book on a Marxist internationalist perspective on 20th century Irish history, I think O'Bradaigh's book would be an invaluable source.
  4. I think a lot of people feel distance from Irish in this country by the educational system, I'm only doing the LC now, and I find Irish tough. It can be quite an alienating subject through the way it is taught. I think in a socialist Ireland, we should continue compulsory Irish but reform it from De Valeraism.
  5. Ernie O'Guevara

    Terence MacSwiney

    Some old British newsreels that show off some Irish history: Traolach Mac Suibhne in his offices in Cork His funeral
  6. Wow, I have to respect Putin even though he is a reactionary, he truly shows respect to this man who was a hero of his country. All Russians, Georgians, Kazakhs, Ukrainians etc. should be proud they had Stalin lead them to victory against the Third Reich.
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    Historians of Ireland

    Still got plenty of books to read myself, must pop by Connolly Books next time in Dublin and see their selection of history
  8. Ernie O'Guevara

    Historians of Ireland

    It may be out of print here, but not on Amazon anyway. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gates-Flew-Open-Prison-Memoir/dp/1781171696/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1423261462&sr=8-2&keywords=peadar+o%27donnell
  9. Ernie O'Guevara

    Historians of Ireland

    Go raibh maith agat, a chara. I have similar difficulties with international history regarding Joseph Stalin, but thankfully our friends overseas on the internet have pointed me in the right direction. Highly recommend "The Battle for China's PAst" by Mobo Gao for the truth on Mao's Cultural Revolution.
  10. Ernie O'Guevara

    American Historian Doug "Enaa" Greene Lectures

    Excellent objective lecture on the role of the Catalan POUM in the aborted Spanish Revolution.
  11. This Youtuber has some interesting historical lectures available on his channel, I must recommend them to you all. This one focuses on the father of our movement, Seamus O Conghaile.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvOLvT-RpXU69uNZhjfmyCA Anyone interested in Japan from a Marxist perspective should look no further than this Comrade's Youtube channel.
  13. I think it will be a little more subtle than that, a Chara. Something along the lines of events in Venezuela today....
  14. Yes, that Yeonmi girl in fact keeps ringing her mother constantly asking "Is she North Korean" because she cannot believe the tales being told about her native country in the Occupied Korean press, or the ones she is told to make up. Also, she has been debunked as talking about the Arduous March horrors, which she is too young to remember. That Shin-Dong guy was pwned by KCNA. I know they are both from the same channel but Maoist Rebel News is quite good and he was the only one who uploaded the documentary in full, that I could find.
  15. Ernie O'Guevara

    Feudalism Lodges Another Nail in its 400 year Coffin

    Ah yes, but I was referring to a similar figure to the Brotherly Leader in Saudi Arabia. I refuse to call it the Saudi revolution, the people of Arabia are not Saudi, the imperialist stooges who rule them put their name on the country. I believe the true name of the country is Najd, at least that's what it's name was before Ibn Saud declared it the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A Pan-Arabist revolution is probably more likely than a full blown communist revolution, as the current dissent against the government seems focused on women's rights and democracy, which can easily be hijacked by the US in a similar manner to that of the Egyptian and Yemeni ones; change nothing but provide illusion of democracy, and eventually restore pro-US strongman when the instability goes to far. A Pan-Arab nationalist leader is more likely to defy the US than a democratic Mohammed Morsi figure. Also, the Communist Party in Saudi Arabia is completely suppressed naturally. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communist_Party_in_Saudi_Arabia
  16. Another of Ibn Saud's many troglodite imperialist sons has finally expired, far beyond the life expectancy of their feudal subjects. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died yesterday, at the age of 90. He was so ill in his last remaining months, he had constant oxygen supply whilst at events. The Arabian Revolution draws closer as shown by their protests in the Arab Spring, a lack of USAID presence in the country prevented similar strengths to those of the NATO coups seen in Libya and Syria. With Abdullah dead, it seems the sons of Ibn Saud have nearly all died out, but he has a reserve of grandsons and great-grandsons also older than their forties, ready for the succession when his seed is spent. His death spells no immediate change as the feudal monarchy will remain, for now. However, the revolution draws ever nearer. Comrade Harpal Brar of the CPGB-ML himself believes the inevitability of a Saudi military officer taking power as the Brotherly Leader Muammar did in Libya. Personally, a socialist revolution along the lines of the Green Book and Pan-Arabism would be key to true middle eastern independence, not subject to the medieval attitudes of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, or dare I say it the Stooges of Imperialism known as the Saudi Royal Family. The truth is this man was another polygamist who has sent women's rights back so many aeons while the nations claiming to uphold democracy invest so much in his family's power. In this country a man has recently been given a hundred lashes for speaking against Wahhabism, and a few years ago a woman was burned for something feudalists call witchcraft, but we progressives call it intelligence. I only hope this revolution comes soon and the billionaire princes enjoy their billion lashes from the Brotherly Leader of Arabia and, whoever he or she may be, and the vanguard party. I don't know about you comrades, but I think I'll come up to Dublin for a party on that day. Hell, we may even invite the Trots if they bring beer.
  17. Ernie O'Guevara

    Was the 1956 Hungarian Uprising an Anti-Jewish Pogrom?

    Yes, in fact David Irving gave a talk on this. I know he's a Neo-Nazi holocaust denier but he's quite professional and I admire some of his work. I personally think it was the Nazi elements left in Hungary spreading lies of "Judaeo-Bolshevism," that caused the uprising. The Hungarians were fascist and several of the rebels wanted Horthy back, they were Nazis nothing more, nothing less.
  18. Go raibh maith agat, a chara. Ah yes, that's the main reason I left the Trotskyites. Having read Trotsky I can see they even contradict him, meaning there is not a single Marxist they look up to apart from the phoney ones in the Fourth International. Also, their anti-DPRK hypocrisy, despite claiming to be anti-imperialists they cheered the Fall of the Wall. The problem with Trots is they have a very indefensible ideology. As a Leninist I can point to the successes of Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong in changing their countries radically and making them superpowers, unlike as a Trot where I could only point to the virtues of social democracy over Victorian laissez-faire or Venezuela over Chile, it was hard going when you'd get in a debate. I used to hate Stalin like many a so called comrade, but then I realised he was worth ten of the so-called "Prophet" Trotsky. Irish communists like you have also enlightened me as to the treachery of Michael Collins to our nation. Regardless of his neo-colonialism, any man who eliminates our greatest stride to socialism (Limerick Soviet and the other workers' councils) for the sake of appeasing the Brits is no martyr for Ireland. It's nice to know Irish comrades are out there too, and not just Trots like Joe Higgins, all credit to his efforts in Leinster House he is a leftie west brit who supports the Nazis in Ukraine. Also, I do believe in our language and culture, despite having done Ordinary Level, LOL. I'd like to see a bilingual Ireland, but Irish should be our first language, in defiance of imperialism.
  19. Comrades, whilst I wholeheartedly support your party's efforts and programme, I must ask what are all of your personal positions on larger socialist organisations in this country. I don't mean reformist idiots like the Labour Party or Trots like the Joe Higgins Socialist United Left...God knows at this point. I mean the CPI, the Worker's Party, the Republican Socialists etc. Do you consider them to be revisionists??? And if so, why? Forgive my ignorance I only came to Leninism from Trotskyism a few months ago and am trying to find common ground among these various groupings myself. I thank you personally in regard to establishing an Irish Communist chatroom, something severely difficult to find on the internet.
  20. Considering Zionists have actually seized land which is not theirs from Egypt, Syria and Jordan as well as Palestine, and only relinquished in some cases, this is not at all surprising. If Saudi Arabia were to fall I'm sure the US would immediately initiate such a project to extend their spheres of influence. With nuclear arms Israel have the capability.
  21. Ernie O'Guevara

    List of Vital Websites and Blogs

    http://www.invent-the-future.org/ Excellent site by anti-imperialists http://anti-imperialism.com/ Some cool Maoists here, always provide good content, publish Seize the Time Magazine http://kasamaproject.org/ This is a website set up by the Revolutionary Communist Party USA in reaction to the Tea Party Movement as a form of opposition to "crony capitalism"