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  1. Is that the song about the panzer tank from the film battle of the bulge
  2. garmc

    Colonel Gaddafi Ringtone

    Is there away of downloading the tone and using it? No idea a chara. I presume you can just download the file and use it as a ringtone.
  3. garmc

    Traffic to the forum

    Well i wouldn't change the name being honest with you as its just a name its not as if that's all that gets talked about on here. There are much more topics here like gardening, home brewing ect. Its not just based around soviet or anything like that this site has a variety of great topics for people. Ive added the link to this site on my signature on ir. Net
  4. garmc

    Traffic to the forum

    How can we improve the traffic flow to this site as it has great potential. Im only back ir. Net and seen people being banned and posts removed as they don't go with sinn fein policy.
  5. garmc

    Focail Chur in Aithne \ Introduce Yourself

    Im garmc and im back lol
  6. garmc

    Focail Chur in Aithne \ Introduce Yourself

    my names garmc .some of use might know me from other sites . i only found out about this site the other day .