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  1. Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign :: Clones 21/7/13 Over 40 members of the Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign converged on the County Monaghan town of Cluain Eois today and were warmly received by huge crowds attending the Ulster Senior Football Championship Final traditionally held at St Tiernach's Park annually each July. An enthusiastic crowd engaged the campaign group as the leafleting and picketing positions that ran down Fermanagh Street and up as far as Church hill progressed seamlessly to act as information points for the many football supporters seeking to learn more about Michael Campbell and the campaign to have him repatriated. Over 6000 leaflets were distributed directly today with thousands more placed on car windscreens in the numerous car parks around the town. The "Bring Him Home" banner was taken in to the football stadium and held behind the goals by the Campaign Group with the hope of publicising this urgent humanitarian crisis further. Many local politicians took the time to accept a leaflet and to their credit the Gardaí, as the photo's show, attempted to gain at least some understanding of what was going on around them before quickly retiring in dismay and returning to looking very cross indeed. Today's picket follows huge progress in this campaign including the recent passing of a motion by Newry and Mourne Council in support of Michael's Repatriation. On August the 30th the Appeals Courts of Lithuania will hear final submissions in THEIR appeal against Michael Campbell. Following this appeal Lithuania will either continue their brutal psychological torture strategy; endlessly appealing Michael's sentence to keep him in Lithuania or they will return a final verdict concluding all "domestic legal affairs" clearing the way for Michael's Right to repatriation. With your help we can ensure the decision to have Michael repatriated is taken from the hands of collusive Human Rights abusers. The 26 County Government have the authority to have Michael Repatriated forthwith. Help make this happen. Signed PRO Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign
  2. Another couple of the boards in S.Armagh
  3. Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign ******IMPORTANT UPDATE********APPEAL PROCEEDINGS***** Thursday June 27th 2013. The long anticipated hearing arrived with no fanfare. These terrible and monumental denials of an Irish Citizens human rights in a European state, suppressed by the Irish media once more, to spare the blushes of those complicit in this injustice. Again the Prosecutor demanded a stay on proceedings hoping for another 6 months of torturous arduous waiting imposed on Michael in the knowledge Michael cannot leave Lithuania until all legal affairs have been concluded in the Republic of Lithuania. They asked for more time as the Prosecutor responsible for Michael’s case was vacationing. Thankfully the Appeals judge, (who has been petitioned by all of you campaigners since his being appointed to the case) refused the Prosecution request frustrated at the attempts to further delay this process. The judge stated the Prosecution had received sufficient time from his court and that he would not tolerate another lengthy delay. He directed he would hear final submissions on 30th August 2013. Court will then take a 2-3 week long recess. In this time the Appeals judge will deliberate court will resume to deliver the result of those deliberations. If the British Government cease their nefarious and vindictive influence on the Prosecutors office this may be the end of Appeal proceedings against Michael. Following Thursdays hearing there are currently two possible outcomes: (1.) The Appeal is fully heard and, following deliberations of up to 3 weeks, the outcome delivered. And this is accepted by the Prosecutors office. This will be the conclusion of “domestic legal proceedings” in the Republic of Lithuania and Michael is free to transfer under Rights afforded to citizens of states subscribed to the European Union. (2.) The Lithuanian Prosecutor refuses to accept the decision of the appeal judge and appeals his decision to the Lithuanian Supreme court, which is a simple process in Lithuania.In the event of this instance it would determine Michael remaining in Lithuanian custody until that appeal is heard. The usual wait is between 2 – 3 years. In that time as proceedings are deemed “on-going” Michael will be denied his right to transfer. Please help. Please Help now.
  4. One of a number of boards erected by the Repatriate Michael Campbell Campaign on the Camlough Rd Newry, between the Derrybeg an Carnagat estates