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  1. martin1922

    Historians of Ireland

    Thanks comrade, just picked up a copy!
  2. The political establishments silence to this land grab is deafening. The world needs to wake up, all anti imperials need to stand together.
  3. All part and parcel of the Zionists plans to expand Israel, if they can encourage more emigration to the occupied territories it gives them the justification to expand their borders no doubt playing the holocaust card in the process. Western guilt being what it is will probably offer little resistance.
  4. Wishing you success in your endeavours and await the day you take to the streets comrades.
  5. Armed Zionists (fascists) on the streets, not a good idea.
  6. Looking at the U.S.'s token military action against Islamic State you have to wonder is the whole project a way of creating a power vacuum to give the Zionists better opportunity to expand further in the name of "security". Though it would mean the destruction of Syria and also Hezbollah, which is hard to see. So much rests on the shoulders of the Syrian people and Hezbollah how lucky we are that they continue to resist.
  7. Rather than start a new tread, in up coming protests this year will the Communist Party of the Irish Republic be marching behind their own banner? I only ask this because it would be great to see.
  8. Excellent interview, though the people of Syria need to careful when engaging in any way with western power. As the imperialists have shown clearly, by supporting cannibal fundamentalists, that they want the destruction of Syria as they destroyed, Iraq, Libya etc. Hopefully this year the Syrian Arab army can further push back the imperialist backed mercenaries.
  9. Direct Democracy The Kobani Riddle By Pepe EscobarOctober 24, 2014 "ICH" - "Asia Times" - The brave women of Kobani - where Syrian Kurds are desperately fighting ISIS/ISIL/Daesh - are about to be betrayed by the "international community". These women warriors, apart from Caliph Ibrahim's goons, are also fighting treacherous agendas by the US, Turkey and the administration of Iraqi Kurdistan. So what's the real deal in Kobani? http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article40053.htm Let's start by talking about Rojava. The full meaning of Rojava - the three mostly Kurdish provinces of northern Syria - is conveyed in this editorial (in Turkish) published by jailed activist Kenan Kirkaya. He argues that Rojava is the home of a "revolutionary model" that no less than challenges "the hegemony of the capitalist, nation-state system" - way beyond its regional "meaning for Kurds, or for Syrians or Kurdistan." Kobani - an agricultural region - happens to be at the epicenter of this non-violent experiment in democracy, made possible by an arrangement early on during the Syrian tragedy between Damascus and Rojava (you don't go for regime change against us, we leave you alone). Here, for instance, it's argued that "even if only a single aspect of true socialism were able to survive there, millions of discontented people would be drawn to Kobani."
  10. This man is really beyond a joke at this stage, how he can continue to describe himself as a republican is beyond most sane people. He is what every Irish republican shouldn't be. Ireland's own Ouisling.
  11. The western media really is a joke, the mushroom syndrome, keep the people in the dark and feed them shite! It is a welcome sight to see Kim Jong Un return to public duties. The DPRK's stand against imperialism is an inspiration to all. It is a pity however that so much of their resources have to be put into defending their revolution. Though this shows the commitment of the people to their nation and revolution again an inspiration.
  12. I don't think anything can be achieved from within Leinster House or any counter revolutionary assembly except the odd sound bite. Which is what this is. The political establishment won't allow any change from within. The minute you sit in a partitionist assembly you have to compromise all political principle. This does have some entertainment value though.
  13. just came across your link on ir.net. Congrats on the forum looks great. Its great to see a truly revolutionary party emerge. What type of response have you been getting? Could you see yourselves entering a dialogue with other republican groups? as I think the only way forward is maybe the building of some type of counter state as reform of the Free State and the six county state is not possible. Though I think that republican groups always mistakenly believed that the state can be changed from within, unfortunately the political establishment corrupts all who enter it as we can see from the preconditions placed before Provisional Sinn fein before they gained their "respectability", and how they have been utterly changed by that process. Anyhow I'll have a look around and try and learn something lol. Again congratulations, onwards and upwards comrades.